8 Plus-Size Fashion Myths

Plus-Size Fashion Myths

In the past, plus-size fashion advice gave a lot of "don'ts." Don't wear this style, avoid these materials and only wear these colors. But fashion shouldn't be restricting! Fashion for curvy women should open your wardrobe to a world of possibilities that make you look and feel great about your body, no matter your size.

We're debunking plus-size fashion myths to show you that you can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and fabulous! Check out these myths that don't apply to plus-size fashion anymore.

1. Avoid Oversized Clothing

Sometimes, you want to merge trendy fashion with being comfortable, and oversized clothing is the perfect combination. Fashion for plus-size women excluded oversized pieces for a long time, with the incorrect belief that it didn't give your body any shape. That’s not the case today.

Oversized silhouettes can be bold and dramatic or comfy and casual. Either way, they look great on any body size or shape. Play around with details at the sleeves, bust or waist to give oversized garments more shape, or wear whatever oversized options suit your style. Whether you wear a peasant-inspired tunic or a flared-out maxi dress, oversized pieces are a must-try.

2. Only Wear Longer Skirts or Dresses

Forget this myth. If you want to rock shorter dresses or skirts, you do you. Miniskirts or shorter dresses are flirty and fun, perfect for warmer weather. You shouldn't have to hide your body under maxi dresses and skirts if you don't want to — though we love those styles, as well. Instead, look for shorter varieties in a fit that's right for you, like:

  • Skater skirts flare out and flow for a fun look that you can dress up or down.
  • A-line skirts have a more subtle flare, often with a bit more structure for a dressier option.
  • Pencil skirts have a professional feel, but in shorter varieties, they can still be casual.
  • Tulip skirts feature a rounded silhouette that gives you a unique look.

Even with this advice, it's crucial to remember that sometimes for plus-size women with wider hips or thighs, skirts and dresses may fit shorter than intended. In those cases, opt for slightly longer cuts that end up hitting mid-thigh or higher on your body. And if you're not quite comfortable wearing shorter styles, pair them with tights. High-waisted skirts also give you more control over your look.

3. Stay Away From Crop Tops

Crop tops are a youthful trend, but many women believe you can only wear shorter shirts if you're tall and thin. Plus-size women can wear this trend, though, showing as much or as little skin as they want. If you've never tried flaunting more skin in your look, don't feel like you need to wear the shortest crop tops you can find. Wear what makes you comfortable, but break past expectations.

If crop tops hit a bit too short for your style, tie a button-up top at the bottom around your waist. You can also wear high-waisted bottoms if you don't want to show too much skin.

4. Don't Wear Anything but Straight-Leg Pants

OK, we do love straight-leg pants. But you've got plenty of options for bottoms! Past advice for plus-size women recommended straight-leg pants because they hit at the widest point of your thigh and fall straight down. The belief was that straight-leg cuts could camouflage your legs, but many women like to flaunt what they've got! If you want to draw attention to your legs or wear something other than straight-leg bottoms, try:


  • Skinny jeans add balance to flowy tops.
  • Leggings are perfect for casual days.
  • Flared pants give you a retro-glam vibe.
  • Boyfriend and mom jeans are comfortable and relaxed.

5. Avoid Two-Piece Swimsuits

The ideas of "beach bodies" and covering up for your day by the water made many plus-size women feel they could only wear a one-piece or a tankini. But you should wear whatever you want when you swim or sit in the sun. That means you can wear one-pieces, tankinis and cover-ups during swim season, but you don't have to.

Two-piece swimsuits are cute and perfect for hot weather. Play around with the top and bottom to balance your figure or show off your favorite features. Ruffles and ruching add a playful touch that enhances whatever area you put them on, and basic pieces won’t draw attention.

If you do feel comfortable with more coverage in your swimwear, try high-waisted swim bottoms. Swim shorts or skirts also give you more coverage and are practical for active swimmers.

6. Only Wear Solid Colors or Subtle Prints

We love solid colors and subtle patterns, but they aren't the only possible fashion for plus-size women. In the past, fashion advice for plus-size women recommended staying away from bold patterns. Whether they feature plenty of bright colors or a large print, they were supposed to be a no-go. Not anymore!

Bold patterns are a great way to show off your personality. An all-over print isn't going to draw attention to specific areas of your body, but if you want that, play around with your look. Use solid colors on designated areas for something subtle, and make eye-catching statements on other areas of your body with patterns.

7. Don't Wear Horizontal Stripes

This myth grew out of the belief that horizontal stripes make a figure look wider. Instead, you can use horizontal stripes to emphasize some features and draw attention from others. Want the look of a bigger bust? Go for bold stripes around your chest and shoulders. Want to add curves to a rectangular shape? Put narrow lines at your waist and wider ones on your hips and bust.


Stripes are such a fun and versatile pattern that it'd be a shame to leave them out of your wardrobe. If you're still not sure you'll like how you look in stripes, use them as layering pieces under a solid-color cardigan to play down the pattern.

8. Don't Wear Bright Colors

If you do wear solid colors, past fashion advice says not to wear anything bright or bold. That's right, forget fun colors — many plus-size women used to think they could only wear black, brown and shades of gray. As flattering as dark colors can be, they’re not always what you want to wear. Those shades may not even fit your personality. So bust this myth and wear whatever colors you like.

Wearing vivid colors doesn't have to align with boring fashion misconceptions, either. Mix and match colors, whether they're similar shades or opposites, to punch up your outfit. Combine fun colors with bold prints, horizontal stripes and other styles that let you break away from plus-size fashion myths.

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