Best Maxi Dress Styles For Plus Size Women

Best Maxi Dress Styles for Plus Size Women

Plus size maxi dresses are very flattering on curvy women when styled correctly. Learn how to wear a maxi dress for plus size women by following our simple steps and outfit ideas. Once mastered, you will have the backbone of an outfit that you will return to time and time again for a chic style that can be updated to look fresh, modern and elegant for any event or need. Maxi dresses can be styled to wear to a black tie fundraiser as well as when running errands at the mall. They’re also eternally comfortable as well since they are often floaty and don’t constrain any part of the body.

Remember to find a maxi in a good quality material that doesn’t stretch in an unsightly way and ensure that the overall shape suits your figure. Even maxis have different cuts that will suit some, but not others. Try to find ones that fit snugly around your smallest point to help create some visual balance to your figure. If in doubt, wear a maxi with an empire line fit as these are flattering to almost all body shapes. Wrap dresses suit most as well by creating the appearance of a waist where there isn't one or by accentuating a narrow middle. Maxi dresses with leg splits are perfect for those whose legs are their best asset - most likely an inverted triangle or apple shaped lady.

Importantly, just because you are plus size, does not mean that fashionable looks are off limits. Every woman, from petite to plus size, needs to follow a few rules according to her body shape to look fantastic at all times. Wearing a maxi dress is no exception and this blog post will help women know how to wear a maxi dress so that they look flattering and stylish. There’s a perfect maxi dress for every plus size woman.

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    The Perfect Plus Size Maxi Dress for Summer

    Looking for the perfect plus size maxi dress for summer or a day at the beach? Florals and maxi dresses go together well since they are both so feminine. Floral print maxi dresses set against a light background are perfect for any summer occasion; be it a cookout or wedding that you are attending. For winter, darker patterns look best. Either can look brilliant on plus size women as long as the pattern size is suitable. The larger the pattern, the more flattering the look. Given the busy nature of the dress, make sure that any accessories do not fight for attention so that your flattering plus size maxi dress outfit has balance. This means wearing plain leather shoes - closed toe for those Winter months and strappy flats for the Summer. Purses should have sleek, clean lines and not be too bulky. Clutches are therefore best, but if you need something bigger to hold all your necessities, try to find a tote that does not have too many pockets.

    Plus sized floral maxi dress


    The Right Plus Size Maxi Dress for Winter

    Maxi dresses are not only the most reliable piece in your summer wardrobe. Maxi dresses with long sleeves are great for winter too. Plus women of all shapes tend to prefer to wear sleeves to cover their arms, especially if they are sensitive about the look of any bingo wings. If you are looking to invest, find a dress in a dark, neutral color like navy or black. Both are flattering to all as well as versatile. You will get far more bang for your buck since you will be able to wear it to so many different occasions, depending on how you style it. Wear with chunky boots for a day look in the winter, or with strappy heeled sandals in the summer for an elegant evening style.

    Maxi Dress Options for Changeable Fall and Spring Weather

    Do maxi dresses look good on plus size women? Of course! And they look good any time of year. However, you'll want to pick the right type of maxi dress if you're going to be outside during the fall or spring months. Temperatures and weather conditions can fluctuate from morning until evening. Consequently, consider choosing a plus size maxi dress in a medium-weight fabric like cotton. Bring along a shawl, cardigan or another wrap to stay comfortable all day long. In terms of colors, fall tones like warm brown, rich pumpkin and deep burgundy are wonderful go-to palette picks. During the spring, opt for lighter pastels that convey a fresh, lively attitude.

    The Best Plus Size Maxi Dress for Black Tie Events

    A maxi is the perfect length dress to wear to a black tie event. Maxis in black will always look elegant and smart, but there are lots of colors that are just as flattering as a dress in black. As ever, always pick out one body part that you want to draw attention to and from there look to make the most of it and create some visual balance to your curves. Black tie events are perfect for either showing off some leg with a side split, or some fabulously sexy cleavage with a deep V. If you go for the latter, it is the perfect opportunity to wear some proper bling around your neck, but ensure that it complements the neckline and doesn’t make the look too fussy. Finally, some skyscraper heels are the only finishing touch when it comes to accessorizing your black tie look. Block heels or platforms are more comfortable if you find a classic stiletto court too difficult to walk in with ease and finesse. If you find a nude pair that blends with your skin tone, you’ll lengthen your legs even further, which is always alluring.

    Plus sized black maxi dress

    Types of Necklines Popular for Plus Size Maxi Dresses

    Understanding the right neckline to accentuate your features is key when wearing a plus size maxi dress. Some necklines can create a leaner and longer silhouette while others highlight beautiful necks and shoulders. Here we look at a few of the necklines popular for plus size maxi dresses.

    How To Wear Flattering Halter Strap Maxi Dresses

    A well-fitting halter neck maxi dress is not only super flattering, it can also be super sexy too. The neckline on this style dress manages to be flattering for most women as the cut diminishes any shoulders while enhancing a fantastic chest - be it small or large. A halter neck maxi dress is therefore a great idea to add to any wardrobe especially if it's patterned. A patterned dress is almost an outfit in itself that will be a fabulous fall back look for those mornings or occasions where you feel it’s impossible to get dressed. All that is needed are some shoes that match the pattern and an elegant purse that allows the maxi to do the talking. Help the neckline along a little by wearing your hair up, with some simple earrings and you’ll be the chic in an instant.

    Wearing Trendy Off Shoulder Maxi Dresses

    Off shoulder maxi dresses are incredibly trendy at the moment. Plus size women may steer clear of them because of the need to wear a well-fitting bra that offers support for bigger chested ladies. Whatever the outfit, it is possible to find ones that suit a dress of this style. For instance, off shoulder maxi dresses are now available that have shoulder straps that still allow for this incredible feminine neckline. Wearing a bra is therefore a possibility and consequently makes this dress a great option for pear shapes who have slender shoulders, especially in comparison to their lower half. Its neckline calls for hair to be up, or at least not interfering with the line of the dress, and looks great when accessorized with bohemian finishing touches like strappy gladiator sandals, metal bangles or anything with a tassel!

    Stunning One-Shoulder Asymmetrical Maxi Dresses

    A one shoulder dress is a quick way to look trendy straightaway. It’s also a really flattering maxi dress for a plus sized woman. A one shoulder maxi dress is the perfect shape for so many occasions. Like its long sleeved counterpart, it can be dressed up or down to be worn for a glamorous trip to the mall or even to a star studded event when paired with the correct shoes and accessories. Pick a color or pattern that really shows off your personality. Block colors in a hue that suits your skin tone will put you on the front foot when making the most of your figure, whereas a pattern creates immediate impact, which is perfect if you are off to a glamorous event. To enhance any pattern, pick out earrings that have a color in the dress. Long, dangly ones always make a look more dramatic from the start and are also a really great way to bring some color to your face.

    Expressive and Dramatic Plus-Size Maxi Dress Necklines

    Maxi dresses for plus size women sometimes feature fresh, fun and flirty necklines that don't fall into the halter or off-shoulder categories. For instance, a square neckline makes a terrific contrast to the natural curves of the body. T angles of the neckline accentuate the shoulders and neck and help create a frame that sends onlookers' eyes straight to your facial features. In contrast, the v-neck style of plus size maxi dress elongates the torso. V-necks are practical necklines for showing off your favorite necklaces, too.

    Flattering Cuts, Colors and Fabrics for Plus Size Maxi Dresses

    There are many different dress cuts and styles as well as colors and fabrics. Don't let myths of what looks good and what doesn't stop you from sporting a particular plus size maxi dress. Here are a few of the best cuts, colors and fabrics to wear!

    What To Know When Wearing an Empire Line Plus Size Maxi Dress

    The empire line is perhaps the most flattering maxi dress for plus size ladies. It nips in at what will be many women’s narrowest point and then skim over any lumps and bumps from there. Once you find an empire line maxi dress, it’s a good idea to buy as many as you can in varying colors and patterns. Block colors are particularly easy to dress up for more formal events with statement jewelry and shoes in metallic finishes. Empire lines in florals, paisleys and geometric patterns are great day dresses that make a statement. They are also perfect for those mornings where you can’t decide what to wear - patterns make such an immediate impact that very little else is needed to make the outfit work. To complete the look, complement with some simple shoes that are comfortable to walk in, and a purse that doesn’t vie for any more attention than the dress itself demands.

    The Slimming Effects of a Two-Toned Maxi Dress on Plus Sized Women

    A maxi in two block colors are a plus size lady’s secret weapon. The style can make for a super flattering maxi dress for plus size women. They’re an easy way to detract attention from a part of your body that you dislike, and draw attention to the part that you do like. To do so, make sure that the part of the dress in the darker block color is the part that skims over the body area you dislike. The brighter, lighter color is needed for the area that you want to accentuate. For pear shaped ladies, this means finding a dress with a darker bottom half. For inverted V shapes and apple shaped women, this maxi needs to have the brighter bottom half. For rectangular shaped ladies, or hourglasses, a two tone dress that has a band across the middle is ideal - especially if that band is in the brighter color. It will immediately draw attention to the waist for the hourglasses of us, and create a waist for the rectangular ladies. From there, accessorize how the occasion demands. Heels will immediately smarten up any outfit, along with a chic and elegant clutch. For day events and errands, flat shoes work well. Even flat boots could be worn in the winter.

    Getting Comfortable in a T-Shirt Maxi Dress for Curvy Figures

    The t-shirt maxi dress, once found in a quality jersey material, will be one of the hardest working items of clothing you have in your wardrobe. The key to wearing a maxi dress for plus sized women when it is a t-shirt style is to find one with a neckline that flatters your chest - both busty ladies and flat chested women will benefit from a V neckline. Larger busted ladies need to be careful that the V is not too low however. The length of the sleeve is also key to making this look work. Slightly loose fitting sleeves will be flattering for most women since it makes arms look longer and leaner than they actually are. Choose a color that highlights your complexion. From there, pick accessories that make you feel confident and show off your personal style. This is a relaxed dress shape so it can really take some funkier necklaces and purses. However, if you like a classic, elegant look, some simple fine metal pieces will also look fantastic.

    Accessorizing Maxi Dresses for Plus Size FIgures

    Part of the joy of wearing any outfit is accessorizing it to match the occasion, as well as showing off your body and personality. Any accessories can go well with a maxi dress, starting with jewelry.

    Pulling Together a Maxi Dress Look With Jewelry

    The right necklace, earrings, bracelet or anklet can set off your maxi dress brilliantly. For necklaces, aim to match the necklace length and size with your neckline. Chokers and shorter chains look incredible with off-the-shoulder and shoulderless maxi dresses. Longer necklaces are suitable for more plunging necklines. Alternatively, you may want to partner a very long necklace against a solid-colored maxi dress for lots of appealing contrast.

    Go as bold as you like with bracelets and anklets. Don't forget that an upper arm band-style bracelet can set off your beautiful arms. Hoops, stud earrings and dangles draw the viewer's eye upward and provide the finishing polish to a sporty or sophisticated maxi dress look.

    Shoes Make a Maxi Dress Outfit Come to Life

    Which shoes go well with the best plus size maxi dresses on the market? Use your occasion as a roadmap. For example, if you know you'll be walking all day at the beach or while doing errands, pick a shoe that's comfy yet stylish like a strappy sandal or even a perky sneaker. For an edgier look, you can't go wrong with combat boots or chunky wedges in bold patterns or colors. In a dressy mood? Grab booties, heeled boots or pumps. 

    Wearing a Plus Size Maxi Dress with Confidence

    What body type can wear a maxi dress? Any body type! The most crucial rule to enforce when wearing a maxi dress is to wear it with a smile, coupled with some good old fashioned confidence. No outfit is complete with either of these two things, whatever your body shape or size. Any awkwardness or self-conscious behavior is a sure fire way to ruin an outfit that is otherwise perfectly styled. To ensure you have confidence, take pride in your appearance by finding time to spend on yourself. That means regular trims to keep your hair looking healthy as well as manicures and pedicures to keep you looking polished. While trips to the salon are fun, and a great way to indulge in often forgotten “me” time, hands and feet are easy to take care of at home too. It may sound small but a simple mani or pedi is a great start to making you as confident as possible. Wearing clothes with the most confidence is of the utmost importance so remember to love yourself and your curves.

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