Plus Size Fall Dresses for a Wedding

Fall means wedding season, and love is in the air! Always a bridesmaid and never a bride? Or maybe you’ve already found your forever love. No matter what the reason- dresses to wear for weddings are one of the most exciting items to shop for! But where do we start? There are a ton of things to factor in for a fall wedding. You not only need to think about the change of the season bringing a slight breeze along, but you also need to think about what colors will be appropriate for the fall festivity. To top it all off, finding a dress that fits great and makes you feel confident can also be another hurdle that you must overcome. Fall wedding attire plus size shopping can be made so much easier when you have an idea of what you’re looking for in mind. So have no fear, this guide to plus size fall dresses for a wedding should help you out of the weeds and into the light!

Let There be Length!

Picture this, a slight wind picks up. The red and yellow pigmented fall leaves start brustling in the wind. The end of your long dress suddenly catches the breeze as you twirl around the dancefloor to a great band. Fall means bringing out the long, flowy dresses that make us feel like the lovely women that we are. The great thing about long dresses is that they look good on just about any body-type. Remove the stigma of wearing long dresses to cover up, and start wearing long dresses that flatter your figure instead of hiding it! Check out some of our ideas for cute plus size dresses to wear to a wedding!

The Maxi Dress

Plus sized maxi dress

Maxi dresses are perfect for weddings at every scale of fanciness and therefore they are the perfect fall wedding guest dress. They can be incredibly formal and elegant or casual at flirty, and it is up to you to dress them up or down. For a more casual day wedding, opt for something sweet- maybe go strapless or incorporate ruffles! Strapless is coming back in style quicker than ever, and it looks great on curvy women. The only downside, however, is that women with larger chests may want to stay away from this style as it can be somewhat obnoxious to worry about your top slipping all night. But for smaller chested women, the strapless dress will allow you to accentuate your shoulders and balance out your body. Ruffles are perfect for weddings because they send a very sweet vibe. Whether it be Spanish inspired ruffles along the trim or ruffles incorporated into your dress, you’ll be dressed for the occasion!

For a fancier wedding, play around with a more elegant style of maxi dresses. Sleek wrap dresses are the perfect option if you want to portray an look of modern elegance. On the other hand, weddings are a great time to play up your sexy side; so if you want, try a more daring look a go for something a little sexier. We’re a mermaid style dress that features a slit up the middle or up the side.

The Midi Dress

Midi dresses do a great job of elongating your body- so they’re perfect for women who want to appear longer and leaner especially in the leg area! They’re meant to hit the middle of your calf, hence the name, and are a great style for weddings! These dresses also allow you to show off your great calves and set the focus on your shoes. Dance the night away with your legs completely unrestricted, and look amazing in photos with a cute midi dress.

Something Sexy

Weddings are a great place to show off your sexy side (tastefully of course) - it is a family event after all. Because of this, it is absolutely pertinent that you understand the difference between “date night sexy” and “modest sexy”. For starters, pick your favorite asset and show it off! For instance, if you love your waist then choose a form-fitting dress that hugs your hourglass figure but features a longer length to balance it out. Let's check out some timeless options!


The Little Black Dress is the definition of timeless and it is a perfect style for plus size fall dresses! You’ll find a bunch of little black dress styles hitting the market this season, so make sure that you choose one that is specifically made for plus size women. This way, you can be sure that it will hug your curves, keep its shape, and feel comfortable all night.

Spice this dress up a bit with a little lace or take it to the floor with a longer maxi style. Whatever style you choose, black is always an appropriate and sophisticated color for fall weddings. On the other hand, LBD dresses do a great job of making you appear much slimmer, ensuring that you feel great for taking photos and look comfortable all night. It’s a win-win.

The Shift Dress

Plus sized shift dress

Shift dresses are perfect for wedding goers who like to take advantage of the DJ and the dance floor. These dresses do a lot, but their biggest accomplishment is turning you into Cinderella as you twirl around on the dance floor. At first glance, shift dresses don’t appear to hold much shape, but they have a beautiful way of moving with your body and creating a fluid and elegant motion. If you’re not the graceful type, this dress is a great way to fake it ‘til you make it! This dress screams sexy but in such a casual and appropriate way that it’ll appear effortless. Try a few shift dresses until you come to the right one. It may be difficult to find a length that hits your leg in the right spot, but keep in mind that dresses that are specifically made for plus size women tend to be much easier to fit your shape!

Give them Patterns!

Ahh patterns! Patterns can either make or break your outfit. But when done correctly, they can create the illusion of whatever body type you desire. As a rule of thumb, avoid patterns in areas that you want to minimize and add patterns wherever you want to maximize a body part. For instance, women that are bottom heavy and want to appear as though they are more proportionate should opt for a dress that features patterns on the top half and a solid color on the bottom half. This will play up your top half while camouflaging your bottom half, thus creating more of an hourglass figure. The trick to patterns is to try different variations to figure out what looks best on your body and how you can feel most comfortable.

Floral Dresses

Floral isn’t just for spring and summer! There are a ton of options for fall florals hitting the market this time every year. However, instead of your regular brightly colored florals, opt for something that is a bit more true to the season. Darker hues with less contrasted backgrounds tend to fit really well into the wedding scene of this season. On the other hand, something toned down like a minimally patterned floral in a light beige color will look very stunning on the wedding dance floor.

Print Dresses

There are a ton of different prints out there and fall is one of the best times to look! However, this segment is for those of you who are planning on attending a destination wedding! There is nothing more exciting than dressing for the theme of the location that your loved ones are getting married at! A popular destination for weddings is Hawaii, of course, so why not pick out a trendy Hawaiian print dress? Food for thought.

Colors for the Occasion

First of all is the incorporation of fall colors! Get rid of your baby blues and pick out some hues that fit the season! The fall color palette features colors like dark greens, browns, and a spectrum of maroons and purples. As long as you stay true to the fall color spectrum, you can pretty much get away with anything! The main idea is never to blend in with the season, but to compliment it!

Shoes to Dance the Night Away

Let’s clear things up, whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend clearly hasn’t been around very many girls! Diamonds might be a close runner-up, but shoes take the cake! Just kidding, but really, weddings are another exciting excuse for us to add another pair of kicks to our arsenal- err wardrobe.

Summer straps can be left behind for fall weddings. Pick up a pair of closed toe heels or some cute booties to match your outfit. And while you’re at it, grab a cute pair of tennies to wear the day after the wedding. Your feet will thank you!

A Little Bling-Bling

Jewelry completes any wedding outfit! Statement jewelry is still in this fall, just make sure that you find one that is fall themed! Dark greens and oranges are some of our favorite colors to wear for jewelry this season. If you choose to wear a little black dress, match your statement necklace to your shoes in a fall color and you’ll look like a style-goddess!

To Top it Off

Now that you have the perfect outfit, there are some little tips and tricks that we have for you to tie it all in together a little bit more. Have you ever wondered how some curvy women look so smooth under their dress? Or have you ever perhaps thought that the fabric of someone’s dress falls perfectly against their leg without slipping or clinging to them? Well, do we have the advice for you! Read on!


Shapewear. Shapewear. Shapewear. Shapewear is the trick to highlighting your body’s natural beauty! High waisted compression slips tuck your tummy and carve your curves. So, if you want your waist and thighs to appear thinner while still keeping the shape of your booty, then give it a try! On the other hand, all women have cellulite but most women struggle finding a dress that they like that doesn’t show their cellulite through it. This is another space where shapewear comes in handy. The shapewear fabric allows your dress to glide along your curves while eliminating the appearance of cellulite.

Wearing a jumpsuit or romper? No problem. You can also find shapewear that shapes your thighs along with your tummy and lower back! Another benefit to shapewear is that it typically clips in under your bra so that you never have to worry about wardrobe malfunctions that could quickly turn your night upside down!

Dress Extenders

Have you ever fallen in love with a dress but it just needs a little bit more length? *Enter the dress extender* Dress extenders are great for taller women and women who prefer to keep things a bit more modest! They usually come with ruffles on the ends which adds a bit more of a girly flair to your outfit and look great on everyone. No matter what your reason, pick one of these up today to see what all of the hype is about!

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