Plus Size Long Summer Dresses

Let there be length! Long dresses are a hot item this summer with so many amazing styles to out there for plus size women to choose from. From the casual maxi dress to the formal evening gown, every full-figured woman needs at least the basics when it comes to plus size long summer dresses in their wardrobe. And we know what you’re thinking, long dresses during summer, are we crazy?! But, trust us, after you learn how to wear your long dresses this summer, you will be running out to the store to pick up yours before the next summer event kicks off.

For plus size women, it is not always easy finding pieces that will flatter their curvy shape, won’t break the bank, and are still super chic and on trend. Which is why we believe long dresses are great to have in your summer line-up because they are able to be worn in a variety of ways and can be as versatile as you are. Especially for women that may not be as comfortable wearing women’s clothing that shows off their bodies or exposes large amounts of their skin, the long dress provides the perfect alternative to shorts or a skirt that can be much more revealing. So if you want to find out how to style your plus size long summer dresses, follow along for a few ideas on putting together your fun looks for the season!

Beach Day

Beginning with one of the most casual situations, the beach day. Or for any Beach Vacation Outfit, a maxi dress can be a great option. While you may have never considered wearing a long dress to the beach before, there is actually more sense in it than you might think. Dresses are not only Trendy Plus Size Summer Clothing, but can offer protection from the sun, work as a stylish bathing suit cover-up, and conceal any areas of our body we may not be so comfortable showing off. We’re all on a mission to have a great summer bod, but sometimes life gets in the way and the maxi dress understands that.

For a day at the day, look for a plus size maxi dress that is casual and fun. Choose a lightweight fabric such as cotton or linen that will easily blow in the breeze and help you to keep cool in the warm summer sun. If you plan on wearing your maxi dress throughout the day, we recommend choosing a style that is strapless. This way you will avoid creating those unsightly tan lines that would result from wearing a halter or tank-top style with straps. You can also try a sleeveless maxi dress with a higher neckline, so you can still avoid any sun concerns without feeling too covered up.

Since it’s a casual day at the beach, play around with bold prints and bright colors. This is your opportunity to wear all of those colorful shades typically reserved for summertime, so go for it! Give in to the vibrancy of palm leaf greens, sunshine yellows, and aquamarine blues. Especially Summer 2018 is all about living in color and there’s no better place to start than with your plus size long summer dresses at the beach. As for prints, floral and tropical prints are always popular during summer and can be a safe, yet sophisticated choice if you are not ready to go outside of your comfort zone. And for women that are looking to create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette, a maxi dress with vertical stripes can be a great option and much more flattering than horizontal stripes which tend to make you look wider.

Summer Wedding

It’s no secret that with the warmth of summertime also comes the tingle of love in the air! Summer is one of the most popular seasons for having a wedding, as many couples dream of the romantic beach wedding or the once-in-a-lifetime remote wedding on a tropical island. Regardless of where the wedding takes place, if you’re attending a wedding this summer you are going to need something to wear!

Location is everything! When putting together your plus size long summer dresses, you must consider where you will be and the level of formality that is expected. For instance, if you are going to a wedding at a 5-star resort, with a cellist playing, doves flying and 250 people in attendance, you are probably going to want to wear a more formal style of dress. Without knowing what the mood is going to be like, it will be difficult for you to know if the dress you choose is too casual or way too over the top. So before even getting started, do your research and figure out what to wear based on the type of wedding you will be going to.

The Casual Wedding

A lot of summer weddings tend to be casual as the season naturally calls for fun and relaxation. The laid-back vibe of summer tends to direct the style of the overall wedding and the formalness of attire for the occasion. We love a casual wedding because you have more freedom to be playful with what you wear. You don’t have to worry about wearing a fancy dress, glitzy jewelry, or uncomfortable high heels. All you have to worry about is having fun and loving the look that you’re in.

A few great options for plus size long summer dresses are ones that can look casual-chic, meaning not over-the-top but it clearly shows that some effort went into creating the look. Since it’s a wedding, don’t go for anything that is overly sexy so avoid plunging necklines or a style with a low cut back. These looks will work great out on a hot date or when you’re going out for a fun night out, but at a wedding, they may draw attention to you but not necessarily for the right reasons. So to keep your ensemble true to you without outdoing the bride, pick one feature to show off that can be subtle yet still show off a bit of your personality.

Another added benefit that goes along with attending a casual wedding, is that your footwear can also be less formal which means likely more comfortable. And if you plan on busting a move on the dance floor all night, we suggest taking this as an opportunity to take advantage of being able to wear flats or sandals. However, just because the wedding may be casual, you should not wear flip flops or shoes that could be worn to the beach. Your flats or sandals should still be chic and have fashionable details or made with higher quality materials. You can also get away with wearing wooden or cork wedges or a heel with a little more flair.

The Formal Wedding

The summertime wedding is slightly different when it becomes formal. Your regular Cute Plus Size Summer Dress attire will not hold up to the elegance of the occasion which means your plus size long size summer dresses need to be carefully evaluated to ensure they’re appropriate for this type of event. For a more formal wedding, solid colors and richer fabric choices are going to be your best bet. Choose a style with embellishment, embroidery or some element of a texture or pattern to give your look for depth and interest. This is especially true if you’re wearing all one color or a darker shade where details are harder to notice.

If the formal wedding takes place during the evening when it is cooler, you can now break into the world of plus size long summer dresses with sleeves. A long dress with sleeves during the summer is not usually ideal, but with the right cut and shape, it can be one of the most eye-catching looks of the entire evening. If you want to show off your back and make this the focal point of your outfit, counter the low cut and exposed skin with a high neckline in the front. In contrast, if your girls are your pride and joy, go ahead and show them off, just make sure to do so tastefully, it is a wedding after all.

For those of you that are interested in trying out plus size long summer dresses with sleeves, one way to avoid becoming too hot during the evening is to choose a fabric that is perforated or is able to breathe and allow air to circulate through the garment as you move. Lace, crochet, silks, and linens are suitable options that can look luxurious and feel amazing on. Check out Plus Size Outfits for Hot Weather on Perfectly Priscilla for more examples. As we mentioned earlier, knowing where you will be going and what the expectation is in regards to formality, will act as a guideline when putting together your look.

Date Night

Summer nights and love is in the air! Whether you’re just having fun with a Summer fling or more interested in finding the real thing, you will want to dress to impress for every special occasion. For a Casual Summer Date Outfit, look that is slightly more amplified than just a basic pair of pants and casual blouse, a maxi dress is just the ticket. If you haven’t figured out by now how versatile the maxi dress can be, there are even more ways to style your plus size long size summer dresses for your next date night.

For a first date, it’s important not to give too much away or let your outfit distract from actually getting to know you. Opt for a style that offers more coverage but in a fit that is flattering and shows off that gorgeous shape. Maxi dresses are definitely not one-size fits all, so trying things on will be the only way for you to truly tell what will look good and what should be left on the hanger. If you are going out to a nice dinner and you are worried about having to suck it in after a meal, choose an empire style maxi that gathers right below the bust and drapes away from the body. This cut not only showcases the girls but also helps to conceal any bulge after dinner.

If it not your first date and maybe it’s just a night out on the town with your long-term boyfriend or significant other, you can be a bit more daring. If you and your partner have not had a date in a while and you want to spice things up, go for the low-cut halter top and strapless styles that show off your collarbone and shoulders. There are also a lot of great plus size long summer dresses with sleeves with can be quite alluring. While most women may think that showing a lot of skin is what men want to see, sometimes leaving a little to the imagination can be even more exciting than showing it off all at once. So keep this thought in mind when choosing your date night maxi dress, because less is not always necessarily more. As with everything you wear, choose what you feel most comfortable and confident in. Because ultimately, when you feel good in what you are wearing, it will exude from within.

And last but not least, the accessories! Accessories are the perfect way to instantly elevate a look and showcase your personal style. Jewelry can easily bring an outfit from drab to fab by simply adding a statement necklace, bold bangles or a pair of stylish tassel earrings. The key to accessorizing is not to overdo it. There is no more obvious sign of a person that couldn’t figure out how to properly accessorize than an array of jewels, layers of chains, fingers stacked in rings and statement earrings to boot. So for those of you that are not intermediate or expert level stylists when it comes to completing an overall look, keeping it to 1-2 pieces is a good rule of thumb. If you catch yourself in the mirror walking out the door wondering if you have too much on, stop right there and take something off. A stylish woman makes fashion her own and doesn’t let fashion own her.

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