Plus Size Skirts for Valentine's Day

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day… love for fabulously flirty plus size skirts! Get out of your cold weather pants and get dressed up in an outfit that’s sure to stun your sweetheart. Whether you’re spending a night out on the town, taking a moonlit stroll along the beach hand-in-hand, or spending a cozy night in, read on to find the perfect plus size skirt to add a touch of romance to your outfit this February 14th.

Classic Skirts

If your weather is a little too chilly to don a skirt made from a flowy fabric like cotton or silk, turn to a classically structured style instead. Pair it with thick stockings underneath to ensure you can make it on that spontaneous walk through the neighborhood after dinner.

A-line Skirt

The alpha skirt is the skirt upon which all modern skirts are built. The A-line skirt is a timeless addition to any winter wardrobe. This skirt has been winning over hearts for generations. If you’re looking for something clean and classic to pair with a bold overcoat or dazzling top, turn to the A-line. An A-line skirt is a skirt that skims the hips and gradually widens towards the hem, giving the impression of the shape of the capital letter A.

If you’d like to take your outfit one step further, here are a couple of variations to the A-line to add a twist to this classic beauty:

  • A wrapped A-line skirt marries the best of the sarong with the best of the A-line. Fullness is added to the hem so that its circumference increases, but not so much that it becomes a flared skirt. Softer fabrics will have a subtle drape on you, while stiffer, heavier fabrics will look more tailored.
  • Because the shape is always in style, you have the freedom to go wild with the colors and patterns. A bold red is the absolute move for your hot Valentine’s Day date, or go for a subtle darted pattern to shape the structure to your curves and put an extra wiggle in your walk.

Pencil Skirts

Pencil Skirts fit the waist and hips, then fall to the hem with no flare. These column-shaped skirts are very popular right now and translate seamlessly from the office to a romantic dinner. Because they have no flare and therefore no leeway that extra fabric produces, they can be challenging to walk in, but the way the pencil skirt shapes a curve to perfection is unparalleled.

Look for pencil skirts with slits in the back or side seams for a little extra room. You may also run into pencil skirts with kick pleats, which are short pleats at the hem that allow the wearer to “kick” her legs and walk properly. Stay away from wool or thick polyester and instead look for fabrics with some stretch to them like cotton or a spandex blend. Your date should be the thing that takes your breath away, not your outfit!

Long and Elegant

The longer the skirt, generally the more comfortable it will be. Turn to the maxi skirt or the whimsical sarong skirt if you’re planning a romantic night in with the one you love. You’ll be able to relax by the fire with ease due to their flexible structure and fabric. Be sure to put on a few layers underneath if you decide to venture outside, though. Thinner fabrics are usually more comfortable but far less insulating than stiff materials like wool.

You’ll look comfy, cuddly, and cozy this Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect combination for a snowy winter’s night.

Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts are those skirts whose length extends to the ankle or floor. These lengths vary a little based on fashion and your leg length. Your best friend’s ankle-length maxi may delicately brush the floor when you try it on. Like with ballerina skirts, the sleeker the maxi the slimmer your silhouette will appear. Ankle-length maxis tend to be a little easier to style, allowing for a gorgeous high-heeled shoe to peep out from beneath the hem.


Give your special someone a show they’ll never forget this Valentine’s Day with a sarong skirt. They flash a little leg with each step giving you a romantic air about you no matter where the night takes you and your honey. Sarongs are sexy, not sleazy. They caress your curves and make every stroll feel like you’re strutting on a catwalk.

Some things to keep in mind when styling your sarong skirt are:

  • The fabric should skim your body, not stretch across it.
  • Perfect fit is the key.
  • Tie your sarong around your waistline to define that classic hourglass shape or wear it just above your hips with the bow flowing to one side or the other.

Curve-front skirts

Curve-front skirts appear to wrap across the front of the body like a sarong, but do not tie at the fitted waist. Pair this skirt with a billowy pink blouse to get in the loving spirit. Again, check for enough fabric to skim your body, not stretch across it. Unlike the sarong, the curve-front skirt does not have the luxury of an adjustable waist. If you find the waist is too big when the skirt body fits, take it to your tailor to clean up your look.

Mild Temperature, Hot Look

If you’re not totally snowed in this Valentine’s Day, put on your favorite flirty skirt paired with delicate crocheted stockings or sheer black tights. Remember, safety is key. Make sure your night heats up in all the right ways rather than for a reason not quite as tantalizing: hypothermia, anyone?

Ballerina skirts

Skirts that have defined waists and are at least below-the-knee in length are called ballerina skirts. They have a gentle gathering at the waist that flares at the hem. Too much fabric gathered at the waist will result in too much fabric swirling around your bottom half, shortening your frame and giving the illusion that you are much shorter than you really are. They work best in a soft, flowy fabric which will swirl around your legs as you walk.

Their flirty structure will dazzle your valentine and make you look as if you’re walking on air.

Pleated skirts

A pleat is a fold in the fabric that releases fullness. These types of skirts have pleats of similar size around either part or all of the waistline.

Let’s break down exactly why a pleated skirt, which can appear in other styles as well, is one of the most versatile characteristics for a skirt:

  • Pleats create extra fullness and movement to the skirt.
  • Their vertical pleats can have a slimming effect while the fabric movement as you walk gracefully shows off your femininity.
  • Pleated skirts can look very tailored to quite bohemian, depending on the type of fabric they’re sewn from as well as the type of pleats.

Circle Skirt

If you took apart a circle skirt and laid it flat, it would look exactly like its name; a circle of fabric with a hole in the middle for the waist. While it’s always good to dress warm for the chilly weather that contrasts the warmth your heart feels on Valentine’s Day, fabric that’s too stiff will make the skirt jut out to the sides instead of draping about the thigh. In terms of length, a circle skirt that’s too short may have you looking a little too exposed to a wind gust.

This Valentine’s Day, step into a circle skirt that’s at mid-knee or a little below to combat the cold temperatures of the outdoors but still light a fire in your lovey’s heart.

Choosing the Material

Depending on the weather, your Valentine’s Day outfit can vary greatly. Check the forecast the week before to determine which style works best for you. Then, go out and find a material that keeps you feeling perfectly warm and looking incredibly hot.

If you discover that you’ll be snowed in, turn your change of plans into the best serendipitous Valentine’s date from the comfort of your home with a delicious meal, a bottle of full-bodied red, and a maxi skirt that hugs your curves so well that your partner might get jealous.

If you’re lucky enough to experience temperatures above freezing in mid-February, go bold with a flowy skirt that hits just above the knee and a pair of ankle boots. Combined with opaque black tights, you’re sure to suit your partner’s fancy and shield yourself from whatever chilly breeze that comes along trying to blow out your spark.

Whichever plus sized skirt you decide to flaunt this Valentine’s Day, stick to the fabrics suggested below to match with the structure of your skirt. Play with textures, colors, and patterns instead to take your outfit from winter drab to Valentine’s Day fab.


You should always feel comfortable in the clothing you wear, and silk provides just the right amount of movement and drape to flatter any body shape. It’s a naturally occurring material and incredibly durable. In fact, it’s the strongest organic fiber known to man. For a sweet twist on the often rigid look of the A-line skirt, buy this piece in a silk or light cotton fabric with a pretty pattern.

Silk also lends a flattering shape to:

  • Ballerina skirts
  • Sarongs
  • Curve-front skirts
  • Circle skirts


Our dear friend cotton is incredibly versatile and can lend comfort and grace to any style, shape, or size of plus size skirt. Depending on the thickness of the fabric itself, you can find a delicately flowy circle skirt or a solid maxi skirt that smooths your form and enhances your curves. Its flexibility gives it an unbeatable comfort—you can move, shake, and dance the night away with the one you love without ever having to adjust your waistband.

Cotton works beautifully in:

  • Maxi skirts
  • Sarongs
  • Curve-front skirts
  • Maxi skirts
  • Pleated skirts
  • Circle skirts

As you can see by the list above, if you’re wearing a skirt, you can’t really go wrong with cotton.


The heftiest of the fabrics is also the one that will give your skirt the most structure and your body the most warmth. If you choose a woolen skirt this Valentine’s Day, consider cutting it to mid-thigh or just above the knee and adding thick stockings underneath. If things get hot for one reason or another, peel off your stockings and stride back to the scene with sexy bare legs and a short, tight skirt.

Paired with booties or knee-highs, you’ll knock your date out with a look that’s absolutely to die for this February 14th.

Look for a wool blend with:

  • A-line skirts
  • Pencil skirts
  • Pleated Skirts

Love your Look If you love the skirt but the waistband isn’t perfect on you, take it to your tailor. Buy the skirt so that it fits well over your hips, bottom and belly, but the waist is big. A good tailor can adjust the waistline on plus size skirts so that it looks like the whole garment was made for you personally. Don’t worry if the garment is not expensive to begin with; when it fits well, it will look expensive and you will be the classiest babe on the block.

If there’s ever an excuse to get dolled up and put on your most daring, feminine skirt, it’s Valentine’s Day. You’re ready to rock this Valentine’s date and steal whatever show your beau puts on in honor of your love. Always remember that no matter how warm and fuzzy your special someone makes you feel, your priority is to keep your body safe and protected from the cold. Dress to impress, but also dress according to the forecast. Frostbite is never in vogue.

With this style guide, not even the coldest, most wintry night will be able to put out the fire in your heart for the one you love.

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