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Hey Ladies!

Curvy women are making headlines in the fashion industry and inspiring many all over the world to embrace their shape! Today, I wanted to show you a few of my favorite curvaceous celebrities who are making a name for themselves with their curves, beauty, and confidence! I wanted to give you some ideas on how you can snag some of the hottest, high end celebrity looks for the PPB price! So, let's get started!

Look #1-

Okay, so how fabulous is Ashley Graham? She has truly redefined fashion and exudes confidence! She is rocking this beautiful maxi that is so figure flattering to almost any shape! If you love her look as much as I do, then you're in luck! We have almost the exact same fit and style for an amazing deal here at PPB!



Look #2

Not only is Melissa McCarthy hilarious, but she is truly a beautiful lady who has proven that you don't have to be a size 2 in order to be confident in who you are! We have two color options in a dress that is almost identical to the one she is wearing here! Ours is ONLY $47! The difference is that ours features a more flattering open cut neckline! The belle like sleeves are very trendy and also slimming for anyone who may not be a fan of showing their arms. The empire style waist allows it to show off the waist and glide downward without sticking to the tummy area. This is the PERFECT look for almost any shape, especially a pear shape!

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White Dress:http://www.perfectlypriscilla.com/i-do-too-dress-i...

Black Dress: http://www.perfectlypriscilla.com/i-do-too-dress-b...

Look #3-

Distressed jeans are HUGE this season and Demi Levato is always known to put her own spin on how to rock them with style! We love them for a casual day out! Of course, everyone has different preferences on how much distressed detailing they prefer, which is why we have TONS of different styles available. From the dark wash to the lighter wash and from minimal to super distressed options, we have you covered! We suggest pairing it with a more solid, open cut top such as our Pool service tops that we offer in various colors!



Look #4-

Tess Holiday is another FABULOUS plus size model who promotes positive body image. She is stunning in everything she wears! This swimsuit is a great example of a style that is PERFECT for a curvy shape! We suggest rocking a swimsuit with a higher waist line that will give you that curvy hourglass illusion. Our swimwear has AMAZING quality and spanx control that you are going to LOVE.

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Thank you all for joining me today for this celebrity inspired blog! Please message us for any requests or topics for our next blog!


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