Judging A Book By Its Cover

I am a HUGE bookworm!  If you put it in front of me, I will read it!  I love spending hours losing myself in the plot lines, scenes, twists, and most of all the characters! However, I find that most of the heroines I read about all fit a specific type.  Which is fine but sometimes I would love to read a book with a main characters that I can identify with.  Not just a side character whose size is used to be the butt of jokes or to be pitied. I wanted someone a sexy plus size woman who owns her body, who loves her curves, or at the very least is more than character fodder. So I started looking for books that had an actual plot line revolving around a larger heroine (hopefully with amazing fashion sense). Not just "intimate moments" strung together with a few paltry lines of what you could possibly call "plot". And I found several series that involve curvy women kicking butts and taking names and rocking their worlds.  One of my favorite series is the Heather Wells Mystery Series.  

This series is fun, fast paced, and at times heart racing.  Its about a former pop princess who now works at a University and through a series of unfortunate events solves murders.  Also, she fluctuates throughout the series between a size 12 and size 16.  Join Heather as she battles size stigma, students, serial killers, and steamy romance!! Each month I am going to try and bring a new book or series that features women with curves as the main protagonists. Do you have a series or book that you love that you would like for me to share with everyone? Email me at: ppbblogger@gmail.com!

Happy Reading!

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