One PPB Item Styled 5 Different Ways! --------> Featuring Our October Style Box Dress!

Pumpkin spice, hay bells, Halloween candy, and all fun things for October are in the air! It is such a fun time of year! Many people are out and about doing things with their loved ones in this Fall breeze. It is time for parades, family dinners, Thanksgiving next month, family pictures, and so much more! Of course these upcoming festivities call for a FABULOUS PPB outfit! 

Today I am featuring the dress/tunic that we showed in our October style box! This black dress is fabulous! It has bell sleeves and a V-shaped neckline. It is figure flattering on all body types. In our style box, we showed how it could be worn as a dress with the scarf that is included. We also showed how you could pair it with the pair of leggings and an earring that we included in the style box. I will attach a picture below to show you what you will receive if you order the October style box.

You receive this entire look pictured for only $65!

Today, I decided to show you even more options of how you could style this dress/tunic! So, if you purchased our style box and want to be able to rock that dress in more ways than just the two that came with the box set, you now know what other items you can order to create more fabulous looks!

Dress this beauty up for date night with a pair of booties or boots and our GORGEOUS statement necklace!


Go for a more casual and cute look for everyday wear! Pair this dress with a pair of boot socks, boots, and a statement earring to match!

Boot Socks:


Match A scarf to this dress! We love this tan and black plaid scarf with our tan boots and this trendy floppy hat for Fall! This dress is so versatile! Your styling options are endless!



Rock it in layers! I love this navy plaid vest with the black trim! It looks fabulous with this black dress. The navy tassel necklace ties this entire look together! We also have this vest in red!




If you are taller, or if you want to rock this dress later in the season when it gets super chilly outside...wear it as a tunic! You could literally match this with so many different leggings! But, we love this beauty with these deep purple, blue, and magenta colored leggings for the perfect pop of color to contrast with the dark black. You could rock this with blue or hot pink earrings to match the legging. This is adorable!




Hope you ladies enjoyed this blog showing you additional items that look great with the featured style box dress! NOTE: You must order the style box as a whole set. These are just additional pieces we sell separately that could also look amazing with this dress/tunic if you wanted to also order these additional items shown separately. 

Stay tuned for the end of this week with a highly requested detailed blog on different body types!


Mary <3

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