Makeup Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Today we will be talking about one of my favorite!

Now, first let me start off by saying that makeup is not something you need to "be beautiful." Everyone naturally has their own beauty. However, creating fun makeup looks every now and then is a way to enhance what you naturally already have and can make you feel even more confident! Over the years I have learned a few tips and tricks and continue to learn more things that I test out while doing my own makeup. As women, we are supposed to help each other out and if there is anything I know that has worked for me, I want to share it with all of you!

Also, everyone has different styles in makeup and what they feel most comfortable with. In these beauty blogs, I will give you tips and tricks when applying makeup, along with different looks. It is totally up to you what shades or colors you choose to incorporate into your own individual looks! So, let's get started!...

The Basic Parts of The Eye:

Now, I know some of these terms may be overwhelming at this point. However, eventually you will become a makeup pro with using these terms!

One thing EVERY girl needs in her makeup bag first:


Okay, seriously this thing is amazing!

You can use this to apply your foundation, under eye concealer, etc.

You want to first wet it, and squeeze the water out so that it is damp. Wetting it causes it to expand and become spongy. You only want it damp, though, not super wet.

Put your foundation on the outside of your hand and dab the beauty blender onto the foundation and then dap it onto the portions of your face and blend it out.

They come in different sizes in case you need a smaller size for your under eye. Trust me, they are worth it! You may find them at Sephora or the knock off brands at Ulta, etc.

I had to get the pink one of course!

This shows you the smaller size on the left before and after you wet it.

The pink beauty blender on the right shows the before and after of it being wet.

They work wonders!

Now, onto the eyeshadow!

Applying Eyeshadow Step By Step:

1) First you want a good concealer or eyeshadow base so that your lid color will show up and look great when applied.

My favorite "go-to" drugstore concealer is:

Maybelline's Age Rewind Concealer

-You can buy this at Ulta, Target, Rite-Aid, Walgreens, etc. for about $9.00

apply this to your lid as a base for your lid color eye shadow.

2) After you have applied a good base for your eyeshadow, you then want to choose a matte or shimmer color (depending on the look you want to go for) on the lid.

My favorite, inexpensive eyeshadow palette is by

Coastal Scents in the warm colors palette.

It comes with great light colors for your lid, along with shimmery colors. So, if one day you want more of a matte look, you have plenty of options. Or, if you want more of shimmery lid color there are plenty of choices in this palette for that as well. This is what the palette looks like:

-You can find this product on their website by clicking the link below:

You receive 88 shades for only 16.95 !

Crazy, right?

This is awesome for beginners, or anyone because it gives you plenty of options and has the color shades placed in a way that you can easily find the light shades, dark shades, matte shades, or shimmery shades.

3) After you have placed your lid color, you then want a fluffy eyeshadow brush to lightly blend a coral, soft brown, or gray, (depending on what you prefer) into the contour/crease portion of the eye. Be sure to softly blend the color out with the brush so that you have no harsh lines. The purpose of the crease color is to act as a transition from your highlight to your outer V color.

4) Once you have the crease color blended out, then you can place your darkest color in the Outer V section.

5) Lastly, take a shimmer color or a highlight color and place a small dot in your inner corner and swipe that same color under your brow bone.

6) If you want an even more polished look, take some concealer and place it under your eye from the right side of your eyelid going up diagonally. Use the Beauty Blender to blend this out.

-Throw some eyeliner on and mascara and your beautiful look is ready to go!

I know it may seem like a lot now, but take baby steps and eventually it will literally take you 6 minutes tops!

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions about makeup brands or looks that you would like to see!

You may also email me at:

I enjoyed speaking with you beauties today and look forward to our next blog together!

Have a great day!

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