Plus Size Holiday Party Dresses

It’s that magical time of year again – the temperatures have dropped and the sound of Christmas music fills the air, as the essence of the holidays is upon us once more. Despite the chilly temps, this season’s sizzling fashions will keep you looking stylish all winter long. With so many great plus-size holiday party dresses available, it may be hard to choose which one to wear for your next holiday event! Whether you prefer ultra-girly, elegant, frilly or life-of-the-party dresses, you are truly in luck this season. In fact, your look can be the hit of every party – with such a wide and wonderful selection of dresses and styles, footwear, accessories and jewelry, you’re sure to create a wonderful winter wardrobe that’s as unique as you are.

This season, it’s easy to change your look as often as your mood – Perfectly Priscilla is pleased to offer a host of plus size holiday party dresses suited for socializing with co-workers or friends and family. Choose from a variety of classic dress styles, simple and smart fashions, boho chic looks and on-trend designs to flatter your figure and carry you through the holiday season in style. With an endless array of styling possibilities, it’s easy to coordinate looks for last-minute party invitations, weekend winter get-aways and spontaneous celebrations. Shop our fashion-savvy collection and enjoy the holiday cheer with ease – making memories this Christmas season is a breeze with our beautiful party dress collection. Read on for our top picks for fun and flirty women’s plus-size holiday dresses and how to style them like a pro!

Mad For Plaid: Plus-Size Holiday Dresses

This year, one thing is for sure – plaid is back in a major way! If you’re a fan of this statement-making print, feel free to show off your bold side with this on-trend look. From dresses and sweaters to ponchos and leggings, plaids of all sizes and colors are gracing the runway. Whether you prefer classic black, white, green and red plaids, or today’s modern interpretations (which incorporate neutrals and unexpected color combinations), you’re sure to find a look that captures your personal aesthetic. Wear plaid dresses with confidence this season and style with an over-the-knee pair of boots and matching tights for a look that’s trendy yet sophisticated – you’re sure to be the life of the party in this festive look.

Unless you are going to a formal holiday party, you can’t go wrong this holiday season by pairing a solid-color dress or skirt and sweater with a warm and cozy fringed plaid poncho in this winter’s hottest hues. If you prefer more form-fitting layers, accent a monochromatic dress with a waist-length plaid zipper vest and a pair of neutral leggings for a look that’s edgy yet chic. For fashionistas who march to the beat of their own drum, you can have fun with the plaid trend – you can layer different plaid patterns and colors; there really are no rules when it comes to this unexpected yet lively look. Remember, it’s a party – have some fun with your sense of self-expression and show off your trendsetting style this season!

Fashion Forward Footwear: Accenting Your Look With Shoes & Boots

There are many creative ways you can change-up your holiday outfits – or any looks in your winter wardrobe, for that matter. From jewelry and accessories to handbags and trendy outerwear, styling your ensemble is a creative process that combines your knowledge of fashion and your unique styling sensibilities. However, one of the easiest and most dynamic ways to change your look is with fashionable footwear and hosiery. Choose several pairs of winter boots and shoes as to coordinate with your collection of dresses – opting for black is always a safe bet to ensure your footwear will match with everything in your closet!

Every woman ought to at least try on a pair of knee-high or over-the-knee boots to see how they look on their legs when paired with their favorite winter dress. Over-the-knee boots enable you to create a sassy look that will make you stand out at any party. Like plaids, you won’t be the only one wearing them, so choose the boots that make your personal fashion statement really shine.

Another helpful fashionista tip: select footwear based on the type of event you’ll be attending. For example, you know you’ll be dancing and socializing on foot at some parties (i.e., opt for flats to ensure your comfort), while other events, such as a holiday dinner, may entail a lot sitting (so high heeled styles may be more feasible)! Pair this season’s hottest boots and trendy shoe styles with opaque tights in solids, lace and patterns for an unforgettable holiday look that’s perfect for any special occasion.

If you happen to live where it’s warmer, take advantage of your latitude and definitely don a pair of booties with exposed heels and/or toes this winter, as there are many great neutral options that will tie your look together. If you like to add a bit of sass to your party ensembles, invest in a pair or two of fabulous knee-high or over-the-knee suede or vinyl leather boots for a sexy look that’s sure to get you noticed at fun holiday events or cocktail parties. When it comes to footwear, neutrals are always a great wardrobe staple, but if you have a color theme in mind, a pair of jewel-toned, over-the-knee boots adds some festive flair to your outfit.

If you prefer to wear shoes, or just find them to be more comfortable and true to your look, there are some very cute trends and classic styles to choose from. Slipping on a pair of classic animal print heels perfectly punctuates almost any outfit, while a kicky pair of beige leather mules or classic flats are comfortable and ready-to-wear at any time. Neutral-toned footwear also allows you to draw attention to your outfit with other accents such as jewelry, scarves or a dazzling holiday manicure.

Staying Comfortable, Warm & Festive In Holiday Dresses

Beautiful holiday dresses don’t have to be a chore to wear, nor do you have to put a lot of effort into staying warm and gorgeous while wearing them. In fact, plus-size holiday dresses are more comfortable than ever before to wear and layer. Whether you choose bold prints or solid colors, lots of frills or rows of ruffles, sleeves or no sleeves, most of this year’s winter dresses are made with forgiving fabrics that let you sparkle and shine, day or night. A feminine alternative to leggings and pants, a flirty holiday dress is not only the perfect way to add some pizzazz to your winter wardrobe, but can also be a more comfortable option if paired with the right layers, shoes and undergarments.

Designed with your curves in mind, our collection of party and holiday dresses are made of fabrics that flatter your physique and accentuate your figure. This season’s party dresses feature styles that move and flow in a flirty, fluttery fashion as you sit, stand or walk – from the belled sleeve trend to fit and flare dresses, there’s a look to suit every body type and preference. Whichever holiday party dresses you chose to add to your wardrobe, be certain to wear the proper undergarments to ensure a proper fit – whether you like to wear slimming long-line panties, a push-up bra, or control-top pantyhose, choosing the appropriate underwear, lingerie and hosiery provides the foundation for any put-together ensemble.

Get The Layered Look: Sweaters, Ponchos, Pockets & More

It’s easier than ever to stay warm and look your party-best by layering your winter look. With this season’s assortment of beautiful, richly-hued cardigans, you can continue to wear short dresses, sleeveless dresses, lacy dresses and even cold-shoulder styles when the temps dip down. This season, cozy sweaters, fringed ponchos and accent scarves fastened by bejeweled brooches will have you saying, “Bring on the snow!”

Animal prints are also great for layering – you might consider a leopard print vest or thick cheetah print scarf to make your LBD really pop. Layering with animal prints is a surefire way to supercharge your winter look while adding a sexy accent to nearly any attire.

One of our favorite features on dresses this season: pockets! With pocket features found on sweaters, dresses and other layering pieces, getting dressed up has never been so comfy. If you enjoy wearing a cute cardi or poncho over your dress, you’re in luck – not only will it keep you toasty, but provide extra storage to stash your cellphone, money or keys when your evening clutch is simply too small to fit another thing inside!

For a more streamlined silhouette, vests are another fun layering piece to consider for your next holiday party or festive outing. Another garment featuring handy pockets, you can also tuck a lip gloss, change, or just use as a place to keep your hands warm when you walk to the car or down the street to the restaurant or club.

You can also add another layer to your party outfit with knee-high boots: simply slip on some knee-high or over-the-knee leather boots with a pair of fleece tights to keep you cozy (and make an extra-stylish statement, too). It’s crystal clear that over-the-knee boots have captured many women’s imaginations this year – they’re super trendy, and with an endless array to choose from, instantly update your winter look. Whether you prefer slouchy or sleek, as we’ve discussed, there’s a boot style that’s perfect for you!

This winter’s dresses also look fabulous when layered with a motorcycle jacket. Whether faux or genuine leather, the sleek look and fit of a moto-style jacket adds an edgy silhouette to a body-hugging holiday dress. This timeless design never goes out of style, and will keep you warm all season through.

So Many Plus Size Holiday Dresses, So Little Time

Depending on your personality, the holiday party season can seem to last forever – or not long enough. Whatever the case may be, filling your closet with beautiful winter dresses and accessories makes going to holiday parties, and the holiday season in general, more fun and enjoyable. This season’s plus-size winter dresses offer women an opportunity to express who they are, and feel comfortable, too. Choose from dresses made from fabrics that incorporate bold, multicolor prints including paisleys, abstract patterns and florals. Mix in several dresses with featuring jewel and earth tones to complement your hair and skin tone, and you’ve got a fashionable dress wardrobe that will keep you looking stylish until springtime.

When shopping for dresses, choose from styles that feature scoop necks, high necks and V-necks to accentuate your best features. You’ll also have no problem finding the sleeve length you prefer – from strappy styles and long sleeves to bell sleeves and three-quarter length options, there’s a look that’s just right for you. Cold-shoulder sleeves are a hot trend this year too – ideal for women that like to show off their sexy shoulders.

You can dress for any special occasion according to your mood or whim, be it flirty and fun or classic and cool. For the former, there a lot of pretty, feminine dresses with frilly fabric, cute ruffles at the hem or swingy, flirty skirts. Hem lengths that are short in front and longer in the back are trendy this year, too – to achieve the latter, choose from classic dresses with curve-hugging shapes that accent your figure perfectly.

Solid colors including black, lavender and ivory are trendy this year, too – choose holiday dresses that reflect and accent your personal aesthetic, be it sparkly, subdued, or vibrantly hued. No matter what dress you opt for, remember that true beauty comes from within, and that’s the best accessory of all!

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