Plus Size Date Outfits - A Guide To What To Wear On A Date

Dressing for dates can be a bit of minefield for any woman - regardless of whether they are plus size or not. We all want to look cute and feel attractive. Being plus size simply means that a few style rules need to be followed, but this is the same for any one. All women, regardless of their size, need to dress according to their figures without restricting their personal style.

That being said, there are a couple of must-dos for all. Firstly, a great pair of shoes need to be worn. Well-fitting shoes are the backbone to an outfit and can really make or break a look. This does not necessarily mean that you have to don 5-inch stilettos. But it does mean you have to wear elegant footwear that are comfortable enough that you can walk without being aware of them. Secondly, sexy undergarments is a must. This is not to say that it will be seen by anyone - simply that sexy undergarments can make a woman feel so much more body-confident and attractive. This is key to going on an enjoyable date where you are relaxed and not self-conscious. Once these two rules have been addressed, it’s time to start choosing some trendy plus size clothing.

Below are tips on how to dress for several types of dates - from going bowling to having a delicious meal out.

Date Outfit #1: Going to the Cinema

Going to a movie is a great date. It calls for a plus size casual date outfit that is effortless and chic, yet sexy. Plus, given that much of the evening will be spent sitting down, you can get away with wearing some heels a bit more easily than a date that involves a great deal of walking. Black jeans are a great start to any outfit - especially for dates. They’re relaxed whilst being dressier than their better known blue counterparts. Black jeans made with lycra are even better as they are incredibly comfortable, yet look stylish. They will also pair with a plethora of plus size tops and blouses. For bottom heavy girls, it is a good idea to draw attention to your top half with a brighter color or perhaps a pattern, which will immediately match with black jeans. For that extra bit of wow factor that is needed on a date, without being too formal, wear a blazer or jacket, which will also keep you warm as well as looking great. Try to find one that suits your body type - so pear shapes will love a longline and those with thick waists will look fabulous in a jacket with a peplum hem.

Date Outfit #2: Going out for Dinner

Meeting up at a restaurant will probably be a more formal affair during the dating stage of a relationship. But you don’t want to look stuffy. A great midway point, and general good first date tip, is to wear a pretty plus size date night dress with a leather biker jacket thrown over your shoulders. Leather biker jackets are the perfect way to dress down what might otherwise be a very sophisticated look, without looking messy. In terms of the dress that should be worn, it’s key to pick a style suitable for your figure’s shape. Rectangular-shaped bodies that have no waist can create a feminine silhouette with a wrap dress, whereas apple-shaped ladies will love an empire line dress that nips in under the bust and skims over any bumps. This date outfit idea is brilliant with a wide range of footwear too, depending on how your feet are feeling. Flats will look chic, whilst biker boots will be trendy and heeled knee high boots can keep you warm while being eternally sexy.

Plus sized date outfits

Date Outfit #3: Going Bowling

There is no date more essential to ensure that you are dressed comfortably for than when going bowling with any prospective beau. Clothing needs to be loose enough so that you can move freely, but not so loose that the dreaded tent look happens, like so many other plus size clothing options. Additionally, another issue that can arise from a date at the bowling alley, is that an outfit needs to look cute with those ugly rented shoes. Luckily, a pair of well-fitting plus size jeans will do the trick here. Skinny ones are best for showing off your curves, ideally ones that stop just above the ankle if you are lucky enough to have shapely ones. Those of us that suffer from cankles, when there is no difference in width of the calf to the foot, would do better to wear jeans that stop around the Achilles’ heel. Add to your jeans a sexy V-neck white t-shirt and you have yourself the basis to one of the best all American looks that is simple yet always cute. The trick with the t-shirt for plus size apparel is to make sure the v is low enough to show just a hint of cleavage, but not so low that it falls inappropriately whilst trying to bowl a strike. Add to your outfit whatever accessories show off your personality - be it a lumberjack shirt, an interesting necklace or just a pair of statement earrings - and you’re good to go.

Date Outfit #4: Drinks and Dancing

This classic date combo calls for wearing something a little bit formal, ready for the night hours. If you’re feeling glamorous, a little black dress, in a cut that suits your body type, is a fail safe way to look both sexy and elegant. Plus size women will actually, more often than not, look better when wearing a dress that fits snugly to their curves as opposed to concealing them in a billowy, shapeless number. If in doubt, a wrap dress is a very forgiving shape to women of most shapes and sizes, and has the added bonus of being very feminine as well as comfortable - if made in good quality jersey material.

The perfect addition to a little black number is some sparkly jewelry. Your curves will help you get away with some fabulous statement pieces so don’t shy away from oversized necklaces or earrings. To top it all off, add a coat that does not swamp your shape and is in keeping with the elegance of your dress. Wear a pair of shoes that you feel most at ease in but also keep you looking smart. A pair of shoe boots are very trendy at the moment and are easier to walk in than most high heels. And remember, if in doubt - just add a leather biker jacket for an instant hit of cool street style to keep your outfit relevant.

Date Outfit #5: Attending a Sports Game

For what can be one of the most relaxed dates out there, it pays to be relaxed in your outfit too. No one else will be dressed up to watch a baseball game, so you’ll feel self-conscious if you turn up wearing something more suitable for going out dancing. Plus, if life gives you an opportunity to wear sneakers all day, it’s silly not to. If you need some height, look to a chunky pair of boots with a stacked heel. These often look really stylish if paired with a form fitting pair of trousers that either finish above the ankle, or are rolled up a couple of times. Again, jeans are always an option, especially if they include lycra to keep you even more comfortable throughout the day. Depending on the weather, try to wear some layers to ensure that you can layer up if you get cold, or take a couple of layers off when it gets warm. Vests that hug and skim curves in any color will be a chic start, with a cardigan thrown over the top, with a coat if needed. Cardigans are an ideal option for plus size girls - they cover any bingo wings and depending on the length can help create a sexy silhouette. For pear and apple shapes, long length ones are perfect, whereas cropped ones will suit those with an hourglass or rectangular figure. Coupled with a scarf or coat, if really needed, this plus size casual date outfit is both stylish and comfortable.

plus sized date outfits

Date Outfit #6: Going to a Play or Show

This is such a romantic date, especially if the show happens to be a ballet, so it would be a shame for your date night outfit not to match up. It’s an opportunity to dress up and show off your femininity to keep that guy coming back for more. Skirts are therefore the perfect option and A-line hemlines will suit most body types. One, often overlooked idea would be to don a skirt made of leather, which is inherently sexy - so perfect for date night. Leather skirts are also far more comfortable and flattering than immediately thought. Then, regardless of whether you choose to take the leather plunge, or stick to a tried and tested black ponte number, tuck in a long sleeved fine knit V-neck jumper and this outfit will be so sexy that your date will be keeping his eyes firmly on you - not even looking up to see what is being performed on stage. Pair with a simple coat to let the rest of the outfit do the talking and the same for the shoes. An unfussy pair of shoes is all that is needed. Heels would be the obvious choice here, so if you can manage them, do - even a kitten heel will make all the difference. This is an outfit to leave the statement earrings at home, so keep the accessories to a minimum and let your womanly curves do the work.

Date Outfit #7: Catching Up Over Coffee/Brunch

Catching up for a coffee or having brunch for a date is a wonderfully relaxed way to get to know each other. To look the part while having a latte or some delicious buttermilk pancakes, try throwing on a casual plus size maxi dress. However, though maxi dress outfits are comfortable, make sure that you choose one that does not swamp your figure. This will only make plus size figures look so much bigger than they actually are. Empire line cuts can be very flattering to most women and ones in a large print are great too for women with curves. Plus size dresses with long sleeves are perfect for cooler months, and ones with thick straps will suit summer dates. Thick straps mean that a bra can be worn without fear of straps showing. Finally, add your favorite denim jacket to add some cool street style along with some sneakers if the dress allows, or some wedge shoes for some old fashioned glamour and height for the vertically challenged amongst us. You’ll be good to flirt up a storm in this tasteful but trendy plus size casual date outfit.

Let Your Personality Shine

Finally, one point to note, regardless of where you go or what you are attending, the most important piece of style advice for plus size women is to wear a smile that comes from being body confident and comfortable within your own skin. Just because you are plus size, it doesn’t mean that date night outfits for plus size women have to be boring or hide your figure. You have curves, so show them off and let your personality shine through.

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