How to Wear a Short Skirt

As trends change, so does your style. Testing out emerging trends is an exciting way to adjust your look and try new outfits on your silhouette. People continue to welcome reemerging items from decades past — one of them being the mini skirt.

Short skirts are a cute addition to any person's style. They're versatile, cute and come in numerous styles. Check out how this fashion item has evolved throughout history and learn new ways to include them in your wardrobe.

Mini Skirts Through the Years

Mini skirts are one of the biggest fashion trends today. People had opposing thoughts on the short hemline when the mini skirt first stepped on the scene many years ago. Some people wore short skirts as a political statement, while others questioned their minimal material. You can see mini skirts as early as the 1920s with flappers, on the big screen in the 1950s in popular fiction films and throughout the 1960s as popular designers and brands showcased the eye-catching clothing item. 

The mini skirt continued to be a staple in the fashion world and is still a must-have item today. Some people even sport the new micro-mini skirts, which have an even shorter hemline. Read on to find new ways to style this clothing item and other short skirts.

Top Mini Skirt Trends

You can find a short skirt that blends well with your style. The variety of materials, cuts and designs make it manageable for you to shop for your next favorite clothing item. Check out the current popular mini skirt trends that you can browse through during your next shopping trip:

  • Pleated mini skirts: Pleated skirts are popular thanks to the increasing popularity of athleisure.
  • Cargo mini skirts: More pockets? Yes, please! Cargo shorts are popular for their classic-cargo colors — olive green and khaki.
  • Low-rise mini skirts: Low-rise bottoms are making a comeback, including low-rise mini skirts. 
  • Denim mini skirts: The denim skirt is a classic version of the mini skirt. 
  • Printed mini skirts: Printed short skirts can provide the splash of color you're searching for.
  • Crochet mini skirts: Crochet skirts are great for warm weather and are a unique item to add to your wardrobe.

10 Ways to Wear a Mini Skirt

There's a mini skirt outfit for any occasion, whether you're dressing up for a night out or getting ready for a typical day. Different materials and styles of skirts allow you to play around with your wardrobe and create striking outfits. 

Checking out the current trends for short skirts is an easy way to learn how to wear a mini skirt. If you're looking for a variety of skirt outfits to match any occasion, check out these ideas for styling a short skirt.

1. Matching Set

Matching sets are highly popular for casual and sophisticated outfits. If you want a simple way to create a polished look, check out a matching skirt suit.

 Skirt suits can provide that “moment” you're looking for in an outfit. They stand out in the best way possible and can provide a feeling of confidence. You can shop for different colors, patterns and silhouettes that will look best with your style. Dress this skirt suit up with a pair of heels or dress it down with a pair of sneakers.

2. Denim Skirt With a Sweatshirt and Sneakers

The denim skirt has been a hot item for decades. They're cute and as versatile as a pair of jeans. For a more casual mini skirt outfit, try pairing a cozy sweatshirt with a denim skirt and your favorite pair of sneakers. Add a snug turtleneck underneath for more layers on a chilly day.

This outfit is great for running quick errands or meeting up with your friends for a lunch date. You'll be comfortable and feel cute with this easy outfit. 

3. Skirt With a Bikini Crop Top

Short skirts are the perfect summertime item — and so are crop tops. Crop tops and mini skirts are perfect clothing items for warm days when you want to sport an adorable outfit. Bikini crop tops, an even shorter version of a crop top, are another option for keeping cool during a hot day. Pairing these two pieces together creates the best mini skirt outfit for the summer.

You can find matching sets with bikini crop tops and mini skirts. Choose from a cute matching gingham print or a solid color set.

4. Pleated Skirt With a Polo or a Sweatshirt

The styling options for a pleated skirt are nearly endless. They are great for casual days and cute for nights out. They provide adorable cheerleader vibes and are flattering on numerous body types.

Try pairing a pleated skirt with a polo shirt or sweatshirt for a preppy look. Opt for the polo on a nicer day, or throw on the sweatshirt when temperatures drop.

5. Athletic Skirt With Athletic Tank

With athleisure wear being a top style, athletic skirts are a popular item for daily wear. Athletic skirts and skorts are comfortable, stylish and easy to put on for any outfit. These skirts make it easy to look cute while running errands or working out.

Skorts are popular for obvious reasons — built-in shorts! You can pair these cute bottoms with an athletic tank for a cute and easy outfit for the day.

6. Skirt With Button Down and High Boots

Going out to brunch or wanting to look nice for a nice out? Dress up any skirt with a sleek button-down and a pair of high boots. This outfit can easily transition from day to night and looks cute with various skirts. Try this look with a denim skirt or a pencil skirt. You can also style this outfit with a short leather skirt. 

7. Cargo Skirt With Tank Top

Choose convenience and style when you wear a cargo skirt. These skirts are perfect for going out or running errands, thanks to the numerous pockets you can place your belongings in. Tops to wear with short skirts include a simple tank or a solid short-sleeve shirt for an easy and cute look.

8. Short Skirt With an Oversized Tee

Styling a skirt is easy — even if you're in a hurry! You can look stylish and effortless by tucking in an oversized tee with any skirt of your choice and be ready for the day. Great skirt options for your on-the-go days are a comfortable athletic skirt or your favorite denim skirt.

9. Short Skirt With a Long Jacket

Layering is essential on a cooler day, and pairing your skirt with your outwear is a great way to create a cute outfit. Try layering a cute long jacket over your skirt — a jacket with a pattern or a pop of color is even better for a stand-out outfit.

10. Skirt With an Off the Shoulder Shirt

Off-the-shoulder shirts are popular for a reason — they're feminine and are perfect for any occasion. Dress up a cute denim skirt, pencil skirt or a-line skirt with an off-the-shoulder blouse. Pair this outfit with a cute pair of booties or flats.

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