Plus-Size Outerwear for Your Body Type

Outerwear has the potential to not only offer warmth during the winter, but also pull an entire outfit together and make a statement at the same time. From long wool coats, down jackets, and trench coats to cropped jackets, raincoats, ponchos, and vests, stocking up on outerwear is one of the best things you can do for your winter wardrobe. However, selecting outerwear in the most flattering cut can be a challenge for curvy women. We believe that every woman should have the tools to find the most flattering clothing items for her silhouette. That’s why we’ve created a helpful guide for choosing the best plus-size outerwear for your body type.

Everyone’s figure is unique, so it’s important to not only know your body type, but embrace it. At Perfectly Priscilla, we celebrate women with curves. Knowing your body type will help you find clothing that flatters your frame and accentuates your best features. Choosing plus-size outerwear based on your body type will make you look and feel amazing no matter where you’re headed this winter. To get started, you’ll first need to determine your body type.

What’s Your Plus-Size Body Type?

Of course, no two women are exactly the same, but some features may indicate certain body types. Your body type is based on your distinct set of curves, and knowing yours will allow you to stock your closet with flattering items so you can dress to impress. Plus-size body types include hourglass, apple, pear, athletic, and rectangle. Once you know your body type, you’ll be able to shop for clothes with an approach intended to complement your specific frame. But don’t worry –– you can still follow all the fashion trends of the season. Get to know each of these figures and learn how to select plus-size outerwear for your body type here.

Outerwear for Hourglass Plus-Size Women

An hourglass body type indicates a figure that mimics an actual hourglass: a slim waist with wider hips and a fuller bust. One of the best plus-size outerwear options for this body type is a belted trench coat because the cinched midline will draw attention to the slim waist of an hourglass figure. Trench coats complement frames with larger breasts and are also typically slightly flared at the bottom which flatters wider hips. Classic beige or camel colors are timeless for trench jackets, but we also love them in navy blue, black, or even a bolder shade like red.

Outerwear for Apple Plus-Size Women

An apple body type will be widest in the middle and breast area with slim legs, hips, arms, and shoulders. The best way to select plus-size outerwear for this body type is to embrace your slender arms and legs while distracting from your waistline. We recommend outerwear pieces in dark shades because they offer the effect of a slimmer upper body. Since the apple frame is heavier on top, flared dress coats can create a more balanced appearance. Perfectly Priscilla recommends styling your outfits with long winter coats, such as jacquard-style coats or wool pea coats with an open cut to create the illusion of a long torso. Also, puffer jackets should generally be avoided for apple frames because they can create the look of a wider midline. While this body type is known to be more difficult to shop for than others, Perfectly Priscilla has plenty of on-trend plus-size pieces that are designed to flatter an apple shape.

Outerwear for Pear Plus-Size Women

The pear body type is one of the most common for plus-size women. A full lower body with a slimmer waist and upper body are the defining characteristics. As with all body types, pear shapes can vary. Some women have wide hips, some have a fuller backside, and some have both. Also, some pair shapes will have slim arms, a long neck, narrow shoulders, or a combination of the three. The primary attribute of a pear-shaped frame is an upper body that is slimmer than the lower half. Some women like to dress their pair shape to balance out their upper and lower bodies while others strive to accentuate their lower-body curves. If you’re looking to draw attention to your slim upper body, you’ll want to go for outerwear that’s tailored in the waist and shoulders. Trench coats and other belted outerwear will help you achieve this look. Alternatively, a cropped jacket, vest, or poncho will allow you to create the look of a balanced upper and lower body.

Outerwear for Athletic Plus-Size Women

An athletic body type typically means you have a defined figure with square hips, wide shoulders, muscular thighs, and a straight midline. Athletic plus-size women are usually more muscular with less body fat than other body types, meaning they may want to dress to create the appearance of more curves. A square waistline can be cinched and broad shoulders can be softened with a belted coat such as a long rain jacket, skirt jacket, or double-breasted trench or pea coat. Belted coats can be tied either in the front or back to create the look of a slim waistline.

Outerwear for Rectangle Plus-Size Women

The rectangle body type is similar to the athletic body type, except with less muscle mass. Rectangle frames typically have semi-wide square hips, waists, and shoulders that are about the same width. While you won’t need to balance out your proportions, dressing for a rectangle shape usually involves creating the illusion of curves. This can be done with asymmetrical outerwear such as a poncho or a long fringed vest. You might also try coats with dramatic cuts like a wide, asymmetrical collar or high-low hemline.

Plus-Size Outerwear from Perfectly Priscilla

At Perfectly Priscilla, it is our mission to offer flattering and on-trend clothing to full-figured women at affordable prices. We carry countless plus-size outerwear pieces designed to flatter all body types including hourglass, apple, pear, athletic, and rectangle. Whether you’re looking to create curves or camouflage certain areas of your silhouette, you’ll find what you’re looking for at our plus-size boutique. We carry cropped jackets, long coats, ponchos, vests, and more. No matter what your body type is, you can find something from PPB that will flatter your frame.

Cropped Jackets

Cropped jackets are a go-to wardrobe essential that can be worn both indoors and outdoors during every season of the year. We carry cropped jackets in denim, faux leather, and other versatile fabrics. We use stretchy materials that are comfortable to wear all day long. Our cropped coats are designed to help you show off your curves with a variety of flattering cuts including asymmetrical hems and puffed shoulders. Cropped jackets look great with both long or rolled sleeves and are an excellent finishing touch to a layered ensemble. They can be worn with a casual outfit, to the office, or dressed up for a night out. We recommend our plus-size cropped jackets to emphasize an hourglass body type, balance out a pear shape, or add dimension to a rectangle frame.

Long Jackets

The plus-size long jackets from Perfectly Priscilla will help you stay cozy all winter long. Our long coats are made with thick fabric for added warmth, feature secure buttoning, and come in classy, on-trend colors and patterns. They are designed for versatility and can be worn over just about any outfit. Pair with leggings and knee-high boots or throw one on over your favorite dress. PPB’s plus-size long jackets work well to balance out an apple or pear body type.


You can stay comfy while looking your absolute best in the plus-size cardigans from Perfectly Priscilla. Similar to our cropped jackets, they are intended for both indoor and outdoor wear and come in endless cuts, colors, materials, textures, and styles that will flatter every frame and go with any ensemble including plus-size winter work outfits. From cute pockets, buttons, ruffles, and fringe to draped details, tie-waist, and open cuts, we’ve got it all. When it comes to cardigans, PPB uses only the softest, stretchy materials designed for all-day comfort that can be worn as an added layer of warmth for both casual and formal events. With such a wide variety of options, cardigans are a category of plus-size outerwear that women with every body type can wear.


At Perfectly Priscilla, we adore the look of vests for plus-size outerwear. Available in both lightweight and thicker materials, they are a trendy and practical addition to add to the winter wardrobe essentials already in your closet. We carry casual vests, statement vests, and fancier options that complement just about any look. Our line of plus-size winter vests includes a variety of lengths and fun details such as cute pockets, draped fringe, animals prints, stripes, and plaids. Because of the endless options, vests are perfect when it comes to choosing plus-size outerwear for your body type. Layer them over dresses, skirts, or tunics or add a fashionable finishing touch to an outfit with pants or jeans.


Stand out from the crowd and stay totally warm with a poncho this winter. The plus-size ponchos from Perfectly Priscilla are both fashion-forward and functional. They come in a range of styles including open-cut, fringe, extra-long, cropped, asymmetrical, collared, buttoned, and draped. In addition, we offer ponchos in a variety of materials and patterns such as lace, cable knit, animal print, plaid, striped, and solid tones. They look great with jeans or leggings, but can also be worn with winter dresses and skirts. Long, drapey ponchos can be worn to balance out apple or pear figures, while cropped and asymmetrical cuts can add the look of curves for athletic and rectangle body types.

Cold-Weather Footwear

No matter your body type and what style of plus-size outerwear you choose, you’ll want to keep your feet warm this winter too. At Perfectly Priscilla, one of our favorite parts about dressing for winter is boots! We carry both knee-high and over-the-knee boots in several different heights and styles including slouchy, zip-up, and classic looks. Our boots are designed with warmth and comfort in mind and feature stretchy paneling to accommodate varying calf sizes.

Cold-Weather Accessories

When it comes to finding plus-size outerwear for your body type, cold-weather accessories are a finishing touch that doesn’t require sizing or shopping for your frame. You’ll definitely need a coat or jacket this winter (and maybe even a poncho and vest), but cold-weather accessories are a must-have for the chilly season as well. We’re talking hats, gloves, scarves, ear warmers, and tights. Perfectly Priscilla carries some of the cutest and coziest winter accessories that will add character to your outfits and keep you warm until spring.

Dress to Impress in Plus-Size Outerwear for Your Body Type

By choosing plus-size outerwear for your body type, you’ll look and feel your absolute best this winter. The idea of dressing for your unique frame is to show off your best assets and accentuate your curves. Learning how to dress for your body type may not come overnight, but eventually, you can become a master on dressing for your silhouette. Try out a few different styles to see what flatters you the most. The right outerwear for your figure will create a balanced appearance that suits your body.

The team at Perfectly Priscilla believes that all women should have the knowledge on how to dress to impress based on their body type. We also realize that finding the perfect outerwear for your frame can be overwhelming. This guide should help you select some cold-weather pieces that keep you warm and make you feel comfortable in your skin. For more plus-size fashion inspiration, follow Perfectly Priscilla on Instagram and Pinterest!

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