Mary's "Picks Of the Week!"

I hope you are all having a super fabulous Wednesday morning! Today, I sat down at my computer and began to think of all of the things I could discuss with you ladies today. It was a toss up between makeup and clothes. Then I remembered all of the AMAZING new items we have here at PPB, and I realized today's blog HAD to be dedicated to showing those trendy items off, so that you can see my personal picks of the week.

I don't know if many of you know, but I am the Social Media Director for PPB and I have the opportunity to help most of you ladies with options and how to style our outfits, and it brings me so much joy to help make your wardrobe as amazing as possible. The right clothes can make you feel so much more confident! I recently also began modeling some of the clothes alongside our original model. :)

It has been such a fun experience being able to get a feel for all of the new items myself. It makes it even easier for me to help you ladies style our clothes to your specific body type, or just whatever makes you feel the absolute best.

Also, just to clarify, do not worry. The original model is still modeling with me as well. We also received comments asking if we would show models that fit more between the 2 and 3x sizes for the curvier girls. We have some surprises in store for you coming soon! I cannot wait to show you looks from our Spring Photoshoot. We are bringing you our most fun shoot yet, incorporating a variety of body types and heights with the models.

So, it is hard to pick favorites at a boutique that has so many great options to choose from.

But, I picked our HOTTEST items of the week and will provide you with the links to each item for sizing and ordering information below.


"Meet Me At The Beach" - Dress $40.00

Click Link Below For Sizing & Ordering Information:

This dress comes in the most beautiful color that is absolutely perfect for any skin tone! The shoulder cut outs give you the chance to modestly show off a little skin, without showing too much. The dress is knee-length, so you do not have to worry about it being to short. This is perfect with wedges or sandals. You are sure to love this amazing dress no matter how you choose to style it!

"The Luck Of The Irish" Tunic/Dress - $40.00

Click Link Below For Sizing & Ordering Information:

Well, that's me! So, I LOVED this dress the moment I tried it on! I am fairly tall, and it still was able to be worn as a dress on me. I have a super long torso, but shorter legs. I have a curvier bottom half than upper half and usually have an issue with dresses being too short in the back. However, this one was just perfect! The color is even more beautiful in person. It is a beautiful vibrant green. This color is so flattering on just about any skin tone! I opted to pair it with some gold Jessica Simpson wedges and our very own "My Lucky Charm" necklace!

Link For The "My Lucky Charm" Necklace ($28.00) In This Picture:

"Show Your True Spots" Top - $38.00

Click Link Below For Sizing & Ordering Information:

Okay, so can we just start off by saying I am slightly partial to cheetah print! :) I just feel that it is such a great pattern that literally never goes out of style! This top is so comfy and cute and looks amazing with a dark skinny pant! I paired it with these fringe boots that I LOVE. The color of this top is even cuter in person than the picture! It is a more minty blue color in person. It is just beautiful! You will love this one!

"The Truth Is Gold Dress"  -$40.00

Click Link Below For Sizing & Ordering Information:

Just like every girl needs a great "little black dress." I feel like every girl also MUST have the PERFECT red dress! I don't know about you, but I love a good dress that shows off your curves in all of the right places. This dress does just that! It is fun and flowy on one side, and then has the cold one shoulder effect on the other. It is long enough to be worn without worrying if it is too short. It fits comfortably right at the knee. It also looks amazing with some statement gold earrings and wedges. I loved this one!

I am really enjoying getting to know you all! I have received emails, and have gotten to know you through your messages and comments on our various social networks. I love hearing the positive feedback we receive from our amazing customers. I love that curvy women can have the options to rock outfits that are figure flattering AND fabulous. Let me know, what are YOUR personal "picks of the week?"

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Oh, and don't forget, tonight at 9:00 P.M. EST. we will be bringing EVEN more fabulous new items your way!

So, be sure to join us then, before your favorite ones are all gone!

Have a fabulous day!

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