Kid's Craft's Fall Inspired with Kim!

As a mother I'm always trying to find fun thing's to do with my daughter. Art's and Craft's are always a go to for us! With Fall right around the corner there's so many adorable crafts to do with your youngsters! Hopefully the air is crisp and clear but if not here are a few ideas that can be done indoors for you and your children! 

Pine cone Hedge Hog!

  • First you will need pine cones! You can find these in your own back yard or at a park! You will also need googly eyes and felt. Simply cut your felt add googly eyes and alas! An adorable craft you can put on your on your window sill at home! 

Hand Print Acorn's!

  • These adorable crafts would make a great gift for Grandparent's! You will need construction paper, a nude paint, and a brown paint. Simply paint the nude paint on your child's hand and place on paper. Once dried add the topper of the acorn and OMG! The cutest keepsake EVER! 

Autumn Tree Painting! 

  • You will need paint, Construction paper, and a cork. Using the brown paint paint your child's and and lower arm area. place on white construction paper, (It should resemble a tree trunk and branches.) Let that dry, After that give your child a plate with autumn leave colors on it and let them go wild making leaves using the cork screw! 

These are a few of my favorite Fall inspired craft ideas. I hope you and your children enjoy trying these out! Happy crafting Ladies! 

 XOXO Kim!

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