Plus Size Fall Sweaters

Bring on the fall sweaters! The weather is cooling down and that means we’re ready to get warmed up with all of our Trendy Tops for Fall. Fall is the unofficial season of sweater weather and if you’ve been waiting to trade in those swimsuits for something with a bit more coverage, then we’ve got something for you! Plus size sweaters and cardigans come in a vast array of styles and designs made to flatter women of all shapes and sizes. These garments are already great for layering and wearing throughout your day-to-day, but with all of the new styles making their way on the scene, they have become more loved than ever before.

What could be better than wrapping yourself up in an oversized, comfy sweater with leggings and a fresh cup of coffee to start your day?! Sweaters have become beloved by many because of their effortless wear and ultra comfortable fit. Plus size Fall sweaters offer women lots of options for both comfort-lovers and self-proclaimed Fashionistas alike. What makes plus size cardigans so appealing during this time of year is that they are super easy to throw on and head out the door. A cute sweater can help you look pulled together and chic even if you just threw it on five minutes before leaving. No one will ever know!

You can find sweater styles that are oversized and loose or fitted and snug. Knowing how to style your sweater properly is key to pulling off this trendy item for Fall. So if you’re going to be wearing a style that is larger and does not clearly define your shape, you will want to balance out these proportions in other areas of your outfit. For instance, try a slim fitting pair of pants or leggings if you want to do something more bulky on top. You just want to avoid wearing anything that swallows up the top and bottom half of your body creating a blob in a bag silhouette. This is not a good look for anyone!

The same rules apply for the opposite combination. If you’re wearing a sweater that is tighter or more fitted, try a looser option on the bottom. And if you are wearing a sweater that hugs all of your womanly curves but you don’t necessarily want your entire outfit to be so fitted, then pair it with a circle skirt or wide leg pants that will flare out. Plus size Fall sweaters look great on women with naturally more voluptuous shapes, but like anything, it is important to know which styles look best on you.

Plus size sweater dresses are also great options for women that want to combine the comfort of the traditional sweater with the femininity and style of a dress. Sweater dresses and Plus Size Fall Tunics both look great with leggings and a cute pair of knee-high boots. You can opt for a pair of boots that are flat or have a chunky heel for a little bit more elevation. If your plus size sweater dresses or tunics hit above the knee, we suggest wearing a stylish pair of tights. Pick a color either in solid black, which creates a very slimming look, or another neutral tone or print that won’t distract from the overall look. A trendy Fall tunic in plaid worn over black leggings and chunky heeled booties is just one cute option to try when it comes to putting together Business Casual Fall Work Outfits.

If you’re looking for a subtle, yet sexy sweater style for date night, try a looser fitting sweater, with an open area around the neck and shoulders to show off your collarbone. With this style you also want to look for a sweater that tapers around the waist and is fitted around the wrists. This will help to give the garment more hold to your body without losing the overall billowy shape. Think, Flash Dance meets 2018. Pair this off-the-shoulder-esque sweater over a feminine silk camisole with lace detail around the neckline, that will slightly peek out as the sweater naturally falls over your shoulders and back. This look creates a playful bit of mystery that is sexy without being too revealing. Throw on your best-fitting pants, preferably in a dark wash or solid color, and a pair of mid-to-high heeled boots to complete the ensemble. You will look incredibly on trend for the season while wearing an outfit that only requires minimal pieces for a maximum result.

Another important thing to remember when you’re shopping for plus size Fall sweaters, is to pay attention to your fabric choices. If the sweater your shopping for is more casual then cotton, fleece or cable knit fabrics are perfectly acceptable for these low-key day-to-day looks. However, this is not the case if you happen to be going somewhere that is a bit more formal. Sweaters are already categorized as more laid back garments, so when combining this with a less expensive fabric choice, your plus size sweaters and cardigans can end up looking more like loungewear than part of a sophisticated look. For sweaters that you want to wear to more elevated affairs, we recommend investing in nicer fabrics and flattering fits. Usually, designer clothing comes with higher price tags because of the quality of the material, attention to detail, and level of design. All of which help to create pieces that will look and feel great on your body.

So just because you may be wearing a sweater, don’t forget to think about where you’re going to be wearing it. Even a sweater dress can end up looking too casual if it is not styled or dressed up properly. So make sure you’re choosing the right jewelry and accessories to pair with your trendy fall dress to really polish off the whole look. If you have on a bigger sweater, layer a big chunky necklace on top to help weigh down the fabric and keep the drape in place and avoid looking wider. You can also pair this exact same necklace with your fitted sweaters this season, but you will want to balance out the weight of this piece with a fuller bottom. A beautiful a-line skirt is great to conceal your bottom while a fitted pencil skirt with a large print will help to give you illusion of a curvier figure as it will make your hips look wider.

Plus size Fall sweaters can also be worn over dresses! Many woman might be afraid to try this out, but trust us, with the right sweater and the right dress, you will look very fashionable. As we have mentioned before, it is all about paying attention to the weights and textures of your fabrics and determining which styles will look best together. For instance, a fitted or tight sweater will make a looser or more billowy dress bunch up if it cuts in at the waist. To avoid this, try wearing a dress that is a little more fitted and a sweater that is larger. This way you will define the outline of your body, but can still have a little coverage.

If you’re looking to find new Fall Styles for Plus Size sweaters, the first thing you will want to do is figure out what styles will be the most flattering based on your body type. Clothes are not one-size-fits-all which is why we cannot expect everything to look the same as it would on a model, a friend or a co-worker. You don’t look fashionable because you’re wearing expensive, designer clothing, you look fashionable because you know how to wear clothes and don’t let them wear you.

Have you ever seen a woman on the street wearing jeans, a shirt and boots and thought “Wow, she looks so good!” But, how can it be with just a few simple pieces? What you probably are not even realizing when you’re admiring someone else’s outfit is that the right fit can make even the most casual pair of jeans look 20x better when they are right for your body. Do your homework and maybe even give yourself a few glances in the mirror to get a better idea of what your body shape is. There are certain styles of clothing specifically designed for certain body types so this knowledge will come in handy when navigating the ever-changing industry of fashion.

One trend that we think will look great on all body types is a sweater with cutouts. And no we don’t mean a crop top! Because we tend to cover ourselves up more during Fall, it can be fun to show off a little skin from time-to-time. Look for a sweater with cutouts on the shoulders, on the arms, or round the collarbone to give just a glimpse of skin. You can rock the cutout trend in a sweater style that is thick or thin, it’s just up to what you think looks best on you! And if you’re having a hard time nailing this down, turn to a trusted friend for their honest opinion and advice. So next time you go shopping, enlist the help of someone with a fashion sense that you admire and will take their opinion to heart. While it may not always be fun to hear that something doesn’t look good on us, it’s better to know before you buy it!

Now let’s talk cardigans for a moment. A cardigan is described as a knitted sweater that fastens down the front and typically has long sleeves. While cardigans are thought of as a more conservative or “preppy” item, you can style them in a way that will suit your personality. Cardigans make for great lightweight cover-ups to wear to work, lunch with your family, or to church. Just make sure that if you are going to be wearing a thinner style cardigan, that you are not layering it over a top that is thick or bulky. Doing this will easily show all of the bumps and ripples under the fabric and can look messy and distracting. To avoid this, you can also just wear the cardigan draped over your shoulders circa Pink Lady style from Grease. This style looks more planned and thought out than it actually is which makes your job getting ready that much easier!

You can also wear your cardigan open and unbuttoned so that you can see more of your outfit, or you can tie it around your waist. Similarly, for sweaters, tying your sweater around your waist will act as a belt would and help to create the illusion of being more narrow in your midsection. If you want to try out this style, we just recommend going with a thin sweater because trying to tie something bulky around your body may end up making you look and feel bigger than you actually are. And nobody wants that!

All-in-all, when it comes to finding the right plus size sweater for you this season, there are three main things to consider:

  1. Fit
  2. Fabric
  3. Formality

If you can keep these points at the top of your mind while shopping, you will have a much better chance of coming home with pieces that you can wear over and over throughout Fall. And not only will these items be interchangeable this year, but time and time again as you have found garments that are made to last and look great on your body. You will save money, time and a major headache by investing in your best pieces and not worrying about what everyone else is wearing. We are not living in a world like the Sisterhood of the Traveling pants so embrace being unique and try to have some fun while shopping for new fall styles. So just because a style does not work for you does not mean it’s your body that needs to change, it just means your perfect fit is still out there!

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