How to Wear a Plaid Coat

How to Wear a Plaid Coat

When the weather is cooler, you'll want to style your outfits around the outerwear you need to stay warm. You can wear any functional jacket for warmth, but if you're one to keep up with trends and like putting together cute outfits, you'll love the sophisticated look of a plaid jacket.

Plaid coats are stylish and practical. If you're considering adding new pieces to your wardrobe this year or want to try out a newer trend, a plaid coat is a must-have clothing item. You can pair this jacket with numerous outfits whether you're goal is to look dressy or casual.

Learn how to wear a plaid jacket and get different outfit ideas to try out this year.

Are Plaid Coats in Style?

Plaid coats or blazers can look nice on everyone, and the recent resurgence of the pattern allows people to play around with plaid and see how they can adapt these clothing items into their style. Plaid is making a comeback for a few reasons. One of the reasons is the increase in popularity of the ‘90s and 2000s fashion trends. Plaid is often associated with punk or preppy trends from these eras, but now people with any style are adding plaid pieces into their closets. Whether you consider your style to be feminine, punk, minimalist, maximalist, preppy or trendy, a plaid coat can be the perfect addition to your style.

It's common for plaid to start trending during the fall and winter months due to it being originally made of woven wool. Plaid clothing items today are created from various types of materials, so people can wear different plaid items depending on the weather. You can shop for heavier plaid jackets or lighter plaid blazers to accommodate your comfort.

10 Stylish Plaid Coat Outfits

Plaid coats can elevate any outfit whether you need a casual daytime look or something dressier for a nice night out. If you want to add a plaid jacket to your wardrobe but are stumped on how to pair it with an outfit or what shirt to wear with a plaid blazer — we got you covered! Check out these 10 stylish plaid coat outfits you can try on this year.

1. Mini Skirt or Knee-Length Skirt

If you want to put together an outfit that's perfect for a daytime lunch or an evening out, pair your favorite mini skirt with a plaid coat or blazer. Add your favorite T-shirt or blouse and a cute pair of booties to complete the outfit. You can wear a pair of tights for extra warmth!

2. High Boots and Tights

A pair of tights and knee-high or thigh-high boots are perfect with a dress and a plaid coat. This outfit will work for any dressy occasion. You'll be prepared for the cooler weather without having to sacrifice style.

3. Graphic T-Shirt

Plaid coats are the perfect addition to casual outfits like a fun graphic T-shirt and jeans. This comfortable and simple outfit allows your personality to shine while enhancing your style with a plaid jacket. Go with a neutral plaid jacket or opt for a pop of color.

4. A Long Street-Style Plaid Coat

Plaid coats can be the statement piece your wardrobe needs, perfect for showing off while you're out and about. Boost your style with a long plaid coat that hits right at your knees or below. You can achieve this street-style look by wearing a coat that's a size bigger than you typically wear and by belting the coat at your waist.

5. Jeans and a Nice Shirt

Jeans and a Nice Shirt

Style your new plaid coat with a pair of your favorite straight-leg or skinny jeans and a nice blouse. This is the perfect outfit for any occasion. You'll look put together for a lunch date or an evening out. You can mix and match any nice shirt under your plaid jacket to complete this outfit.

6. Sweater Dress

What better way to stay warm on a cool day than a soft sweater dress? Layering a plaid coat over a sweater dress is an excellent combination for cold weather. You can dress this outfit up with a cute cross-body bag and a pair of knee-high boots.

7. Leather Pants

If you're going for an edgy look, try on a pair of leather pants with a plain white shirt or a cool graphic tee. Add your plaid coat on top, and you have an outfit perfect for a day out. Complete this look with a pair of booties and an infinity scarf to stay warm.

8. Trousers and Blouse

You can put together the perfect look for the office with a plaid blazer. Plaid blazers are a great option if it's not chilly enough outside for a jacket, but you still want that fun plaid pattern. Wear a pair of trousers, a nice blouse and a plaid blazer on top for a sophisticated look.

9. Blazer With Jeans and a White Tee

Dress up a plain white T-shirt and a pair of jeans with a plaid blazer. You can elevate this outfit even more with a pair of strappy heels or fancy sandals. For an edgier look, swap out the jeans for a pair of leather pants or replace the white tee with a nice white tank top.

10. Hoodie and Joggers

Plaid blazers are the perfect clothing item to dress up your athleisure wear. If you're aiming for comfort with a pair of joggers and a hoodie, throw a plaid blazer right on top. This outfit will be great for running errands or going to the grocery store.

Other Ways to Incorporate Plaid

The best part about plaid is you can incorporate it in your style with various clothing items and accessories. Check out some of these tips on wearing plaid:

  • Mix and match plaids: You can pair a plaid dress with a plaid coat — just make sure there are similar colors between the two clothing items. This is a fun way to show your personality and enhance your style.
  • Go with colorful plaid: Neutral plaid is a good go-to, but adding colorful plaid into your wardrobe can be fun and expand your style.
  • Try on a plaid set: Matching sets are coming back in style, so try out one that dresses you head to toe in plaid. You can style these pieces together or separately, adding versatile pieces to your closet.
  • Add plaid accessories: Mix in some plaid bags, hats and other fun accessories to pair with your plaid coat or blazer. It's fun to style this pattern in unique ways!

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