My New Obsession

Y'all. I can't even tell you how much I love new releases at PPB... So, so much! And you all know how much I love dresses (since I always feature them!) but my love for this outfit knows no bounds!!! The "Cream of the Crop" top paired with the "Dainty by Design" shorts??? HEAVEN!! I can barely contain my love for the delicate lace detailing at the top of this shirt that goes perfectly with the detailing on the shorts! As soon as I get my hands on this outfit I will of course share it with all of you lovely ladies! Just excuse my pale legs!! You know what? this shirt would look just as good with the "Every Day Every Way" Pant as well!! Hmmm... Choices choices! 

Whatever you decide to pair each of these items with, trust me when I say, it will be AMAZING!! I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend and I will be back Tuesday!!

Stay Perfect!!

XYour Shopping Bag