Plus Size Outfits for Hot Weather

Summertime has arrived and things are heating up! Whether you will be vacationing to a hot travel destination this summer or happen to live in an area with a warm climate during this time of year, having the right plus size outfits for hot weather is crucial. And if you aren’t sure what items in your wardrobe will work for you this season, check out these trendy plus size summer clothing ideas to inspire you next time you walk into your closet.

How To Dress In Hot Weather

With the changing of the seasons also comes the changing of styles. The warm, thicker fashions of Winter are now being cast aside to make way for our cooler, lightweight clothing of summer. Regardless of your size, there is nothing worse than being uncomfortable in what you are wearing. A woman who feels confident and comfortable in what she is wearing stands out from the crowd in all the right ways. So, to ensure that your summer in the heat is easy and enjoyable, make sure you have the right items in your wardrobe to accommodate the unavoidable increase in temperature.

Fabric Choices

First things first, fabric choices! There is a reason that fashion designers pay so much attention to the fabrics they select each season to create their collections, as this decision alone can make or break an outfit. Imagine wearing a heavy velvet one-piece to the pool with a wool cover-up. Um, no thanks! Talk about a heat wave (and not the kind we’ve been asking for since Winter). You would be sweating from head-to-toe, completely uncomfortable and out-of-place for the occasion, which no one wants.

To avoid melting in your attire this summer, consider the fabrics you are choosing when it comes to picking out your plus size clothing for hot weather. The best options will be breathable, comfortable and lightweight. Try looking for articles of clothing made from cotton, linen, or rayon that have a cool, airy construction to them. These fabrics will allow your clothes to breathe and not feel overly restrictive on your body. Certain fabric choices to avoid in humid climates are silk and wool, which tend to retain heat, making them less desirable options for plus size outfits for hot weather.

Avoid Layers

In hot or humid climates, layers are not going to be your friend. Barely there is the name of the game when it comes to cute plus size summer outfit ideas for 2018, and it’s time to embrace it! Layering on too many articles of clothing will not only trap heat but also create more friction as you’re wearing your clothes throughout the day. Feeling sticky or overheated is never fun, but even less enjoyable when you have multiple layers of sweat-drenched clothing piled on your skin.

The key to going slightly more bare with your wardrobe is to make sure you feel comfortable with the parts of your body that you are showing off. If you happen to fancy your shoulders or love the tone of your arms, try a shirt or blouse that highlights these areas. A tank top or sleeveless blouse will show off your arms and shoulders on top, so you can cover-up more on the bottom. A strapless top with a pair of skinny jeans and wedges are a great combo for going out. On the other hand, let’s say you have a beautiful set of legs you feel happier showing off, maybe try a cute pair of shorts or a mini skirt with wedges or platform sandals. These shoes will also help to add subtle tone and definition to your calves and thigh muscles, which who doesn’t love that?

No matter which parts of your body you feel comfortable showing off, the key is to not overdo it. A strappy halter top and denim mini skirt can quickly cross the line from tasteful to tacky before you know it if not done properly. For any woman, regardless of their shape, knowing what flatters your body and looks good on you is key to looking fashionable. Just because some women can pull off hot shorts and a crop top, does not mean that this look will necessarily work for everyone. The woman that looks the best is the one that embraces her body, is confident in her choices, and knows how to play up her best assets.

plus sized outfits for hot weather

Swimwear Savior

Even women with a fuller figure shouldn’t be afraid to show off some skin, which can look stylish and sophisticated if done correctly. While being in a bathing suit of any kind can seem intimidating for many women, this is one article of clothing that we all need to embrace, especially for plus size outfits for hot weather. One of the great things about swimwear recently is how trendy swimsuits for plus size women have become. Many designers have come up with creative collections that resemble actual clothing that looks so chic you almost don’t even realize it’s a bikini!

If you can find a cute halter top or tankini with a stylish print and quality fabric, you can easily wear it as a casual top without anyone ever knowing it was intended for swimming. Wear these disguisable swimsuits with a casual pair of shorts or a maxi skirt for a look that is a little bit more feminine. The key is to match your suit with other pieces that will elevate the look so there is no question about whether your top is a blouse or a bathing suit. Swimwear that can double as clothing is just one of the many cute plus size summer outfit ideas to keep in mind this season. Not only will these pieces be versatile in your wardrobe, but they will help keep you cooled off while also looking ultra-chic.

Not So Full Coverage

The next best thing to your bathing suit for hot weather is the perfect beach cover-up or wrap. Today, stylish wraps have become fashionable for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. What once was typically used to cover-up features of our body we did not like, bathing suit wraps are now statement pieces to use during the summer. You can wear them by the pool, to the beach, and even on a boat! With so many great options to choose from nowadays, there is a swimsuit wrap out there for every woman, for every occasion.

Depending on where you are going and the setting you will be in, will play a role in which style of wrap to choose. If you are going to be on the beach a lot or in a tropical climate, choose a wrap with flowy, airy fabric such as chiffon that will not cling to the body. You can also choose a fun print to match the location such as large palm leaves, island style flowers, or just a few bold, bright colors. On the other hand, if you are going to be in a hot climate but not necessarily by the beach, choose more neutral or solid tones. Plus size outfits for hot weather can be tricky, but the right wrap can make even the most resistant person about wearing swimwear feel completely confident and fashionable.


With the right pair of shoes, you will be feeling footloose and fancy-free all summer long! Our feet and head tend to carry the most heat of any other part of our bodies, so by keeping these areas cool, will help to reduce feeling overwhelmed by the heat. Summertime is the season when we finally get to show some skin and the same goes for our feet and toes.

For hot weather, sandals are crucial! You will need at least one pair of sandals for walking around in or going out on casual excursions. For instance, if you are going to the beach or pool, find a pair of simple, everyday sandals that you won’t mind coming into contact with the elements of the outdoors. It is always good to have a shoe that is more durable for times when you are being more active.

We cannot forget about the other sandal styles to keep in your closet to pair with your plus size outfits for hot weather! Make sure you also have a more formal pair of sandals to wear out with your nicer clothing. Wearing your flip flops to a fancy restaurant, even if you are on a tropical vacation, is not always appropriate. Your attire should match the setting that you are in. So rather than wear your laid-back, day-to-day sandals on a date or out with friends, pick a trendier pair perhaps with a slight heel or wedge. Even though sandals are typically casual in nature, they now come in so many modern styles, which make staying cool in the heat possible even when we have to dress-up.


The right plus size fashion accessories can make a huge difference when it comes to the entire look and feel of your outfit. A great hat, a loose scarf, and fun jewelry can bring your plus size summer clothing for hot weather to life! Accessories can be especially useful if you aren’t particularly fond of making bold statements with your clothing. This way, your style will do the talking so you won’t have to!

Hats are often overlooked by many women that do not feel they can “pull off” this look or think they do not have the right shaped head. Excuses, excuses! While it might not be the easiest to find, a great hat can make such a difference not only for elevating your outfit but for blocking out the sun as well. As we mentioned before, fabric choices are key for combating the heat and humidity. Avoid thick, heavy fabrics that will trap in heat and cause your head to sweat. The point of wearing a hat with your plus size outfit for hot weather is to alleviate discomfort, not create more of it.

Opt for a woven or straw hat that is perforated and will allow air to reach your scalp. So even if you are sweating, the circulation will cool you off especially if there happens to be a light breeze. Popular hat styles today are fedoras and large, wide brimmed hats that shield you from the harmful effects of the sunrays. So, not only will you be looking fabulous but also staying safe at the same time.

Other great accessories to look for to beat-the-heat are a nice pair of sunglasses. If you aren’t sure what style or shape of eyewear is fitting for your face shape, gather a group of trusted friends and ask for their feedback. Plan a day to go shopping to check out various styles while also taking advantage of all the summer sales that are happening! This way you will wind up with a great new pair of shades while catching a deal at the same time. Can you say, score?!

plus sized outfit for hot weather


The majority of cute summer plus size outfit ideas for 2018are centered around a couple of wardrobe staples. First, every woman needs to have at least one type of dress in their closet. Whether it be a flowing floral mini with a cinched waist or a long maxi with tiers, a dress will be your go-to in comfort and style for handling heat and humidity this summer. Other than a caftan, plus size dresses will be one of the best options for staying cool because they are the least restrictive and will allow for movement which will help you avoid becoming too hot.

Next, you will also want to make sure you have several pairs of comfortable shorts to wear. No one wants to spend day-after-day in fitted pants that lock-in heat and can become highly uncomfortable as temperatures rise. So do yourself a favor and make sure you have stocked up on a great pair of chic shorts, possibly in a nicer fabric choice, in addition to your more casual cutoff selection.

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