How to Wear Plus Size Rompers

Step out of your cute plus size summer dresses and add a romper to your summer wardrobe! If you don’t own a romper of some kind by now, you are missing out on one of the most fashionable trends of the season! Rompers are essentially the shorter version of a jumper: a one-piece but with shorts instead of pants. Rompers are the one-piece, effortless ensemble that is easy to style, incredibly versatile, and available in many different prints, fabrics, as well as lengths. With so many different options to choose from in romper world, there is something out there for everyone regardless of what size you are. Now more than ever, plus size rompers are making their way into the mainstream and ready to become a new staple in your wardrobe!

For bigger girls, putting on a one-piece of any kind and walking around in public can seem like a cruel form of torture. But with the creation of plus size romper shorts, fuller-figured women can now rock the latest trend and show off a little skin while looking utterly fabulous while doing so. While plus-size women have been conditioned to believe that “small” anything is not meant for them, that simply is not the case when it comes to this look. The romper style is perfect because it flares off the waist, making it very accommodating for fuller-figured women. All you need are a few tips on how to find the most flattering fit, what designs will work best for you and how to style them to really show off your personality!

It’s All About Fit

No matter what size you are, whether you’re a size 2 or a size 22, if your clothes do not fit properly they are not going to make you look your best. One style rule that applies to all body types and that you should always keep in mind while shopping, it's not necessarily about what you wear, but how you wear it. Wearing clothes that are too big for you, is equally as unflattering as wearing something that is too tight or uncomfortably clinging to your body.

You want your romper to fit well from waist-to-crotch without it riding up and creating an unsightly camel toe in the front or back. A wedgie of any kind is not a good look on anyone! Further indicating why cut and sizing are so important when finding the right romper for you. So if need be, go up a size if that means finding the proper fit. With that said, passing up the fitting room is simply not an option for succeeding with this trend ladies! Do yourself a favor and try things on, because the more you do the better idea you have of what works and what doesn’t for your body.

So let go of any hang-ups you may have about your size and forget about any previous shopping blunders that may have left you empty-handed in the past. You should never feel that a particular style is not right for you- you just have to find a fit that works for your body. Shopping for plus size rompers shouldn’t be stressful, just focus on having fun putting together a new look to add to your line-up!

Know Your Body Type

Many women struggle with their body image and finding clothes they feel good in, but a big part of that is just not being aware of your actual body type. Not many people can just walk into a store, grab the clothes off the rack and purchase them with complete confidence, assured they will fit us like a glove. So unless you are this incredibly rare specimen of a human being, you are going to need to know what your body type is in order to find styles that will look the most flattering on you.

One of the biggest mistakes many women make in fashion is trying to wear something just because it is what everyone else is wearing. You should never blindly follow the latest trends without being aware of how it actually looks on you. All clothes are designed differently and very from designer-to-designer and brand-to-brand, which means they will fit differently on each individual body type. What might be a mini dress on one girl, could end up looking like a crop top on another.

Regardless of your body type, confidence is the most important component of any outfit. Be honest with yourself and know when a style is going to make you feel beautiful or make you physically or emotionally uncomfortable. Become familiar with your shape and the best styles to wear and the ones you want to avoid and you will be romper-ready in no time!

Hourglass or Pear

Many plus size women actually have the iconic Hourglass Shape which is characterized as having a fuller bust, narrow waist and thicker hips and thighs. Marilyn Monroe is a famous example of a classic beauty that helped to popularize this body type all around the world, much as our modern day Sofia Vergara is continuing to do for newer generations of women. These two women were/are by no means tiny or rail thin, but equipped with a set of voluptuous curves and a shape that has now been deemed what a “real woman’s body” should look like. So if you thought clothes were only meant for slender runway models, think again! Coke-bottle shapes have an array of options when it comes to finding a stylish plus size romper this season, the key is just knowing what to look for!

The Pear Shape is also closely related to the Hourglass with many of the same characteristics, except for the fuller bust. If you picture the shape of a pear in your mind, you can see how this comparison is similar to a woman that is smaller on top and fuller around her hips and thighs. Pears and Hourglass shapes are two of the most common body types for women today. If you fall into this category, look for a romper that will cinch in at the waist to really showcase that feminine coke bottle shape. Play around with different prints, colors, textures, and lengths to find what design you like best.

When it comes to bold colors and large prints remember that these will draw attention to your outfit, so it’s important to be strategic when selecting plus size rompers that are in an attention-grabbing color or come in an eye-catching print as they may be highlighting areas of the body you would rather conceal. If you are a true Hourglass shape, then your bust is likely to be one of your most prominent features and one most women love being able to flaunt and frame in a flattering way. Showcase this area of the body with a low-cut or halter top style maxi dress. If you choose a halter or plunging neckline, avoid pairing chunky jewelry or a large statement necklace as this may be drawing too much attention to your neck and chest and look too heavy on top.

Pear shapes, on the other hand, are usually less endowed on top, but have wider hips and fuller thighs. To draw attention away from the bottom half of the body, find a plus size romper with interesting details on the top. Maybe try a cute ruffle sleeve, high neckline with a low cut back, or a bold statement necklace that acts as the focal point. This way you will draw people’s attention upwards to the top half of your body and downplay the bottom half.


For women that have more of an apple shape, the majority of the weight is carried around the midsection of the body. Women with this shape do not typically have a clearly defined waist as the top half and lower half of the body are both proportional in size. The key for women with the Apple shape is to define a waistline and create the illusion of a curvier figure.

Styling Your Romper

Plus sized romper

No matter who you are, there is a style of romper out there for everyone. They even started making them for men! But that’s another story altogether. The romper has quickly become a beloved fashion statement for its easy-to-wear design and as a complete outfit all-in-one piece. All you need to get ready for the day is to put on your favorite plus size romper, maybe paired with a cute jacket and wedges and you’re out the door! And for the woman that already does not have enough time on her hands to plan out a cute outfit every day, the romper will help make looking effortlessly on-trend easier than ever before.

If you are looking for the perfect alternative to a dress this summer or want some new beach vacation outfits, the mid-thigh romper is a great option to consider. You can dress up sexy rompers with a printed kimono or lightweight wrap with a pair of heels or your favorite pair of flats for

Whether you're meeting the girls for a marathon shopping trip, or just getting together for brunch and mimosas, cute rompers are a great piece to have in your closet. Strapless rompers are perfect as plus size outfits for hot weather to keep cool on those warmer days and plus size romper shorts allow you to show a little leg at the same time. For plus size women, look for a romper that has an elastic waist that will help to accentuate your curvy figure without having to put on a belt. Accessorize it with a statement ring, colorful tassel earrings, and a pair of comfortable tie-up sandals.

The Formal Romper

Rompers are typically thought of as a more casual article of clothing, but they can actually become formal with the right style and accessories. When it comes to styling rompers, accessories can take your look from casual to dressy and day to night. Dressier rompers will be made with higher-quality fabric and designed in a more chic silhouette. Look for plus size rompers made with a fabric that has some weight to it, so that it will skim the body rather than cling to it in all the wrong places. Plus size dressy rompers come in all sorts of styles, but the trick is to find the style to is appropriate for the special occasion.

For an evening event or just one that calls for a bit more sophistication, we suggest looking for jumpsuits, which will be longer versions of a romper, with long pants rather than shorts. These are pretty similar to plus size long summer dresses. The jumpsuit can be incredibly sexy with the right fit and in a classic color such as a look that is sleek black, cobalt blue, or maybe even a bold, vibrant shade of red. Wear your plus size dressy rompers with a fitted blazer, gold hoop earrings, and throw your hair up in a high top-knot. You will look elegant and effortlessly stylish with just these simple accessories. A silver choker and a few stacked bangles can instantly dress up your outfit and also add a dose of elegant sparkle. And you'll also need a purse! Look for a small boxy clutch or metallic crossbody bag with a chain strap that can conveniently fit your cell phone, keys, and lipstick for touch-ups.

Now it’s time to talk about shoes! If you are going to be standing for a long period of time or plan on dancing throughout the night, strappy block heels are a great option to keep your feet comfortable from cocktail hour to the dance floor. Block heels offer more support than your standard stiletto or kitten heel because the base of the platform and heel are much thicker. This sturdier base will help you to balance better and it will also be more comfortable to wear throughout the night. And while flats are not typically associated with getting dressed up for a formal event, if you know what to look for you can definitely get away with rocking flats to a wedding or even as a casual summer date outfit. Just remember to choose higher-quality materials, maybe a little glitz or shine, to elevate the look of a basic flat. 

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