Jackets Every Woman Should Own

Jackets Every Woman Should Own

Styling the perfect outfit can be challenging, especially if you feel like you're wearing the same clothes and accessories over and over again. If you need something to spice up your wardrobe and complete your look, consider buying new jackets!

Why Should I Add Jackets to My Wardrobe?

You may be wondering how adding some jackets to your closet is going to help you when it comes to picking out outfits every day. One way that jackets are effective for styling is that they are a great way to add pops of color or design to an outfit. Many women want to have unique outfit elements to stand out, but they aren't crazy about tops or bottoms that are covered in patterns. Jackets are helpful because they can display bold colors and designs without seeming overwhelming.

Picking the right jacket can also help you complete your attire. You may put on a cute pair of pants and a stylish top that you pictured would work as an outfit, but now, looking at yourself in the mirror, you don't feel like they match. Well, we have good news for you! When you put on a jacket, you may be able to tie the whole outfit together.

Oftentimes, the word "jacket" brings up images of cold rain, blustery winds or snowy days. However, while they can certainly help keep you warm and dry, jackets don't always have to be for bad weather and cold conditions. The term can include everything from heavy winter coats and light spring jackets to tasteful cardigans. As a result, you can effectively style outfits with jackets in all four seasons while staying comfortable.

We have compiled a list of 20 must-have jackets for women. If you are searching for the final touch for some of your outfits, we're sure that you will find jacket options that will do the trick. Trust us, you'll be glad you added these to your wardrobe!

20 Types of Jackets Every Woman Should Own

You just have to check out these jacket styles for ladies!

20 Types of Jackets Every Woman Should Own

  1. Fur coat: A faux fur coat is a classic addition to closets. Fur coats will not only keep you warm in the winter months, but they will also add some style to your outfit. Have you ever wished you could carry a thick, fur blanket around with you when it's cold? If you have, then a fur coat is the perfect option for you! 
  2. Vest: Vests are the perfect way to style your winter wardrobe. Many women prefer this jacket style because of its flexibility. Instead of wearing a thick jacket that could lead to you being too warm, but it's too cold to take the jacket completely off, vests are the ideal middle-ground. This jacket style is also a great way to add some color or a design to an outfit. 
  3. Jean jacket: Jean jackets are an essential item for any woman's closet because you can wear them with anything. It doesn't matter what season it is, or what colors or patterns you're trying to match. A jean jacket will seamlessly complete any look. You can choose between several color options, such as a light wash and a dark wash.
  4. Leather jacket: Leather jackets are fun because of their versatility. This style option can complete almost any look, from casual to dressy. Also, you can wear leather jackets at any time of year. Normally, they aren't made of heavy material, so you will still be comfortable if you wear one of these jackets in the summer. If you want to wear a leather jacket in the winter, and the style allows it, you can layer a sweatshirt underneath to stay warm.
  5. Silk coat: Silk coats can be very stylish and are especially useful during warmer months. If you want to make your outfit stand out, choose a light, silky jacket. 
  6. Cardigan: A cardigan is a great way to add something extra to your outfit. These jackets are useful during warmer weather because they are pretty lightweight. Also, they come in many different options, such as colorblock patterns and other fun designs. Cardigans are a perfect choice for spicing up your wardrobe. 
  7. Animal print jacket: Animal print designs are a fun way to add a unique touch to your outfits. You can choose from classic zebra, snake, alligator, cheetah or leopard print patterns. These jackets are usually neutral colors, so you can pair them with almost any outfit. They work especially well with solid colors. 
  8. Waterproof jacket: The rain can really ruin an outfit, especially if you're throwing on a rain jacket that clashes with the clothes you picked for the day. Thankfully, there are many brands, colors and patterns of rain jackets, so you are sure to find an option (or more!) that works well for you. With a stylish waterproof coat in your closet, you will look forward to rainy days!
  9. Tweed jacket: Tweed jackets are great for completing a sophisticated look. Or, you can wear one for a fun twist on a casual outfit. These jackets come in neutral colors like olive, tan and brown, so you can match them with practically any outfit.
  10. Poncho: Adding a poncho like this plaid option to your wardrobe can transform a casual outfit. You'll typically see these jackets worn during colder months, as they are super cute styled with boots, pants and a long sleeve shirt. But, as always, you can style them however you want! 
  11. Pea coat: Even though a pea coat is made of wool, you can wear this light jacket year-round. With the button details in the front, it is a stylish coat option. This jacket is one of the many that can be worn with anything, whether dressy or casual. 
  12. Hoodie: Every woman should own a comfortable hoodie. This jacket style is perfect for casual outfits or lounging around the house. Hoodies are effective for layering in the wintertime to help you stay warm. This style of jacket is also excellent for when you're at a college or high school sporting event for your children or friends and you want to stay warm while representing your team.
  13. Pullover: There is such a thing as a cute pullover, like this leopard print option! A cute, patterned pullover could be for more casual outfits, but it is also easy to dress this jacket up a bit with some other clothing items.
  14. Field (or cargo) jacket: Cargo jackets are both stylish and functional, with their many pockets for storage and their neutral colors. A field jacket pairs well with a more casual look, such as jeans, a cute shirt and boots, sneakers or flats. These jackets are a great option for fall or winter weather, as they can be thicker than other options.
  15. Blazer: Every woman needs at least one blazer. This light jacket is a flexible jacket option that is ideal for completing many outfits. If you work in an office, a blazer can keep you warm and showcase your professionalism. For casual outfits, sometimes the addition of a blazer gives you a confidence boost. 
  16. Kimono: We think that a kimono would be a perfect addition to your closet! These jackets are similar to cardigans, except they are typically longer and have lighter material, so they are great options for warmer months. Kimonos come in many different colors, so you wouldn't have a problem trying to style these robes with your clothes. They also have different lengths. Some ladies like shorter jackets, while others prefer longer ones. Kimonos can match anyone's style preferences!
  17. Trench coat: Long trench coats can add class and mystery. Something about the long coat, tied closed in the front, makes an outfit memorable. 
  18. Puffer coat: No, we're not talking about those super fluffy jackets that make you feel like a walking marshmallow. In this case, puffer coats are jackets that can effectively keep you warm while being lightweight and stylish. You can wear these jackets to go skiing or walk through a holiday lights exhibit with your family.
  19. Duster coat: Similar to the trench coat, duster coats are longer than the typical jacket. You can wear this article of clothing year-round because they aren't typically heavy. These jackets are useful for completing a more casual look or staying warm when wearing a dress. 
  20. Moto jacket: This cool coat style is definitely something you should consider adding to your closet. The moto, or motorcycle, jacket is great for an edgier outfit. 


This list reveals that there is an abundance of jacket options out there that can help you craft beautiful outfits. You should always work with what you're comfortable with, but don't ever be afraid to take risks and try something new that you would ordinarily avoid. You may be shocked at the jackets that become a staple for your outfits!

How Many Jackets Should a Woman Have?

If you have the space and budget to afford all 20 of these jackets, that's great! However, we understand that it's a lot of clothing. A good rule of thumb for deciding how many jackets to own is to ensure that your available options fit into these four categories:

  • Casual: Jackets in this category meet the requirements for everyday life. You can throw these coats on for baseball games, grocery runs and brunch dates, all while looking fabulous.
  • Dressy: For sophisticated occasions, it's helpful to have a jacket that you can dress up a little more. You can wear this option to banquets, weddings and other formal events.
  • Warm weather: Having a light coat helps in instances when you want to accessorize while staying cool. These jackets are great for picnics and beach trips.
  • Cold weather: Owning a thicker jacket is helpful for staying comfortable during colder weather. You can wear these coats for ice skating, fall campfires and skiing.

How Many Jackets Should a Woman Have?

You may own a jacket that fits into several of these categories. If so, look at you go, rocking a versatile option! In the end, the number of jackets you "should" have depends on your personal wants and needs.

Jackets From Perfectly Priscilla Boutique 

If you want to test out some new jackets, we can help! At Perfectly Priscilla Boutique, we offer coats for all sizes. We'd love to help you on your journey of adding jackets to your closet. 

  1. Just Like Old Times Jacket: This super cute jacket would be great for the fall and spring months. It adds a little coverage to your arms once it starts getting cooler out, but it also has pick up sleeve detailing so you won't get too hot. The rolled sleeves also add some flair!
  2. Moral of the Story Plaid Cardigan: To complete a classy fall look, choose this comfortable cardigan from our store. This jacket has neutral colors, so you can pair it with brightly colored shoes or accessories. It's also long enough for you to wear a dress underneath.
  3. Endless Potential Plaid Jacket: This jacket would be a perfect addition to your fall wardrobe! This plaid beauty is similar to the duster jacket style with a longer hem. It would super easy (and very cute!) to pair this coat with a cute sweater and your favorite jeans/boots combo for a stylish look. In addition to the casual fall look, you can wear this jacket with a dressier outfit and still be cute as can be. 

There are so many options available to you, and we want to help you find the perfect clothes to fit your closet and your needs. Perfectly Priscilla knows that online shopping can be hard because clothing is different across the board, but we are confident we can help you.

When you click on an item from our website, you will be able to see a description of the item, size and fit, and model info. We believe that these details will help you make the best decision on the style and fit based on your body type. 

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