Pinspiration by PPB

Y'all know how much I love finding inspiration from Pinterest. In Pin Twins I showed you how to use PPB to make pinspired outfits!  Well start getting excited because I'm doing again today!!!! 

Pinspiration                                      Our Pin Twin


While our "Wrapped Around Your Finger" top may not be an exact match it is pretty darn close! From the color to the lace detailing and scalloped neckline this top is a winner! We are currently out of stock in this particular top but I'm going to share a secret with you... It will be coming back in a new color so keep on the lookout!!

                                     Pinspiration                                                  Our Pin Twin


I went with the overall feel and color scheme to make a matching outfit. Take our "Tiffany Tunic" Cardigan and pair it with "Back To Basics" Tunic in white to create a similar look to the outfit from pinterest. Make sure top in off with a pair of rolled up jeggings and wedges for a fun touch!

We hope you loved this installment of Pinspiration by PPB! Have any more outfits that you would like for me to recreate? Email me at!

Stay Perfect!

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