Plus Size Legging Outfits

Wearing plus size leggings, can be a tricky fashion trend to get right. This is because women tend to forget some key rules when they get near the lycra based pants. Wearing leggings for plus size women is no different. For example, your underwear should never be noticeable. Having a visible panty line (VPL) is always unsightly and unstylish. It is a quick way to ruining what is otherwise a very cute outfit. Also, only ever bring the eye’s attention to one part of your body. If you are wearing brightly colored leggings, for example, it pays not to draw attention to your chest too by wearing tops with deep Vs or patterns that can fight against the color of your pants.

Additionally, and this is a rule that so many women forget across the board, remember that coats and jackets are just as much a part of an outfit that need consideration as any other. Just because you are more likely to take off a coat when you are inside, does not mean that you should throw any old one on when trying to get from A to B. This is especially true of leggings given their inherently relaxed look that they provide. Below are some leggings for plus size women that will be great fallbacks for when you are lacking inspiration for what else to wear in your wardrobe.

Plus Size Legging Outfit Idea #1 - Perfect for A Family Birthday Party

Family birthday parties should be fun, happy affairs where you aren’t feeling awkward or self conscious. Wearing an outfit with leggings at its back bone is a brilliant idea as they are not only incredibly comfortable, they are so flattering. This will leave you feeling unaware of your outfit and feeling free to concentrate on having fun and catching up with family members. It’s nice to be on the smarter side of casual for a family party, so start by wearing a pair of black colored leggings. This is an easy base to build up the rest of your look. For your top, wear a long line plus size tunic or blouse that either nips in at your waist, or creates a waist if this is where your body is a little thicker. If you like prints, this will be the perfect time to wear a patterned top - though remember that the bolder the print, the more suitable it is to plus size curves. Smaller patterns conversely make plus size women actually look bigger than they really are.

For your foot wear, a pair of knee high boots are very chic, plus comfortable too if you can find a pair that are flat. Statement jewelry looks very fitting for a party outfit, so wear your favorite pieces if bolder pieces are your thing. Make sure, however, that they don’t fight for attention against any patterns. To do so, simply pick out a color in the pattern and follow that through to your necklace and earrings. However, fine, metal jewelry will always look elegant too if you have more classic fashion sensibilities. Given that you will be a guest at a family’s house, or sitting down at a restaurant table, you will be able to put your purse down. This does not mean that any old one will do however. When wearing a patterned top, pick a plain colored clutch or tote, that doesn’t add bulk to your frame. A relaxed blazer in one color is the perfect layer to finish off this smart casual look.

plus sized leggings outfit

Plus Size Legging Outfit Idea #2 - Watching A Sports Game

Sports games are relaxed days out so leggings are a brilliant idea for spectating. Unusually, start with your shoes and match your outfit from there. Days spent in the bleachers are perfect occasions to wear sneakers. Converse style shapes look great, are very on trend at the moment and always comfortable. From there, find a long t-shirt that covers anything you don’t want to be seen. If you have chosen dark colored leggings, a lighter color t-shirt will provide some interest in terms of contrast. From there add a fitted, distressed denim shirt.

To style the shirt and look trendy, roll the cuffs up your arms so that the sleeves become three quarter length. This length sleeve is flattering on all women as it makes arms look long and lean, whilst showing off shapely wrists. The majority of your outfit is now complete, so all that is needed is to add a few accessories. Owing to the tomboy nature of the look, not many are needed. Jewelry should be classic - in the form of a fine chain, or a few thin stackable rings, or a couple of bangles. This outfit won’t look its best with statement necklaces or earrings.

For a purse to carry your wallet, lip balm and other necessaries, find a messenger bag as they are in keeping with the more masculine feel of this look. They’re also very practical when going to a sports game - your hands will be free to eat and drink with. If it’s cool outside, wear a long thick blanket scarf around your neck, wound several times and knotted at the front. For a jacket, a parka would look great, or any other coat with a sporty edge to it.

Plus Size Legging Outfit Idea #3 - Going to a Client Meeting

Leggings can easily be smartened up with a few key pieces and they are perfect option for a plus size lady. Black leggings are immediately smarter than their colored or patterned peers, so use those as the start of your client meeting look. Next, find a closely fitting, supportive and comfortable all black tank that is long enough that it covers your bottom and front.Tank tops with leggings are a great way to show off your curves while also looking professional. This will create a great silhouette and actually can be used as the basis for so many other outfits with different attitudes. However, for your client meeting, find a shirt dress and layer that over the top. Block colors will help you look immediately polished, though if you like a pattern try a subtle stripe. Heavy cottons are perfect for keeping cool. Linen will also keep you cool but is so easily creased, it may be best to leave that at home for your meeting. If you have a waist, use a belt to cinch the dress in. Choose a thin, leather number as this is the most suitable for a business event.

For your purse, choose a tote in the same shade leather that is big enough to keep all your items that you need in one easy to reach place. Totes with clean lines and invisible pockets are great for this, and look so chic when carried in the crook of your arm. A blazer, which doesn’t necessarily have to be black to match with your pants, will pull the look together when paired with some stylish courts.

Heels always look elegant, but if you find them difficult to walk in, find some pointy ballet flats or even some trendy, well polished brogues for a masculine edge. Jewelry isn’t needed here given the collar on the neckline, but a simple chain will keep things classic if you feel naked leaving the house without some form of adornment.

Plus Size Legging Outfit Idea #4 - Going to a Garden Party

Garden parties can be a bit of a minefield when it comes to the dress code. Leggings can be a fallback option for any lady especially with the following plus size legging outfit. Find a pair of leggings in flattering navy. Navy is a shade that suits all skin tones and it is slimming too as it is a darker color. As you’ll be outside, buy a pair that are ankle grazing or finish mid calf. This way, you can wear a pair of statement shoes that really make your outfit zing.

Navy looks brilliant next to red, so put on a pair of red espadrilles or red wedges. Espadrilles are on trend at the moment, but will also be stylish, summer after summer. Red shoes are far more wearable than first thought, and ones with a wedge are perfect for garden parties that take place on soft lawn. Stilettos are not suitable as you will sink into the mud. Flats are fine, but won’t give you that extra bit of height that can help elongate your frame.

Next, find a pretty white dress with a nipped in waist and wide straps made in a light cotton which will keep you both cool and looking stylish. White, navy and red are a classic color combination that always look chic. The wide straps on the dress allow for suitable underwear to be worn at all times and, if an extra layer is needed, try to find a fine knit white cardigan to wear over your shoulders to keep the chill away. For your purse, accessorize with a soft, camel leather bucket bag, or a purse in a navy finish. Finally, silver jewelry looks best against this color combo, so find a chain that suits the neckline and match it with some simple silver studs.

plus sized leggings outfit

Plus Size Legging Outfit Idea #5 - Sunday Brunch

Leggings are the ideal pair of pants to wear to a brunch as they are so comfortable and will allow you to eat in peace, without a waistband sticking into you or a hem line riding up over your legs. Brunch is a good opportunity to wear some color given so throw on a pair of brightly hued leggings, like a stunning aqua or pink. From there, simply throw on an empire lined tunic top with sleeves. It will keep you cool whilst moving with your body as you eat. Its shape is very flattering to all women and looks great with leggings when the top is long enough to cover the wearer’s booty.

In terms of pattern or color, either find a pattern that has a shade of your pants running through it, or just find a simple white number. If it’s cold outside, wear a chic camel raincoat, but otherwise try a stylish leather biker jacket thrown over your shoulders - more for look than warmth! From there, a pair of gold strappy flat sandals in the Summer are the key to a breezy look (matched with perfectly pedicured feet!) and in the Winter, some ankle booties in either camel or black are perfect. A small clutch purse is all that is needed due to the eye catching color of your leggings. Match the color of your jacket for the ultimate polished look.

Finally if you find a pair of leggings that fit you well, last, and are of a good enough quality so they won’t be see through after a couple of washes, buy as many pairs as you can, and in as many different colors. Items like leggings really provide a key backbone to any outfit and therefore your entire wardrobe. It’s so liberating, when getting dressed in the morning, knowing that you have items of clothing that you can turn to again and again to make you look chic and stylish. This is especially the case with leggings - they are so comfortable, you will actively want to wear them on repeat. Bearing this in mind is why it is so imperative to find a pair that fit you properly without any pulling or sagging in any part. Leggings with support are like the holy grail for any woman, any size, so if you find the perfect pair, buy several.

Lastly, as we always advocate, wearing outfits with confidence is key. Leggings can sometimes be fallback clothing items for women when we don’t feel at our best because they are so comfortable. When we don’t feel our best we tend not to exude the confidence that is necessary to pull off any outfit. Remember that you should be confident and should, above all, embrace your curves and your femininity with both hands. 

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