How to Wear Pantone's 2019 Color of the Year This Spring

We are so excited to announce Pantone's 2019 color of the year is – drum roll, please – living coral! This vibrant color is perfect for spring and summer. Living coral is a fun and bold shade that exudes confidence. This color looks flattering on everyone and is easy to accessorize.

Meaning of Living Coral Color

Coral reefs thrive close to the ocean’s surface, taking in the sun’s rays and providing habitats and shelter for many forms of marine life. According to energy medicine practitioner Anne Christine Tooley, “Living coral is enabled through the laws of nature to grow and flourish in our oceans and seas – but can only do so by giving up its individuality and attaching to another piece of the whole. In this respect, coral is representative of the community or global/humanitarian consciousness.”

Therefore, living coral symbolizes hope and community. Ladies, let's support each other and embrace togetherness!

Shades of Living Coral

Few colors grab more attention than the Pantone color of the year, living coral. There are many different shades of coral to play around with. Each color also brings energy properties to enhance your daily needs.

  • Peach coral: Peach coral is light and delicate. This shade translates into a soft, romantic element. The energy-healing properties of this hue bring you courage and charm. As you wear this color, find the courage to empower yourself, and encourage others to do the same.

  • Salmon: Salmon shades of coral are bold and feminine. Salmon may subtly encourage us to express our emotions and generally increase emotional energy. Wear this seductive, yet subtle, shade of coral when you want to give off a flirtatious and playful vibe.

  • Orange coral: Sometimes, a clothing label will say something is orange, but not only can you see it has coral undertones, but you can feel its bold energy radiating through the fabric. Orange coral is more likely to encourage us to be outgoing, more sociable and increase our physical energy. Wear this shade of living coral for that extra boost of energy.

  • Red coral: Red coral evokes passion, romance and courage. You may also see this shade labeled as "fuschia" or "red." It is a deep coral that enables you to channel your inner strength. Wearing red coral is the perfect shade for all women  independent, smart and beautiful.

Appreciate the color and understand its undertones so you can easily mix and match it well. The color coral is as commanding as it is stimulating, at least when you wear it the right way. Here are some quick tips on how to wear Pantone’s color of the year.

How to Wear Coral

During the day, pair living coral with lighter, neutral colors. However, at night or special occasions, feel free to embrace coral’s exhilarating charm and match it with a complementary bold color. However, you don’t want to go overboard by adding bright colors. Find the perfect balance that will easily please your eyes.

  • The safest route to accessorize with coral is with gold and rose gold jewelry. For bolder looks, read below.

  • When you are unsure what kind of shoes to wear with your coral outfit, stick with a neutral color.

  • Avoid heavy layering with the color coral, as you don’t want to hide such a dynamic color.

  • Last, don’t be scared of wearing prints with coral. Our favorite prints with coral usually entail a black-and-white geometric print.

Coral Dress Styles

Stand out from the crowd and wear a cute, yet bold, coral dress. Living coral looks great on all different dress styles. You can wear it short and casual, or keep it long and classy.

  • Short and sweet: You can wear coral as a print, or as a solid dress, like in this coral dress for plus-sized women. This style makes you look casual, but put together. Its effortless femininity and gracefulness will bring out the best in you. You will be sure to make people smile wherever you go!

  • Floral maxi: Coral looks excellent in a solid maxi dress, or try adding a little personality with a floral maxi dress. Perfectly Priscilla’s Every Day Together Floral Maxi Dress is a great way to mix coral with other lively colors. Either way, you’ll look fabulous and turn heads because everyone can feel your contagious confidence shining through.

  • Fun and flirty: Coral dresses can be ready to dance the night away or be an elegant showstopper, too. You can bring the light to the darkness of night. Coral is such a fun color to wear out with your girlfriends or with your hot date. You will be impossible to ignore!

Create the Perfect Color Palette

Living coral steals the spotlight and is highly versatile. Any beautiful woman should feel emboldened to wear it throughout the year, regardless of the season. Be sure to have many options to complement your favorite coral outfit. Here is a guide of colors to balance living coral and keep you looking Instagram-worthy.


Opposites attract, right? The opposite of blue is orange, and the opposite of red is green. Move between those colors in the color wheel, and it all makes sense  the opposite of coral is turquoise. Together with coral, turquoise gives a fresh feeling of summer on the beach. Try wearing them together in a print-solid combo, or you can add a touch of turquoise to your favorite coral Glad We Met Dress. Not feeling turquoise? Try a light mint color. It is more tranquil and delicate, but also refreshing and inviting.


There are so many shades of blue, including sub-shades, too. However, the best shades to complement living coral are navy blue and royal blue. With the dark tones of navy blue and coral, you can come off as a powerful and feminine. Navy blue is sophisticated and always on trend. If you add a couple of doses of brightness to your navy blue, you’ll create the brilliance of royal blue. The combination of royal blue and living coral radiates success and charm. Royal blue makes for incredibly flattering formal and casual attire.

Earth Tones

Adding earth tones to your coral outfit displays that you as a down-to-earth, fun girl. This look would elevate a business casual outfit to the next level. Wearing coral with earth tones is an excellent opportunity to transition your favorite coral outfit into the fall. Try it in a coral top with a brown jacket and beige pants. Add a touch of light pink earrings to top off this stunning look. You can pair a coral skirt with a cream top and beige jacket to look super chic and add a bohemian look to the spirited tones of living coral.


Coral is warm and fierce. Combining it with the richness of gold will wake up the goddess in you. Gold accessories add a touch of elegance to your Pantone color of the year look. Accessorize with a long, elegant gold chain alongside stacked bracelets or statement earrings. For a little more charm, try adding rose gold to your ensemble, too. To complete this breathtaking color combination, add notes of white.


The killer look of spring and summer 2019 is white pants with a bright coral top. The white pants are a striking backdrop against the vibrancy of coral. This combination gives you energy and youthfulness. You’ll have people stopping you to ask, “Who are you wearing?” Wearing coral and white, you are destined to steal the spotlight. Don't shy away from the attention  embrace it!


Rather than wearing head-to-toe coral, wear one coral piece with a gray outfit. The pop of coral pairs well with gray business wear. You can wear a gray-coral combination all year long. Even just adding a touch of coral such as a beaded necklace can effortlessly upgrade your look. Combining gray with coral is an easy option that will uplift your style.


Black complements every color. We’ve heard that so many times, but really, you can never go wrong combining black with coral. You can finally wear those hot coral pants you bought in the spring with a cute black top. Add some glitzy accessories for a night out in the town, or slip on your favorite pair of earrings and make it casual, yet chic.

If coral feels too bold for you, but you love this color, why not try these adorable One Step Higher Platform Sandals from Perfectly Priscilla? Pair these with a variety of looks this season to stay on trend. It's a perfect way to give your outfit that final pop of color.

How to Accessorize With Living Coral Color

So, you found the perfect coral outfit that will set you to stand out on your next special occasion. Complete your outfit with a cute clutch, dazzling jewelry and show-stopping shoes. Here is how to add the finishing touches to your stunning look.


Turquoise, mint or teal jewelry works so well with any shade of your coral outfit. A mint-colored statement earring can emphasize the refreshing feeling of spring in your ensemble. If you’re going for a straightforward, yet classy, look, try a simple pair of gold earrings.

For casual wear, incorporate white or brown jewelry into your outfit. Earth-toned bangles add a cute touch of a festival feel to your spring and summer look. Add some boho jewelry to give your outfit a more rustic vibe. Coral and earth tones complement each other beautifully.

For formal events like a wedding, wear gold or rose quartz jewelry. Try earrings with a floral design or gold chandelier earrings. You don’t need to perfectly match your rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Try mixing and matching the colors in this outline. One of our favorite combinations with a coral dress is gold, white and mint.



If you're looking for a way to give yourself a luxe touch for formal events, gold shoes look spectacular with a coral dress. Try stepping into a pair of sleek and strappy heels or soft gold ballet flats. They add feminity and even glam to your footwear. Gold pumps are the perfect addition to your day-to-night look. They make quite the statement during the day and dazzle throughout the night.

Another option for formal events like an awards ceremony would be to wear black heels with your coral dress. Choose a simple high heel that will not detract from the outfit you put a lot of thought into. Finish this look off with gold jewelry, and you are ready to turn heads.


When you want to complement your coral outfit with casual shoes, try light pink or light coral flats. Try nude or brown shoes to elevate your look. If you are wearing coral in the spring or summer, tan, beige or even a blush wedge will look astonishing. Light suede or flesh-colored tones work for almost any occasion, from graduations to weddings to cocktail parties.

Make a statement by pairing your coral dress with another bold color. If you want that extra pop of color, wear mint or turquoise footwear that will effortlessly accent your look. Elevate your coral look even more by opting for metallic shoes. It will add an extra dose of glamour.


From chic clutch purses to elegant evening bags, don't forget the most vital piece of your outfit. Purses have dual purposes: function and fashion. Don't let a practical bag make your entire ensemble fall flat. Match your coral outfit with a ravishing handbag that can be an additional statement piece or a subtle, but vital, supporting cast member. Clutches or purses in nudes and shades of brown or black blend seamlessly with coral outfits. However, keep in mind you don’t want to match your purse exactly with your shoes, but they can be in the same color family.

Feel Comfortable in Living Coral – the Color of the Year

No matter how you decide to wear Pantone’s color of the year, you should feel sexy and confident. Wear what you love, and don’t let anyone or yourself bring you down. Living coral is empowering, so feel confident about your body and shape. Your beautiful, unique qualities should never deter you from looking and feeling your best.

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