4 How to Wear This Year's It Color This Spring

How to Wear This Year's It Color This Spring

We're going back to basics with the shade of 2020. You may have seen Pantone — a company that knows color — declare the "Color of the Year" trend in recent years. So what is Pantone's Color of the Year? Called "Classic Blue," 2020's color is a relaxing, yet fun, shade that borders somewhere between navy and denim. It's a gorgeous hue that'll work fabulously in any outfit and on any shape or skin tone, so learn how to wear this year's it color this spring and give your wardrobe some trendy new life!

What Colors to Wear With Pantone's 2020 Color

Luckily for us and our wardrobes, Classic Blue is a versatile color that works with just about anything. From contrasting hues to similar shades and neutrals, plenty of colors will work in an outfit that features Pantone's Color of the Year. Here are some colors that create our favorite combos with Classic Blue:

  • Blush
  • Coral
  • Orange
  • Scarlet red
  • Mustard yellow
  • Sage green
  • Tan
  • Cream
  • White

What's even better than these color combination possibilities is the fact that all these shades are perfect for spring. You can't go wrong with any of these color pairings, and the results are sure to be on-trend.

How to Wear Pantone's 2020 Color

With some color combos in mind, you're ready to fill your closet with fashion that features 2020's Color of the Year. Don't let the fact that Classic Blue is a bit of a darker color deter you from rocking it during this bright and cheery season. Dark shades can be just as fitting for spring, particularly when you use them with trendy springtime patterns and shades. This versatile blue hue is great for anything from casual looks to formal outfits for spring, so don't let this year's trend pass you by. Wear Classic Blue with confidence with the following ideas.

1. Rock Dark Wash Jeans

As we said before, Classic Blue has a dark denim vibe, so there's no more straightforward way to incorporate 2020's color than in your jeans. No matter the spring weather where you live, jeans and other denim options are perfect for the season, so grab these styles in medium and dark washes that mimic Classic Blue:

You can pair just about anything with those denim styles, whether you pick your favorite spring colors to wear or add some more Classic Blue in your look. Go flowy with a floral kimono that includes the blue hue and warm tones over a matching sleeveless top with lace details. If you want to add more trends to your look, choose an animal print top that's mostly blue with a colorful pattern.

Dress It Up

2. Dress It Up

Classic Blue gives a dress anything from a refined touch to a fun and vibrant vibe. If you're planning on refreshing your spring wardrobe with new dresses for the warm season anyway, why not incorporate some of this year's color? Here are some ideas for doing so.

  • Patterns: Classic Blue makes the perfect background for floral patterns that are always in for spring. You could also go with tropical looks to give your spring dress a warm vibe that fits with island-inspired trends for this year.
  • Subtle touches: Prefer to wear colors other than blue? Go for colorful abstract patterns with subtle blue touches for a nod to the Color of the Year while still wearing your preferred style and color.
  • Colorful accents: Maybe Classic Blue is your color, and you're ready to rock it. Get a look that's perfect for spring with a blue dress that includes colorful floral embroidery or something with a more abstract pattern that still shows off this year's trendy shade.
  • Solid colors: You want the world to see that you're up on the trends, so wear a solid-color Classic Blue dress. Choose a versatile button-up dress for a casual spring option, or pick something with more ruffles for a sweet and formal spin.

If you aren't one for dresses, but still want one-piece styles in Classic Blue, consider rompers and jumpsuits for a springtime trend that can cover you head to toe in this year's hue.

3. Keep It Subtle

Not so sure that Classic Blue is the color for you? Take baby steps with accessories in this year's color. Because Classic Blue goes with so many other colors, an accessory in the shade is sure to work with plenty of outfits in your wardrobe. Pick up some accessories in Classic Blue.

  • Sunglasses: Colorful sunglasses are always a fun touch to your outfit, so find a pair in Classic Blue to incorporate the trendy color and wear an eye-catching accent.
  • Necklaces: A statement necklace is always on-trend and can either dress up an outfit or add personality to a casual look. Classic Blue necklaces can be anywhere from simple and refined to bold and fun.
  • Earrings: Add subtle blue accents with small earrings or go for an eye-catching statement with dramatic earrings. If you want a bit more of a vintage look, wear pieces that are mostly gold or silver with some touches of this year's blue shade.
  • Headbands: Create preppy styles or retro vibes with headbands in spring, and put an even trendier ensemble together when your hair accessories feature Classic Blue. Whether you go for patterns or a solid color, a headband that includes this year's color is sure to impress.

Don't Forget the Footwear

4. Don't Forget the Footwear

Nothing proves the versatility of Classic Blue quite like shoes in this lovely shade. Springtime means you'll be getting new footwear for the season, so meet the trends with these styles.

  • Sneakers: Comfy and casual — what more could you want from a spring shoe? Classic Blue sneakers add a splash of fun, while white styles with accents of blue are a subtle way to wear the trend in your casual outfits.
  • Heels: If you've got formal events lined up this spring, don't forget to pick out some gorgeous heels for the occasions. A blue pair of heels adds a springtime pop of color to just about any dress or formal outfit in your closet.
  • Flats and sandals: Want footwear that's as versatile as this year's color? Flats and sandals can readily go from day to night, from the office to evening outings, and a blue pair of sandals incorporates the trend with function and style.

Match these footwear styles to the Classic Blue in your outfits, or let them be the only blue aspect of your look for a more subtle spin on the trend. You could also match your shoes with your Classic Blue accessories if you want a cohesive style that scatters the trendy color throughout your outfit, giving you plenty of ways to rock this cool-hue look!

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