Plus Size Outfit Ideas

When we think summer we think BBQ’s, family, friends, and endless nights. However, summer fashion is just around the corner as well. This is exciting because it gives you a chance to reinvent your style yet again and play around with new trends. The best part about this season is that you have a unique opportunity to express yourself through your clothing. In the past, this might have been difficult to do, but there has been a magnitude of clothing options opening up for curvy women recently. Ditch the layers and take advantage of the opportunity to spice up your style.

Summer Nights

You know it’s summer when you step out of the house as the sun goes down and you don’t have to throw on a coat. Summer nights are for staying up late and making memories with friends and family. So what shall we wear? If you’re searching for plus size outfit ideas for summer, look no further. Here are some options!

An easy place to start would be a trendy tunic with colorful or denim capris. This looks great on any body type and is easy to throw on. It is versatile for whatever you plan on getting into because it can be dressed up with heels or down with a fashionable pair of sandals.

If you want to get a little bit more fun and flirty, think about stepping out in a colorful plus size shift dress. This dress style twirls with you which makes it perfect for dancing the night away with girlfriends. The shift dress doesn't cling to your figure which is precisely what you need to keep cool in the warm weather. An added bonus is that no matter the temperature outside you won’t have to worry about tight clothing making you sweat even more. The shift dress looks great with a dainty pair of heels but also can be paired with flats and a piece of statement jewelry.

Date night

Okay so you might have found the perfect guy, but choosing the perfect outfit is almost as important to making a fantastic night. You’ve spent hours on hair and makeup, now bring it all together with an outfit that accentuates your natural beauty and personality. Whether it’s a walk under the stars kind of night or dinner and dessert at a fancy restaurant, you’ll need options. One of the most important things about a plus size date outfit is that you feel amazing in your own skin, so let’s dive into a few outfit choices that will allow you to keep your cool no matter how heated things get.

Enter the little black dress. You can never go wrong with a plus size little black dress as long as you find one that works for your body type. A suitable shape for most is the A-line, fit and flare, or shift. After you find a good fit, think about using accessories to make this classic outfit your own. Fun earrings or a statement necklace is a trendy place to start. Whatever you choose to accessorize with, a classic pair of pumps always compliments this dress.

On the other hand, date night might require you to wear something a bit less fancy. A nice pair of jeans can be a staple piece in a variety of plus size date night outfit ideas. Look for a pair of jeans that fit you like a glove, and you’ll feel confident and comfortable. Pair them with a cute floral top or lightweight cardigan for a girly flair.

Pool Lounging

Beat the heat this summer in a super cool outfit. Searching for the perfect pool lounging outfit is key to helping you look just as beautiful as you are hot.

Start with a swimsuit that makes you feel confident in your curves. One of the cutest new trends is high waisted bikini bottoms. Pick up a pair of these with a bandeau or halter top. Lucky for the large chested, another tend is supportive underwire tops. These are helpful in minimizing wardrobe malfunctions and give you the support you need to feel as confident as possible.

One pieces are elegant and easy to find. The great thing about a one piece is that there are so many options. Pick up one with off the shoulder ruffles, and it can double as your swimsuit and tank top. If you’re feeling adventurous, a one piece with cutouts is super hot this summer. Black is always a great color, but let summer be an opportunity to adorn yourself in color and tasteful patterns.

Picking up a pool cover-up is one of the best things about summer shopping. First things first, look for something that is lightweight and can get wet. Knee length shorts and a cute tank top is a good option, but if you’re feeling sexy, a kimono is excellent for a summer statement. Pair a floral kimono with a sweet one piece and cute sandals and let the girl next door in you shine. If you want your legs to appear longer and leaner, opt for a comfortable pair of wedges that are safe around the pool.

Family Get Together

Family get-togethers might involve a game of charades or a chance to chase young ones around, so this is a good time to dress cute and comfy. As far as cute plus size outfit ideas go, the plus size maxi dress is super versatile. You can find maxi dress outfits in so many different shapes, and the best thing about them is that they look great on just about any body type. If you’re looking to accentuate your waist, find a dress that features a wrap around or elastic band around the waist.

On the other hand, a family get-together may entail lounging around the house enjoying each other's company. In this case, you’re free to wear something ultra comfy. And what’s more comfortable than leggings? Just about nothing. Make sure to choose leggings that are a light fabric but not too sheer. Also, it’s best to choose a solid color rather than patterns. Pair these with a cute tunic and sneakers for a more casual look and a dress with sandals for a more girly flair.

Leggings aren’t your style? One word. Jeggings. They’re just as comfy as leggings but are a tad thicker and more structured. The best part about them is that they have the feel and flexibility of leggings but can be worn the same way as jeans. Pair your plus size jeggings with a cute tank and cardigan, and you’ll be set for whatever activities your family gets into.


Whether it’s spending time with a girlfriend or hunting for the perfect shoe for your cousin's wedding, shopping is one of our favorite pass times. However, things can get a little challenging once we reach the seventh inning stretch and our jeans aren’t so easy to keep pulling on and off in the dressing room anymore. With that in mind, you probably still probably want to keep it a bit more stylish than athleisure. So what are some plus size outfit ideas to make sure that you’ll last a full day of shopping? Let’s check out a few options.

Remember those leggings you wore to your family get together? Well, you’ll probably adore them so much that you’ll want to have a few pairs. Leggings are great for shopping because they’re easy to walk in and are extremely dressing room friendly. If you don’t want your leggings to be a focal point of your outfit, slide on a pair of knee-high boots and a bright day dress.

On the other hand, shopping with a girlfriend might involve more of a leisurely stroll and a stop at your favorite lunch spot. This is a chance to make a fashion statement. An occasion like this is a time to slip on a cute summer dress with brightly colored wedges. If you’re heading to an outdoor mall, try a floppy hat or a cute pair of sunnies. Remember this summer is all about feeling gorgeous and making a statement!


Just because you’re headed to the office is no excuse to lack in the style department! Work is a time to showcase your sophisticated style in an outfit that makes you feel amazing. The best plus size business casual ideas are ones that you can last all day in- especially as the weather gets warmer.

Let go of your boring slacks and dress for success in a sexy yet sophisticated tailored dress with a subtle pattern. Think sleeveless or capped sleeves. This will keep you cool in the summer, but you can throw on a structured blazer or soft cardigan when the office gets chilly.

If you don’t see yourself in a dress, find a great pair of black pants that you can easily slip on in the morning. Choose a pair that is breathable and feature a stretchy waistband so they stay in place and can be worn around work all day. This makes a very versatile outfit because it can be styled with a solid or fashionably printed top to showcase your feminine side. With neutral pants, you have the option to dress up your shoes a bit, so go with something that offers a pop of color or coordinates with your top. If you want to add a flair of personality to this outfit, take advantage of accessories! Bold colored earrings or a dainty necklace can make any outfit your own.

Summer Wedding

As summer approaches, the air gets warmer, and it is filled with love. Aside from bearing witness to your loved ones starting a life of marriage, weddings are so fun because you get to play dress up. Because weddings often vary so much in informality, you should have an entourage of plus size outfits for a wedding choose from. But who’s complaining? The more, the merrier!

An elegant night wedding should be matched with an equally elegant gown. A long, fitted dress will look gorgeous as you sway under delicate twinkle lights to the sound of live music. Make sure to choose a dress with high-quality fabric so that it supports an hourglass shape on your frame. Strappy heels should accompany this dress and should be subtle enough not to take away from it.

On the other hand, a daytime wedding ensemble looks much different. For weddings under the sun, you can either wear a pretty sundress or go for something a little untraditional. Show off your figure in a trendy jumpsuit! Find a one shoulder strap for extra sex appeal or a faux wrap to flatter your figure. No matter what style you choose, a jumpsuit is a great plus size wedding outfit idea that will ensure you feel fabulous all day.

Wrapping Up

No matter what occasion, you deserve to feel sexy and confident in your skin. There are a ton of options when it comes to cute plus size outfit ideas, and it’s up to you to take advantage of that! Next time you’re confused on what to wear, think form flattering capris or sexy one-pieces with daring kimonos. Remember that clothing gives you a chance to express yourself, and the way you look on the outside is a reflection of the way you feel on the inside! Happy shopping!

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