Plus-Size Jeans: The Good, the Fab and the Stretchy

Plus-Size Jeans: The Good, the Fab and the Stretchy

Jeans are an essential staple for any wardrobe. They're versatile, durable — and when you choose the right fit, they can even be comfortable. You've got a lot of options to consider when it comes to jeans, but in this women's denim guide, we'll cover everything from fit to fades, jean styles and styling.

Enhance your wardrobe with the right pair of versatile, plus-size jeans. Thanks to the various styles and washes, you can create anything from casual to night-out looks with jeans, so be sure to consider all the possibilities and get into denim!

Plus-Size Jeans Fit Guide

Jeans come in all shapes, fits and rises. Finding your new favorite pair of jeans means you'll have a lot to consider, but with this fit guide to plus-size denim, the search gets a bit easier.

Style and Fit

Style and Fit

First, let's talk about the style and fit of plus-size jeans. You've got plenty of choices that mainly differ between how the jeans hug or flare away from your hips, thighs and legs. When you search for plus-size jeans, this fit guide will help you decide.

  • Jeggings: Jeans and leggings combine in these bottoms. Plus-size jeggings have the look of denim with a stretchier fit that usually comes in skinny styles, but you do have other options.
  • Skinny jeans: These styles taper as they get to the ankle for a fitted look and feel. Plus-size skinny jeans are trendy, contemporary and sleek, making the perfect versatile addition to any wardrobe.
  • Slim fit: If you like skinny jeans but feel just a bit too constricted, try a slim fit. They create a tailored look, but give your legs a bit more room, while still fitting close to the hips and thighs.
  • Straight leg: As the name implies, these jeans don't flare out or taper in as they go to the ankle. They give your legs a bit more room than slim-fit jeans, and are both a comfortable and stylish choice.
  • Bootcut jeans: These jeans have a similar fit to straight-leg options, but with a slight flare past the ankle. That flare allows you to wear boots comfortably without needing to tuck in your jeans.
  • Flare jeggings and jeans: The flare of these styles begins somewhere after the knee, depending on the specific pair you wear. Either a jegging or a jean will hug around the hips and thighs, but jeggings may be more form-fitting before they get to the flare.
  • Wide leg: If you like the look and feel of flare or bootcut jeans, don't let your ankles have all the fun. A wide-leg jean is roomier, but still versatile and fashionable. The fit falls at the same size as your hips and thighs for a dramatic straight leg that's loose and breezy.
  • Boyfriend jeans: Loose and even baggy, boyfriend jeans often fall longer than other styles. The effect makes it seem like you're wearing men's jeans, but women's jeans come in this style to add casual comfort to your closet.
  • Mom jeans: These styles are like boyfriend jeans, but usually with a higher and more fitted waist. They have a vintage feel that's been coming back into style in recent years, so wear these for a trendy, yet comfortable, look.

When you rock denim, you want to feel both comfortable and stylish. Explore the fits above to find what fits your personality and see what makes you feel your best!


The rise of your jeans describes where it falls compared to your waist. Some styles, like mom jeans, almost always come in one waist height, but trendy fits like skinny, flare and bootcut can come in different rises.

  • Low-rise: Think early-2000s looks with dramatic — and often revealing — low-rise jeans. These typically rest right at the top of your hips. Some styles may drop it a little lower for a statement look, but you can easily hide the lower rise as needed with the right top.
  • Mid-rise: These jeans exist in the happy medium between low- and high-rise options. Mid-rise denim often sits above the hips, but below the natural waist. They're a more common option today and cover a bit of the lower stomach in contrast to low-rise jeans.
  • High-rise: Cover at or above your natural waist with these jeans. These styles have become more popular, and you can find them in everything from skinny to bootcut and flare jeans. Pair high-rise jeans with crop tops when you want more coverage, or wear them with any top tucked in to help define your waist.
  • High-waist: High-rise and high-waisted jeans are sometimes interchangeable, but if there is a distinction, high-waisted jeans go above and beyond — your waist, that is. A high waist typically passes your belly button, giving you a bit more drama and coverage than high-rise jeans.

Where exactly the rise of a pair of jeans sits depends on who made the denim and who's wearing it, but the options above will give you a general idea of what to expect.

Women's Denim Wash Guide

The wash of your denim doesn't refer to a cycle on the washing machine. Instead, it refers to the color of your jeans and any accents in the appearance. Denim usually comes in shades of blue or neutral hues, including:

  • Dark
  • Medium
  • Light
  • Gray
  • Black

You'll also find jeans in a rainbow of colors that add a statement piece to your outfits. All these colors may be solid throughout the denim, or you may have fading that alters the color of the jeans. Fading creates lighter spots, often on the front of the thighs or the seat of the jeans. These add something different to break up the solid color of your denim and can even draw attention to or away from specific assets. You'll also find some unique finishes when checking out denim.

  • Acid wash: Vintage looks make a trendy comeback with acid wash. This finish often comes in light-wash jeans and adds a mix of lighter and darker details all over the jeans.
  • Distressed: You can get a similar effect of fading with rips and tears that give your jeans an eye-catching edge. These details come in varying degrees of distressed looks, with dramatic holes often at the knees and subtler damage on the thighs and other areas of the jeans.
  • Whiskering: As you might expect, whiskering creates the look of whiskers on jeans. This effect, similar to the distressed look, is usually on the upper thigh at the front of the jeans. Whiskers tend to be lighter than the wash of the denim, and make it look like you've been loving your jeans for a while.
  • Shibori: This dramatic finish is essentially tie-dye for jeans. Bleached or lightened areas of the denim create fun looks perfect for a playful outfit. Shibori comes in plenty of patterns, from squares and triangles to stripes and swirls.

Finishes like these and others infuse your denim with personality. Alter the overall look of your outfit to be trendy, chic and everything in between based on the style and finish of your jeans.

What Color of Jeans Should I Get?

What Color of Jeans Should I Get?

Whether you search for plus-size skinny jeans or other fits and styles, you're going to have another choice to make — color. Base your decision on what you want out of your outfit.

  • Dark: You want an option you can dress up or down. Dark denim gives a sleek look that can transition seamlessly from daytime to evening.
  • Medium: When you're looking for something between formal and casual, medium wash can easily fit into your everyday arsenal of denim.
  • Light: You want the ultimate casual look. Light-wash denim can even give a bit of vintage flair to your outfit.
  • Gray: You want something unique, and a bit more neutral than light blue jeans. Gray jeans are a flexible addition to your wardrobe that, like other washes, you can dress up or down.
  • Black: If you want something simple, yet more structured than leggings, black jeans can add anything from edge to formal flair to your look.

Having at least one option in each denim wash is a great way to add some fundamentals to your wardrobe, depending on your overall style, of course.

How to Style Jeans for Your Body

How to Style Jeans for Your Body

With so many denim options out there, you're going to wonder how to style jeans, especially in fits, styles and washes you haven't tried before. In general, you want to think about where you're wearing your jeans and how to:

  • Create balance
  • Dress it up
  • Dress it down

No matter what style of jeans you choose, you can create balance with the wash of the denim. Contrast neutral gray styles with a top that infuses some color, or black and dark jeans with a lighter top. If you have distressed jeans or a pair in another eye-catching finish, choose neutral tops that let the denim be the statement piece.

How to Style Flared Jeans

Depending on how dramatic the flare in your jeans is, they're probably the statement of your outfit. You can either balance that with subtle pieces or continue with the vintage drama with options like the following.

  • Tops: Balance the dramatic flare on the bottom with a fitted top. Long sleeves, three-quarter sleeves and sleeveless shirts all work with flared jeans, so choose what suits your tastes. A tie or wrap effect on a top adds a bit of detail that plays well with the flare of your jeans.
  • Shoes: Flared jeans often fall at the ankle, making heels or booties a great choice, especially if you find the fit a bit too long for you. Heels work well with dark washes for a formal look, while wedges or booties are wearable for everyday style.
  • Accessories: Add a scarf around your waist for some vintage charm. Thread it through the belt loops of your jeans or keep it around your waist to enhance your curves. Make sure you tuck your top into your jeans if you accessorize with a scarf.

How to Style Bootcut Jeans

You're most likely going to wear bootcut jeans in the fall and winter, so when you create your outfit, think about using these for your look.

  • Tops: Bootcut jeans fall between flare and skinny fits, so you can wear fitted or loose tops with this style. A sweater combines the perfect mix of volume and fit, practicality and style, that balance an outfit with bootcut jeans. For something lighter, try a flowy top that cinches at the waist for some definition.
  • Shoes: You probably already know where we're going with this, but with bootcut jeans, wear boots! Ankle boots work well with the fit of bootcut jeans, not going too high, but still giving your look some comfort and style.
  • Accessories: Almost any accessories go with a bootcut jean outfit, so base what you wear on the weather. Grab a hat and scarf for some practicality, jewelry for a formal touch or keep it simple with minimal or no accessories.

How to Style Skinny Jeans

Get stylish with a pair of plus-size skinny jeans in your outfit. Create amazing outfits with these on-trend jeans by using these ideas.

  • Tops: Don't be afraid to wear flowy clothes up top to contrast your skinny jeans or plus-size jeggings. Off-the-shoulder tops can add anything from chic to boho flair to your look and pair well with the fitted look of skinny jeans. Wear shorter sleeves in warmer seasons for a casual touch, or layer up with a cardigan to add volume up top.
  • Shoes: Thanks to the tighter fit around your ankles, you can wear any type of shoe with skinny jeans. Sandals or flats are perfect for spring, while plus-size skinny jeans easily tuck into tall boots for fall and winter.
  • Accessories: Layer accessories up top to add even more contrast to the slim fit of your jeans. Necklaces add texture and personality to outfits, making them more fun or formal based on what you wear.

Find Your New Favorite Jeans at Perfectly Priscilla

Find Your New Favorite Jeans at Perfectly Priscilla

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