Kim's Top 7 Purse Essentials

Okay Ladies! You know there are a few things that you just have to have in your purse! Snooping into another woman's purse may be considered a height of nosiness but I'm giving you the opportunity to get a look at what is in mine! Here are my top 7 must have purse essentials! Are yours the same or different than mine? Keep reading to see! 

Hand Sanitizer  

It is so important to have this in your purse because hello! It's so important to be clean! LOL My Favorites are of course Bath and Body Works! They always have the best scents and the cutest santitizer holders! If you haven't already you need to add this to your purse! 


Gum is a must! Especially when you don't have a toothbrush or toothpaste available! Bad breath is never a good thing! Plus there are so many flavors to choose from the options are endless! Be sure to add this to your bag! 

Oil Blotting Sheets

Okay Ladies! If you're a makeup lover like I am these are a serious must have! We are located in south Georgia, saying that you know it gets so hot here! These take the shininess from sweating off your face without removing the makeup! They are a item I just couldn't do without! 

Pocket Perfume

You always want to be smelling fabulous! Having a pocket perfume is a serious must! If you're heading out for the day and will be away from home for awhile ,you will need to freshen up. What better way to do that than with your favorite perfume? If you haven't already grab your go to perfume and add it to your bag!  

Lip Gloss

You know I'm a huge make up lover by now so you know one of my essentials has to be my favorite lip gloss! Matte of course is so trendy right now! You never know when you'll have to touch up your lip gloss! Especially after eating, you have to reapply! So go grab your fav color and add it to your purse! 

$20 Cash

It is so important to have at least $20 cash on you at all times! You never know what could happen. Whether it be ATM machines are down or a stores credit card machine are down! It's always smart to keep a little cash on you in case you do ever run into that situation! Go to the ATM and get at least $20 out to keep in your wallet! 

Feminine Products

Last but definitely not least are tampons! We all know mother nature shows up sometimes at all the wrong times. Which is why its a must have for your purse! Always keep a few in your bag so if "that time" randomly shows up you will be prepared! Better to be safe than sorry I always say! 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my purse must haves! Be sure to add these to yours! Please let me know if our essentials are the same or different than mine! Maybe I can add some of your must haves to my purse! Thanks for reading! Have a blessed day! 

XO ~Kim

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