Outfit Ideas for Family Pictures

Outfit Ideas for Family Pictures

Family photo shoots are excellent ways to capture happy memories and share them with others. They're photos that you'll look back on forever, and you want an outfit that embodies your and your family's personality. Whether you're looking for matching family picture outfits or something with a unique style, consider these preparation tips and outfit ideas to capture the best family photo.

How Should a Family Prepare for a Photo Shoot?

Before diving into your closet or shopping at your local boutique, think about the aspects of your family photo shoot. Prepare for your photo shoot by taking the following steps.

1. Find the Right Location

First things first, pick a location. The spot you choose directly influences your outfit. Think about it — you wouldn't wear the same clothes to the beach as you would on a camping trip.

Choose an area that best reflects your family's aesthetic. Do some research about landmarks in your town, or talk with your photographer. They're most likely very knowledgeable on the nearest photo-worthy backdrops.

2. Pick a Date

Like your location, the day you choose to take your photos will influence your aesthetic. If you're taking a family photo for the holidays, you're going to dress quite differently than a summertime photo shoot. Take the date into consideration when picking an outfit for your family photos.

3. Choose a Color Palette

With your location and date in mind, it's time to choose a color palette. Having clashing colors in one photograph can make your family photo look too busy. By choosing three to four colors for your family's outfits, your family will look like one cohesive group.

A popular choice is a neutral color scheme. But, choose colors that best represent your family's personality. Examples of color palettes for family pictures that your family may enjoy are:

  • Denim, white and black.
  • Pink, blue and white.
  • Pink, gray and white.
  • Camel, beige and white.
  • Blue, pink and white.
  • Evergreen, mustard, denim and white.
  • Black, white and brown.

4. Figure Out Your Outfit First

It's easier to plan a group of outfits once you identify a starting point. Because you're the one planning, it's a good idea to begin with what you plan to wear. Consider these questions to ask yourself when picking clothes. 

How Do You Make Your Clothes Look Flattering?

How Do You Make Your Clothes Look Flattering?

Flattering clothes highlight a specific feature you want to call attention to. The beautiful thing about bodies is that no two are alike. Some people love their hips, and other people love their long legs. Choose a piece of clothing that works well for your body.

It's natural to have features you want to highlight or downplay. Some fashions let you create these various effects. For example, you can use vertical patterns to look taller or horizontal patterns to look wider. Or, if you're trying to accent your hourglass figure, look for a top that cinches at the waist and flares at the hips.

When you're shopping, try on different clothing styles and experiment with what works well for your body. Feel empowered to try new styles, lengths and patterns!

How Formal Should You Go?

Think about what you're trying to accomplish with your family photo. You're going to want to dress up more than usual. But, some photoshoots inspire more formal attire than others.

When you're trying to embody your family's natural personality, you may gravitate to something more casual. A casual dress for women and a button-up with khakis for men work well. If you're posing for a holiday photo, it may call for something more formal like a statement skirt or a bow tie. 

Which Aesthetic Should You Choose?

Pick a few adjectives that best describe your family. Is your family adventurous, silly or maybe proper? Your family photo's aesthetic should embody these adjectives.

You also want to consider the purpose of your family photo, location and date. Some family photos are typically more formal, like holiday photos. Others are more heartwarming, like a newborn photo shoot. You can have fun family shoots, too, like announcing a pregnancy or a just-because photo shoot.

Factors that can influence your photo aesthetic are clothing, accessories and props.

5. Designing Your Family's Outfits

Now that you have your outfit planned, figure out how you want your family members to dress. Right now, a common trend is to have every family member dressed in the same aesthetic with the same colors, but in a way that best represents their personality.

How Can You Showcase Each Family Member's Personality?

The best way to highlight each family member's personality is through accessories, hairstyles and props. All clothing should be somewhat neutral, as not to shine a light on one particular family member. All the power comes from other accessories.

For example, if you have a daughter who enjoys frills, allow her to dress up with bows and a bold hairstyle. Or, if your partner is more proper, a perfected hairstyle with a tucked-in shirt can showcase their personality.

4 Outfit Ideas for Family Pictures

Gain inspiration for your family photo outfit with these four ideas.

  1. Maxi dress with cowboy boots: Do you love a Southern flair? Consider wearing a refreshing white maxi dress with cowboy boots. Wear your hair down with curls and accessorize lightly.
  2. Tucked-in sweater with statement pants: This outfit is ideal for holiday photo shoots, or photo shoots in colder climates. Choose a statement pant — like a flared or colored bottom — and a neutral-colored sweater, as to not overpower your other family members. Because your pants will demand attention, accessorize lightly. 
  3. Flowy blouse with denim pants: For a casual photoshoot, pair a flowy blouse with a pair of body-framing denim pants. Choose a blouse that flatters your figure, like one that cinches around the waist. This outfit is a bit more casual, giving you freedom to express your personality through props or accessories.
  4. Body-skimming shirt with a flattering skirt: Consider wearing a skirt with a tucked-in, body-skimming shirt that flatters your figure. This outfit idea strikes a balance between casual and formal. Dress it down by using a no-frills shirt and a belt, or make it more formal by using more luxurious colors and fabrics.

Perfectly Priscilla — the Top Boutique Designs for Your Family Pictures

Perfectly Priscilla — the Top Boutique Designs for Your Family Pictures

The secret to a successful family photo shoot is confidence. When choosing your outfit, pick clothes that enhance your self-esteem. Perfectly Priscilla offers women of all sizes high-quality boutique clothing, so everyone can feel beautiful. Browse our clothing online, and learn more about us by contacting us online or giving us a call at 229-469-9627.

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