How to Wear Ankle Boots With Jeans

Nothing feels better than pairing the perfect jeans with a new pair of shoes. It's so fun to add new items to your closet and start creating new outfits and playing around with your style. Adding a new pair of ankle boots to your wardrobe is exciting, and learning the many ways you can style and wear ankle boots and jeans can provide you with numerous outfit options.

With many styles of jeans and ankle boots to choose from, the outfit possibilities are endless! Let your personality shine by finding new ways to create fun and trendy outfits with your boots and jeans. Here, we provide you with details on how to wear ankle boots and jeans, along with the various boots you can include in your closet. 

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How to Style Ankle Boots With Jeans

The main variables you need to consider when styling ankle boots with jeans are the height of your boots and the style of jeans you're wearing. Both factors play a role in your options for creating the perfect outfit. For each type of jeans, there is a cute and stylish way to pair the perfect ankle boots for an eye-catching look.

Check out the different style methods you can try out with any pair of jeans you own.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are a popular pant option for many women. You can dress them up or down, they're easy to style and they're flattering for a variety of body types. One benefit of choosing skinny jeans to pair with your ankle boots is the variety of styling methods you have with these jeans. Depending on how long the skinny jeans are, you can cuff them a few times, tuck them in or leave them as-is to create a simple and stylish look for any occasion.

With regular or longer skinny jeans, the important thing to remember is to ensure the jeans don't look too bunched near the ankle boot. You want the boot to catch the eye rather than the bunching of your skinny jeans. Check out the three styling methods you can try out on this type of jeans:

  • Tuck in: If your jeans are tight enough near the ankle to tuck into your ankle boot without bunching, this style option is definitely one to try. This option is also great with ankle boots that are a little higher, so you can tuck in your jeans easily.
  • Cuff: An easy way to style skinny jeans with boots is to cuff them to your preferred style. You can use a small cuff, large cuff or double cuff to create a cute look with your ankle boots. This style looks great with any type of boot height.
  • As-is: If the length of your skinny jeans and the height of your ankle boots pair together nicely, you can leave them as-is for a simple, sleek look. 

Straight-Leg Jeans

Straight-leg jeans are another popular style because they are versatile and flattering on many people. This style is slightly similar to skinny jeans, but rather than tightening around the ankle they continue straight down the leg. They provide more room in the leg and offer unique outfit options to match your style. 

You want to ensure that the jeans and the ankle boots pair together smoothly without too much bunching or covering over the boots. You'll have two options for styling your straight-leg jeans  — cuff or leave as-is:


  • Cuff: Try out four cuff options with your straight-leg jeans, including the small cuff, large cuff or double cuff. The small cuff works well with low booties and the large cuff and double cuff options are perfect with higher ankle boots. 
  • As-is: If your straight-leg jeans and your ankle boots meet up with just enough space between, you can wear them as-is for an effortless style. The best ankle boot to wear with this styling method is a tighter shaft boot. These will hug your ankle and allow the style of the denim to shine. 

Cropped Jeans

If you want to select the perfect pair of jeans to style with ankle boots, the cropped jean is for you. Cropped jeans tend to have a wider leg or a straight-cut, but you can also find cropped skinny jeans to match your style. Regardless of the exact style of cropped jeans you own, you can pair these jeans easily with any pair of ankle boots you have in your closet.

The secret to styling cropped jeans with ankle booties is you want the hemline to hit the top of your ankle boot or stop right before it touches the boot. You can leave your cropped jeans as-is for an easy look, or you can cuff your cropped jeans if your ankle booties come up high enough.

Wide-Leg Jeans

Wide-leg jeans are a popular option for professional wear or for people who love the way they look. This jean style often flares at the end, similar to boot-cut jeans. This is the first jean style where cuffing or tucking in isn't an option because of the amount of material at the bottom of the pant. The easiest way to style wide-leg jeans is to leave them as-is.

Since you won't be cuffing your jeans or tucking them into your boots, the height of your ankle boot doesn't matter. With wide-leg jeans, all you'll see is the bottom part of your ankle boot. The best style of ankle boot to pair with wide-leg jeans is a pointed-toe boot. This style can make your legs look longer and create a more professional look. 

Different Types of Ankle Boots

Now that you know the different ways to style your jeans with ankle boots, you can learn more about the various styles of booties that you can pair with each jean style. The different ankle boots you can choose from include:

  • Low shaft tight ankle: Low shaft booties that are tight around the ankle look great with cuffed skinny jeans, straight-leg jeans and wide-leg jeans.
  • Low shaft wide ankle: Low shaft booties that are wide or semi-wide around the ankle look nice with cuffed skinny jeans.
  • Mid shaft tight ankle: Mid shaft booties that are tight around the ankle will pair nicely with nearly any pair of jeans and styling method.
  • Mid shaft wide ankle: Mid shaft booties with a wider opening around the ankle will look nice with any styling of skinny jeans or cuffed straight-leg jeans.
  • High shaft tight ankle: High shaft booties that are tight around the ankle will match tucked-in skinny jeans, wide-leg jeans, cropped jeans and straight-leg jeans.
  • High shaft wide ankle: High shaft booties that are wide around the ankle can look great with tucked-in skinny jeans or cuffed straight-leg jeans.


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