Plus Size Ponchos for Winter

Command your presence by wrapping up in a posh poncho. Forget the idea that ponchos are only acceptable as rain covers. Ponchos for winter fashion have been featured everywhere from runways to the street and are always on trend. They scream high-fashion, despite being affordable and easily incorporated pieces. When the temperature starts to drop, the ponchos start to come out, and you better make sure you’re ready to style them when they do!

Picking the Proper Poncho

Plus size ponchos drape beautifully over the body meaning you can leave your uncomfortable body shaper at home. The key to achieving this forgiving drape effect is to pick the proper poncho in size and material. If the material is too thick or stiff, you may give off lampshade vibes, but if it’s too thin then you may find yourself shivering in the cold. If the poncho is too short, your proportions will appear out of sorts, and if it’s too long, you’ll look like you wore a Snuggie out in public.

Follow these tips to find that perfect poncho that presents you as the chic woman you are:

  • Go for medium-weight material that flows like a fleece through a blanket or thin knit. Give yourself a twirl and if you feel like a winter princess then you’re on the right track.
  • The proper poncho length depends on your body shape, but generally, you can’t go wrong with a poncho that ends mid-thigh.
  • Longer ponchos come off as relaxed. Shorter ponchos, similar to short capes, give you a formal look.

Patterns, Colors, and Flairs

The fun part about ponchos is that they come in so many different patterns and colors. You can even add flair with tassels around your poncho or a cowl neckline for extra coziness. Patterns that look great on plus size woman are large plaid prints and vertical or diagonal stripes. Cable knit textures are great at slimming your figure especially when the knit angles diagonally down your body. Stick to colors that complement your complexion and other clothes in your closet.

Flairs are a whimsical way to jazz up your poncho but do not go overboard with them. An example of excessive is a poncho with a bold pattern, loud color, and fringe. While we’re on the subject of what not to wear, always say no to ponchos with shaggy textures unless you want to look like you’re wearing Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street as a coat.

Perfect Pairings with Ponchos

Picking a pretty poncho is easy, but now you have to decide what to wear with it. Here are a few styling tips to make that process as painless as possible.

Fitted Bottoms

What you wear on top is a bit trivial since it’ll be mostly covered by a poncho, so we’ll skip down to what to wear for bottoms. You probably already guessed, but you need to balance out all the fabric around your top half with close-to-the-body bottoms. Skinny jeans, leggings, pencil skirts, even tailored sweatpants, will do the trick.

Dresses and skirts

Just because ponchos add volume to your torso, doesn’t mean you can’t wear your flared dresses or skirts. To pull off the loose-on-top and loose-on-bottom combo without becoming a cupcake lookalike, find a poncho that is shorter than you would normally wear. Worn over a short skirt or dress line, a short poncho transforms you into a fashionable, flirty, and modern Little Red Riding Hood. Finish the look with tights and boots of matching color for elongated legs.


Boots are your wintertime best friends. They give you a boost in the height department, keep your toes warm, and look hot with basically everything in your winter wardrobe. Underneath a poncho, sleek boots look killer. You could strut tall boots which will slide comfortably over your fitted bottoms or tights, or rock short booties for a more playful presence.

Statement jewelry

To top your outfit off, don’t forget to accessorize with statement jewelry. Ponchos add a lot of uninterrupted fabric to your figure which can be a bit boring, especially if your poncho is a solid color. Large necklaces and earrings are the move for sparking more diversity into your outfit. Try on hoop earrings and a long pendant for elegant events. Or for lively occasions, match your fringed poncho with dangling tassel earrings.

Play Around with Styles

You’ve got all the ingredients for a stylish winter season. Now you just need some guidance on how to throw these garments together to create the ensemble that captures your character. Check out these iconic combinations for inspiration.

Glamorous Girl

Remember when we said long ponchos were for laidback days. Well, sometimes rules are meant to be broken and here’s the perfect example of when. Find a poncho that is short in the front and long and flowing in the back. In a rich color and bold graphic design, this luxurious poncho will exude regality. Don’t hold back on this look—don your gold jewelry and command everyone’s attention with your daring style. You are a queen and you deserve to dress up like one!

Classy Cowgirl

Southwestern trends are super cute and perfect for days when you want to look adorable yet effortless, like on a first date or brunch with your friends. Find an earth tone poncho with an Aztec design, dark-wash jeans, and leather booties or slouchy suede boots to accomplish this look. Accessorize with a tribal print scarf, ornate buckle belt and fringed purse for extra style points.

Snowy Seductress

Ponchos may cover up a lot but that doesn’t mean you can’t channel your inner sexy seductress by leaving the rest up to imagination. Master this look by coupling a chic poncho with a figure-hugging dress. Heels and a dark lip color are all that’s left to make everyone freeze in their tracks just to get a second look at you.

Athletic Angel

This one is a little out of the box but risk-takers gain the most reward, right? Just because it’s cold and you like to be comfortable doesn’t mean you have to wear sweatshirts. A fleece poncho over your athletic wear makes the trip from your car to the gym easier in frosty months. Match the hue of your atheleisure to your poncho to streamline your look. All it takes is a posh poncho to elevate your fashion in any setting.

Monochrome Matriarch

Nothing says boss babe more than a monochrome ensemble. Pick up a black and white poncho with a pattern like houndstooth or checkers. Slip this poncho over a classic fitted white tee and your favorite black trousers. Accessorize with a black floppy hat or newsboy cap and an oversized handbag. Now be on your merry way to make deals and break hearts.

Campfire Cutie

A wool plaid poncho over dark navy jeans is exactly what you need while cozying up next to a campfire. You’ll be even cuter (and warmer) if your poncho has a fleece underlining that peeks through by the collar. Accessorize with s’mores, kitschy campfire tunes, and great company, for an outfit that will flood you with feel-good nostalgia every time you put it on.

Simple Sophistication

A simple poncho does not mean you’ll have a plain appearance. The amazing part about ponchos is that their silhouette alone is enough to draw interest. If you aren’t feeling like coordinating an outfit with crazy patterns or accessories, you don’t have to. Just slip on your most comfortable poncho and gravitate towards neutrals or creamy pastels for the rest of your body. It’ll only take one minute to get ready but seem as if you were dressed by a minimalist fashion designer.

How to Transform Your Poncho

This section is for those of you who are long-time poncho experts: the self-proclaimed poncho aficionados who have tried all the styles described above. If you’re searching for ways to transform your veteran poncho into something new, look no further. Here are some ideas on how to add more artillery to your wardrobe by simply switching up the way you use your poncho.

Don it as a Dress

After you style your poncho this way you will being saying yes to this dress. Ponchos as dresses give the illusion of bat-wing sleeves which are perfect at conveying dramatic elegance. You want a poncho that is the same length as the dresses you normally wear and has a deeply angled front. This will ensure your butt is covered but your arms are free to move about. Also, color coordinate your tights with your boots to get that legs-for-days look.

Boost it with a Belt

We love accentuating our curves but is it possible to do so while wearing a poncho? Of course it is and all it takes is a belt. For ponchos made of thick fabric, grab your wide belts and save the thin belts for lighter ponchos. Pro-tip: if you leave a narrow gap at the front of your poncho so your top peeks through, you will get a slimming effect.

Accent with Asymmetry

Many of us stray away from asymmetrical outfits. It’s just not our natural instinct to work with asymmetric lines. But how many times have you seen a woman rocking a top that dips lower on her right side and thought to yourself, “Wow, she must be in the fashion industry”. These moments are rare not because asymmetry isn’t stunning, but because very few women venture out of their comfort zone. You can pull edgy asymmetry off, and an off center poncho is the best place to start.

Here are the pros (there are no cons):

  • It’s the fastest way to diversify your poncho—you can do it in a second on the street. Just turn your poncho slightly so the tip lies on one side of your body. If you aren’t feeling like asymmetry fits your style, you can just as quickly revert back to your tried and true poncho orientation.
  • Unlike asymmetric tops that are predetermined to drape over one side or the other, a poncho gives you the flexibility to shift the asymmetry to whichever side you prefer.
  • Asymmetry creates interesting angles that give your figure more form so you don’t feel like a cloud wearing a table cloth.

Scrunched Up Scarf

For your next trick, you will turn your poncho into a scarf! Why is this a truly magical idea? Think of all the extra use you’ll get from your poncho.

  • The day starts to warm up and your arms are overheating. If you had a vest you would have no issues, but alas you only have your poncho. Scrunch up the sides of your poncho so that all the fabric rests on your chest, and voila—a cute chunky scarf!
  • Have a cute top you want to show off but know you’ll be too cold when the sun sets? Wear that top and bring a poncho along. You can wear the poncho as a scarf while it’s warm and reconvert it to a poncho when you get chilly.

More Ponchos, Please!

Whether you have five ponchos in your closet right now, or you’ve never worn a poncho in your life, this winter is the time to put your new poncho knowhow to work. When styled correctly, a poncho gives you an endless amount of stylish options with all the comfort of being wrapped up in a blanket. You can be a no frills kind of gal who just wants a refined appearance, or a fearless fashionista willing to try every poncho combination out there.

Make sure your poncho length, pattern, color, and extras represent the the style you want. Perfectly Priscilla’s plus size boutique will help you find that proper poncho and all the other pieces you need to pair it with. Follow our style guidelines for inspiring expression but remember, the best dressed people are those who are dressed comfortably and being true to themselves. You are perfect just the way you are!

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