Lollipop Bouquet Fail and Fix

As I told you guys on Tuesday I attempted to make a lollipop bouquet centerpiece. I did not succeed.  Hey, at least I am honest, right? But that's okoy! Because I have fixed it!! All you need to create a lollipop bouquet is of course lollipops, a Styrofoam ball, something sharp to poke holes (I used a meat thermometer-don't judge), and a vase. Now honestly it would be easier to use the green craft foam balls but all we could find were the Styrofoam ones. 

What you want to do it take the ball and set it on your vase to see where your stop line will be.  Then take your sharp object and poke holes into the ball to place your suckers into. Like this:

I would suggest poking a hole and then inserting the sucker. You want to push the sucker all the way so you can't see anything but the actual ball of the sucker. Because otherwise you get my before:

Not terrible... Okay yeah its pretty bad.. But if you follow my instructions of poking then inserting all the way you will get this:

See how much prettier that is? My sister Becca and co-host Mary both did a much better job than I did on their lollipop bouquets so I am glad I have gone back and fixed mine!! I couldn't let mine be the poor ugly one! Hope you guys have enjoyed the craft tutorials! I will come up with a few more to do for you in the future! And don't worry I will share pictures from the shower and how it all turned out!!

Stay Perfect!

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