Plus Size Outfits For a Wedding

As wedding season descends upon us in the warming months, this post will help plus size women find the perfect outfit to wear to a wedding. It suggests dress ideas and outfits that include plus size pants and blouses as well as the classic plus size dresses for wedding guests. The warmer months in spring and summer allow women to be more daring in their fashion choices, be they slip dresses, frocks with ruffles, or some loud prints. Co-ordinates are also a fantastic option for these events, as are separates in terms of skirts and plus size tops. Colors should also be embraced for a wedding in the warmer months - be it a pastel hue or a hotter brighter shade. Dark colors, though eternally flattering, should be put back in your wardrobe for occasions like this.

Whatever you go for, however, make sure that you stick to the dress code. Not only is this out of respect for the bride, it will also ensure that you are at your most confident for the day. There is nothing worse than turning up to a wedding where you are dressed on the more casual side of things, to realize that it is a black tie affair - or vice versa. Find out how to look your best without stealing the brides spotlight with these plus size outfits for a wedding.

The Maxi Dress Wedding Guest Outfit

A maxi dress is so comfortable and is a brilliant idea to wear to a wedding since they tend to be long days where comfort is often forgotten, but can make a real difference to your enjoyment of the day. Plus size maxi dresses, additionally, make for fantastic plus size dresses for a wedding guest as they suit most body types, especially if it has an empire line structure. Empire lines fit in under a woman’s bust line and then softly flare out from there, skimming over any tummies or hips.

Maxis can, however, sometimes be too casual for a wedding - to protect against this, make sure the neckline is glamorous and pretty. A t-shirt style is not appropriate here. Deep Vs are always that little bit smarter and mean that some elegant jewelry can be paired with the look to further glam it up. The length of the dress does mean that flats can be worn here, but try to stick to strappy metallics that are always a little more elegant, especially for someone’s big day.

The Pant Suit Wedding Guest Outfit

Wearing pants to a wedding is possible if you wear it with a matching jacket or blazer. It’s also a really fun and fresh way to look formal without looking stuffy. Steering clear of traditional dark colors will ensure you look a million miles away from the office, as well as help maintain an air of femininity - especially if you choose a pastel-colored pairing. If you choose a lighter hue for your pant suit, ensure that the shoes you wear do not deaden the outfit. To be confident of this, choose either a nude, metallic or light color that won’t be too harsh a contrast against the light color material.

In a similar vein, jewelry should be subtle - a fine metal chain and matching earrings, or perhaps some pearls. Statement pieces can be worn, but the rest of your outfit must be plain. So a plain colored top will be needed under your blazer. If you have a patterned top in mind, make certain that it complements the block color of the pant suit to look pulled together. Finally, an oversized envelope clutch will make sure that this plus size outfit is chic and stylish.

The Black Tie Wedding Guest Outfit

A black tie wedding is actually a bit of a God send when it comes through the post. While black tie dresses can sometimes be a little less comfortable than most because of their formal structures, it does mean that you know exactly what is required of you as a wedding guest - other, less prescriptive dress codes can leave you scratching your head. For the plus size wedding guest, try to find a long, formal number that falls well and skims over parts of the body that you want to detract attention from. Given that its black tie wedding, you can actually get away with wearing forever flattering black, though weddings are fabulous opportunities to give in to some color, especially in the summer.

Find a dress with long sleeves if you are nervous about showing off your arms, otherwise try wearing a one shoulder number, which is always glamorous. From there, wear a pair of heels as high as you can feasibly walk in and some bling. Statement pieces look great against block colors, but if your dress has a pattern try to wear any bling in a more demure way - less is often more. A leather, patent or velvet clutch will look stunning, as would a beaded number, depending on how out there your jewelry is. From there, just accessorize with a guy in a tux and you’ll be good to go!

The Fit and Flare Dress Wedding Guest Outfit

The fit and flare dress is the perfect shape to fall back on when you are unsure of what to wear to any wedding. The shape is not only flattering for all, it also suits most dress codes, particularly if you know how to accessorize it to fit with whatever the destination. Smarter weddings can be attended in a fit and flare by coupling it with a chic blazer that has a nipped in waist to mimic the shape of the dress. Worn alongside some elegant jewelry as well as classic heeled courts and you’ll be set to be one of the chicest guests there.

Other options would be to wear the dress on its own, without a blazer, with a fascinator in a shade similar to that in the dress and again some heeled shoes - fascinators make a look more feminine so strappy sandals are definitely an option here too. For a low key look, some smart pointy flats that are well polished will look elegant yet relaxed as well as kind to your feet. Try to steer clear of black as this will kill what can be an ultra womanly look - instead indulge yourself by investing in some pretty hued kicks. A clutch is then all that is needed.

The Beach Wedding Guest Outfit

Wedding outfit for plus sized women

An invitation to a beach wedding is enough to send fear through the most confident of women. Whilst it doesn’t mean arriving in a bikini, the setting will inevitably mean a warmer climate that calls for more revealing clothing to keep you cool. A floral maxi dress is the perfect place to start - especially ones with thick straps and an empire line fit. This will keep you looking chic while still safe from heat that can cause anyone’s temperature to rise to unbearable levels. A floaty, thin shawl in a plain color is an option if you hate showing off your shoulders and the tops of your arms.

The thick straps will mean that you can still wear a bra that offers optimum support, large chested or not. Flat shoes are perfect for the beach which is great news for your feet! Try to find a slip on pair that are easy to take on and off as the ceremony may require. A long, pendant or tasseled necklace is the perfect choice for a floral maxi dress that you want to wear to a wedding - as is wearing your hair in loose waves. Finally, pay attention to your make up. A primer with sunscreen will be your secret weapon as it will keep you cool and protected from the sun, and also remember to keep your eyeliner in check.

The Wrap Dress Wedding Guest Outfit

Wrap dresses are a great shape to have in your wardrobe and in your arsenal when getting ready to go to a friend’s wedding. Plus size outfits for a wedding will be a breeze as soon as you have one of these in your closet. The beauty of them is that they create a waist if you don’t have one or further exaggerate a waist if you do. Plus they help enhance a bust - be it large or small to the point that the dress creates the classic hourglass shape so many of us are after.

For a wedding, steer clear of darker colors and opt for a pretty shade that makes your complexion glow. Further enhance that glow by wearing some brightly colored earrings in a statement style. Necklaces that fit prettily around the décolletage will suit the neckline that a wrap dress creates, but make sure there isn’t too much fuss on display if you are also wearing big earrings. Heels are needed to finish this outfit off - choose a pair that are comfortable enough to walk in all day.

The Skirt and Top Wedding Guest Outfit

plus size skirt and top outfit may take a little bit more time to put together to look polished than the traditional dress that guests often wear, but it can look super stylish too. Additionally, plus size tops for a wedding can be adapted for the weather very easily. If it’s a bit cooler, tops with long sleeves, or the eternally chic three quarter length sleeve will still look wedding appropriate, provided that the fit is still flattering to the wearer. Regardless of sleeve length, the best tops are ones that skim your body and don’t cling to it to show every single lump and bump.

Given that you are wearing a skirt, it’s a great idea to make it the star of the show to make the most of your unique outfit choice. Florals always look wedding appropriate, but a simple block color can look fabulous as well as very trendy. A skirt that falls just below the knee in an A-line shape will flatter most figures, though women with a rectangular shaped body can also get away with a more bodycon pencil skirt to accentuate curves. Finally, wear neckline appropriate jewelry and earrings that don’t fight for attention if you are wearing a brightly colored skirt, or one with a more garish print.

Finally, if you have the time, try to visit the salon for a blowout before the wedding. Having taken the time to style the perfect plus size outfit for a wedding, it would be a shame to destroy the look by having frizzy hair or an unkempt few flyaways. Also, make sure that your nails are in ship shape, painted or not. Feet look best pedicured, but even if they are not painted, remember to make sure that if you are wearing strappy shoes, that your skin is well moisturized.

As a rule, remember to wear wedges or block heels for those weddings where you know that a great deal of the reception will be on grass. It will save you from sinking as you move around or trying to walk on your tiptoes. Another top tip is not to forget your sunglasses. Summer weddings, even in the most inclement of states, can suffer from changeable weather. By taking sunglasses, you guard against this and the inevitable photos where you are squinting into the sun. Lastly, remember to smile and wear your outfit with confidence. All eyes should be on the bride, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a wallflower. Weddings are happy events so remember to embrace your curves and be confident in your own skin. 

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