Plus Size Nation

I have to say it feels like these days every time I turn around we have a plus size beauty in the news making waves!! I LOVE IT!!! Just this week we have Rebel Wilson launching her fashion line at Torrid (it will be available in November girls) and Adele dropped a new single (and it is giving me life y'all... so freaking good!!). A few months ago Melissa McCarthy launched Seven7- her all sizes inclusive fashion line... So what does this all mean for the Plus Size Nation?

It means more exposure. It means more options. It means more variety. It means more designers and stores wising up to a whole group of people who have been left in the dust!! Here at PPB we celebrate that.  We celebrate awesome women rocking this world and being successful.  We want women everywhere to be confident and fashionable. We ourselves have been working with getting more designers to create clothes that we know you want.

Trendy, edgy, classic, vibrant, muted... It doesn't matter what your style is but you should have that be available to you in your size.  That is what PPB is all about and we are so excited that Rebel and Melissa are taking the fashion world by storm and speaking up and saying "You know what? If you won't make it... then I WILL!!"

We love seeing women in general being successful and when we see fellow curvy gals in the limelight we just cheer for joy!!  We want to know who YOUR Plus Size Nation style icon is! Are you more Rebel or Queen Latifah? Adele or Melissa? Mindy or Gabourey?  Email me at!

Stay Perfect!

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