Inside My Home: Fall Decorating Ideas With Mary!

Happy Thursday, PPB fashionistas! Today, I am taking you into my home and showing you some of my FAVORITE home decor items for Fall! If you're a normal person, you probably just started decorating your home for the season. But, if you're like me, you started going crazy in Kirkland's and Hobby Lobby the day you felt a slight breeze in the air! Don't judge, Fall is my all time FAVORITE holiday!

I recently purchased my first home last year and have been renovating along and along, which is an entire topic for a blog another day in itself! But, I absolutely LOVE decorating for various holidays and occasions. It can get costly, so I always try to buy little things throughout the year and save them in storage until I am ready to use them. The theme of my home is most definitely a mixture of French country/rustic with a touch of glam! Some of the trending colors for Fall are the typical oranges, warm tones of tans and browns, cream, AND my favorite, a soft blue! This is perfect for me, because I have blue tones throughout my home! Some of my MUST HAVES include: a statement set up for the dining room table, a cute set up on the front porch, and just little decor throughout the house to give it that seasonal feeling.

My FAVORITE candle from Bath & Body works! This will have your home smelling amazing! 

Once you set the mood with the smell of pumpkins in the air, here are a few simple ideas to have your guests wowed the moment they walk through the door!

This is an example of tying colors together and incorporating the Fall theme. This is a snapshot of my living room. 

Yes, home decor can be fun! I made this wreath myself by purchasing a stick like wreath and then buying various floral accessories to intertwine along the sides, ultimately filling the entire wreath to create this final look. A wreath just adds so much beauty to your front door, it is a MUST have for sure!

Decorating the front porch is always a great way to show your creative side! Decide on what theme you are going for and what main colors you want to use and just enjoy making it come to life! This is also a great way to spend time with your kids and make them feel as though they are playing a special role in helping mommy decorate!

Lastly, floral arrangements are always a great way to add some statement pieces to your kitchen tables, or hallway furniture, etc. Here are just a couple easy and affordable ideas below. 

Taking something as simple as a rustic style basket, or a pretty antique bowl and adding floral decor can truly give it that rustic glam feel for Fall! How pretty is this! Once you get your arrangements made, then you can begin picking out your silverware and napkin combinations to set the table for the holidays.

I hope these looks have given you some inspiration for home decor this season! Don't forget, once you have the perfect decor for Fall, you need an eye catching outfit to wear also! Grab all of your must have looks and accessories at! Email me your holiday pictures at!

Talk to you ladies soon!


Mary Elizabeth

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