Plus Size Layering

How many of you awesome ladies love the look of layering but just aren’t sure if you can pull it off or even where to start?? With Winter leaving and Spring arriving the weather is fluctuating so much that layering is a great way to be prepared for both temperatures. We are going to give you some tips and tricks to make every layer fabulous. Before you begin, you need to decide how many layers you want. You always have the option of adding until you feel like a million bucks! Trust me there are so many different ways to layer! We are going to give you two options for you to try and then use that as your jumping off point!

All About That Base

Always start with a really good base layer. A long cami and skinny jeans are a great place to begin OR if you are wearing a dress throw some opaque tights on underneath and then top both of these outfits with a pair of great boots or heels. Simple right?

Second Fiddle

Now for your next layer. If you went with the cami/pants option for your base grab a button up shirt that fits correctly. You don’t want anything that is too big or too small because both of those will look sloppy. One will be too tight and not lay correctly and the other will bunch-ruining your line. I know for our bigger busted gals it’s hard to find a button up that actually buttons without it gapping. Remember, we are layering something on top of this! It is important that it lays smooth and you can move comfortably in it! 

For the girls in dresses your second layer is going to be a cardigan or blazer or even a jean jacket. You want these to fit well in the shoulder and they should be able to button even if you are going to leave them open! Fit is everything and you want structure in the blazer especially.

Three’s Company

Now grab a fitted sweater that complements your button up. Don’t be afraid to play with patterns and colors here but make sure nothing clashes with your second layer. We want balance not chaos. Be edgy, bold, and fun but never tacky! Again, you don’t want anything too big or too small. We don’t want anything to appear bulky!

Four For The Money

You can either stop at the last layer and top it with some amazing accessories or you can go one layer further. Top it off with a blazer or cardigan. You can always add a belt if you would like. Finish accessorizing with a scarf or some fabulous jewelry!


Now that you have some great options to start with, play around with a some different choices and find the look that’s best for you! Remember layering can be as simple or as complex as you want! Have fun with it! Here is one of my favorite examples that we have on Perfectly Priscilla Boutiques website.  It is so simple but so striking at the same time! There are tons of beautiful plus size clothes on the site for you to pick and choose from to make your layered look be amazing!  Is there a fashion trend that you aren't sure how to quite pull off or how it works for plus size women? Email me at : and I will try and cover it in a future blog!

Stay Perfect!


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