How to Transition Your Summer Clothes to Fall

As the leaves change and the weather cools, it's time to get ready for the fall season. Decorating for holidays and enjoying pumpkin-flavored everything are on your list, right next to adjusting your wardrobe for fall. Before you do a total rehaul and pack away all your summer clothes, consider transitioning your summer clothing to fall.

You'll only need to add some key pieces and change up how you style your summer clothes to be comfortable as the seasons change. We'll give you some fall outfit ideas for curvy women that incorporate autumn must-haves and colors, patterns and materials that reflect the season, which you can then use with the summer pieces you already own.

What to Wear in Fall as a Plus Size Woman

No matter what you already had in your closet for the summer, there are some must-haves you need to make fall outfits come to life. Get some autumn staples to incorporate with your summer clothes, including:

  • Sweaters: It's sweater season for a reason! We love to cozy up in stylish sweaters for the perfect combination of comfort and fashion. Choose a tunic for a longer option, or show off your style with a sweater that features ruffles and a cowl neck. For the ultimate cozy fall staple, get an oversized sweater to curl up in on colder days, which will help disguise aspects of your body you don't want to flaunt since it doesn't cling tightly to you.
  • Cardigans: Cardigans give all the comfort of a sweater but are a bit easy to layer over different outfits. They're perfect for the beginning of fall when mornings are cool and afternoons are warm since you can easily remove or add the layer throughout the day. Get solid color cardigans as staples of your fall wardrobe.
  • Jackets: When the weather gets a bit cooler, you'll want to add a jacket to your look. Denim or faux leather jackets make a great addition to your autumn wardrobe, but you can choose other materials depending on your style and the weather where you live.
  • Vests: Layer your fall look without overheating earlier in the season. A vest, especially in fall colors and patterns, can add an extra layer to your outfit without overwhelming you. The flowing design of many vests adds something stylish to your outfit and serves to keep you comfortable during autumn.
  • Scarves: These are another great layering piece. We could easily fill our fall wardrobes with solid color and neutral scarves along with ones in iconic fall patterns. Choose styles with different materials to stay comfortable early in the season or warm in late fall.
  • Hats: Pop on a knit hat in late autumn for a functional and fashionable accessory. You're sure to feel cozy and stylish with a cute hat for fall. Pick up some in neutral shades that can play with almost any fall outfit you can create. You can also choose ones with different knit textures to add interest to your outfit, which can also bring attention up to your face.
  • Jeans, leggings and other pants: Autumn is the time to bring back longer bottoms, no matter your preference. Leggings and a long sweater make the ultimate fall uniform, but jeans or pants can make a stylish autumn outfit. No matter what you choose, your legs will stay nice and warm, and your outfit will be perfectly styled for fall.
  • Tights: An opaque pair of black tights will go a long way in your fall wardrobe. They'll keep your legs warm, especially if you choose a fleece-lined variety for late autumn, and add a nice touch to your skirts, dresses or even shorts. If you like fun or daring outfits, get some tights in fall colors and patterns, as well.
  • Boots and booties: Whether you prefer short or tall boots, you need some pairs for your fall wardrobe. Your feet will stay warm and fashionable with the perfect pair. We like having a black pair and a brown pair of boots in our fall wardrobe to function with all sorts of outfits. Throw in different heights and various heel sizes to suit different looks, and you're ready to kick up the leaves!

If you aren't sure what to wear in fall as a plus size woman, choose a piece from the list above in a statement color or pattern. You can then incorporate the other options and neutral-colored parts of your summer wardrobe to create an outfit for autumn. Don't know what colors or patterns to use? You have plenty of cozy options that suit the season perfectly and come in many styles of clothing and accessories.

Fall Colors, Materials and Patterns for Plus Size Women

Fall is about being comfortable and stylish, and many of the materials for autumn clothing reflect that. For fall outfit ideas for curvy women, incorporate prints and materials like:

  • Animal prints: From leopard to cheetah and more, these patterns are often in warm, natural tones perfect for fall. They pair well with other autumn staples like denim and faux leather, creating stylish and flirty outfit combos for the season.
  • Paisley: You may already have paisley or similar abstract designs in your summer wardrobe. Lucky for you, this style transitions well into fall when paired with other autumn accents. The busy pattern also helps mask assets you don't want to flaunt.
  • Plaid: Nothing says fall like colorful plaid, and there are plenty of varieties out there. A simple buffalo plaid is a popular choice, especially in black and red, which makes it a perfect match with your other neutrals.
  • Flannel: Plaid lovers will be happy to incorporate the pattern in a warm material. Flannel, usually found in the outwear with the same name, layers well over other fabrics and creates a cozy autumn look. Tie a flannel around your waist to highlight an hourglass figure or to have one on hand if the weather gets cooler.
  • Knits: With sweaters, scarves, hats and more, it's no surprise that knit is a staple material for fall. Try not to go overboard with various knit textures in one outfit, and instead, choose one as a staple piece then add other textures for a cozy fall outfit.
  • Corduroy: This material has made a comeback in recent years, making it the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Give your summer outfits a cozy and vintage vibe with corduroy skirts, pants or jackets.
  • Suede and faux suede: From boots to skirts, bags and other accessories, suede is iconic for fall. The material often comes in warm colors, which are perfect for the season. Use a suede statement piece to add subtle texture to your outfit.

The materials and patterns above come in a rainbow of shades, but for the most fall-looking pieces, choose items in colors like:

  • Burgundy and maroon: These variations of red mimic many aspects of autumn from sweet apples to the changing leaves. Choose a variety that suits your skin tone or your style. No matter what you go with, you're sure to have a warm, fall-inspired look.
  • Mustard yellow and gold: The warm tones continue in these brighter hues. Incorporate gold in your jewelry or with metallic accents on your fall clothes. Get deep yellow sweaters and cardigans to up the cozy factor of any look.
  • Orange and rust: Opt for these colors in muted tones for a subtle look that's perfect for autumn. Rust colors can also give an outfit a vintage vibe, which is perfect for the season. You'll often find these hues in suede and knit materials, enhancing the fall feel of any look.
  • Jewel tones: These deep shades add elegance to your autumn outfits. From plum to ruby, even emerald and sapphire, deep jewel tones and their rich shades are perfect for livening up a fall outfit.
  • Berry shades: If other fall colors aren't your style, you can go with the perfect midway between autumn and summer. Berry shades of red, pink and purple may already be in your summer wardrobe, and they're just as great for fall.
  • Brown neutrals: From tan to cream to rich brown, these warm colors make you look and feel cozy for the season. Since they're neutral shades, you can easily pair them with other fall colors to create the ultimate autumn color palette.
  • Other muted colors: Get creative with the shades you use in your fall outfits. Some colors you use in summer, like lavender or periwinkle, can work in autumn because they are more muted. Other shades like mauve or dusty rose evoke the cool and cozy season without being too dark.

Play with combinations of the patterns, materials and colors above for an all-out fall look. Get plaid flannels with red hues or rust-colored knit sweaters and pair them with other fall staples. Adding pieces that feature these textures or colors to your wardrobe will help you transition summer clothing to fall.

Transitioning Summer Dresses to Fall

You don't want to give up your favorite dresses just because the weather is cooler. Transitioning a summer dress to fall will let you keep a lot of your wardrobe, whether you wear dresses for formal evenings, work or everyday casual. Here's how we recommend styling different summer dresses for autumn:

  • A slip dress: With thin straps and light fabric, a slip dress doesn't seem like it'd work for fall. Pair it with a turtleneck underneath, some cozy tights and comfortable boots, and you've got a fall outfit. Top the look with a jacket to warm it up even more.
  • A flowy sundress: This style is best to wear at the beginning of fall before things get too cold. Layer the casual dress with a denim jacket and heels with a pop of fall color. For a professional look, add a blazer to your sundress. The fitted jacket will contrast well with the flowy frock, creating balance in your outfit. You can add fitted boots to help keep your legs warm, but try to maintain balance with the flowy sundress.
  • A maxi dress: The longer style helps when you're transitioning summer dresses to fall. Since most maxi dresses for summer feature short or strappy sleeves, you'll want to layer them with a cardigan or other outerwear. Consider adding tights under your maxi dress if the material is light or if the dress features a slit up the side. You can choose a skin tone shade if you don't have a color that goes well with the maxi dress.

Have different accessory and layering options on hand to elevate your look or make it more casual for everyday styles, all while using the dresses you thought could only stick around for the summer. If any of your dresses feel short for the season or a particular occasion, you can always layer it with a dress extender underneath.

Make Summer Skirts Work for Fall

Most of your summer skirts are probably midi or shorter styles, but you can still make them work for fall. The key addition you'll need is a comfy pair of tights. Choose thicker pairs if it's later in the season or if you have a cold autumn where you live, and you're sure to stay comfortable and stylish.

While we mentioned a pair of black opaque tights before, some of your lighter summer skirts may not go well with the dark neutral. Instead, you can incorporate fun fall colors into your outfit with tights in different hues. Find a pair that matches your skin tone to give your outfit a summer vibe while staying warm or play around with patterns to highlight your legs. As a bonus, patterned tights will draw attention away from other areas, such as your shoulders, if you prefer to mask or distract from them.

With your tights and skirt, you can wear knee-high boots or shorter booties depending on the length of your skirt and the vibe you're going for with your outfit. Neutral boots come in handy here, especially if you have color in your tights and skirt.

Another option you have when autumn-ifying your summer skirts is layering with a longline cardigan. Pick out a style that hits around the same length as your skirt for a fun feature. No matter what you pair with the skirt, you'll be happy to get more use out of your summer favorites.

Wear Short Sleeve Tops in Fall

While we love sweaters for fall, you can have too much of a good thing! You can add variety to your fall outfits with other tops, so don't pack away your short sleeve shirts once summer ends. With some outfit planning, you can keep wearing your summer shirts, such as:

  • Tank tops: Form the foundation of your fall outfits using your summer tank tops. Wear these for the beginning of autumn or if you have warmer weather throughout the season. You can layer tanks under long-sleeve shirts with dramatic scoop-necks or open shoulders or simply cover up with a cozy cardigan to stay warm.
  • Deep V-necks: Layer your look with a simple V-neck top. Put the shirt on over a turtleneck to break up the colors in your look. You could also add a scarf and jacket over the top for an outfit you can adjust to the weather.
  • Scoop or crew necks: A rounded neckline works just as well for fall. Use outerwear from jackets to cardigans or flannels over your favorite round-neck tops. Pair with jeans for a casual yet put-together look.
  • Three-quarter sleeves: These tops are functional all year long. With a three-quarter sleeve, you can layer your look for fall and other cool months or take off the layers for spring and summer. For fall, pair a three-quarter sleeve shirt with outwear, your favorite bottoms and a scarf or bold jewelry.

You can add statement necklaces over many looks you create with your summer shirts to make an outfit less casual. Choose necklaces in fall colors and materials to emphasize autumn in your look.

Keep Shorts, Rompers and More in Fall

Just because your favorite summer pieces aren't pants doesn't mean you can't wear them in the fall. Pair shorts or similar styles with tights to keep your legs warm and add a sweater up top for a great autumn combo.

If your bottoms are a solid or neutral color, feel free to have fun with the tights you add to the look. Choose patterns or ones in fall colors to show others that just because summer is over doesn't mean you'll stop wearing your favorite shorts or rompers.

Combinations like these work best at the beginning of fall or for those in climates that don't get too cold as autumn becomes winter. They're a daring yet fashionable way to bring your rompers or shorts into the fall instead of packing them away once the seasons change.

Style a Jumpsuit for Fall

Jumpsuits in light fabrics have become a summer staple for formal and professional wear. Don't pack those fabulous pieces away for the colder months. Use fall layers and colors to make your jumpsuit work for more than one season.

A solid color jumpsuit is the perfect candidate for transitioning summer clothes to fall. You can pair it with colors of the season through different outerwear, shoes and other accessories.

Even if your jumpsuit features a floral pattern, you can make it work for fall. Pair a solid color blazer over the piece to give it a professional vibe. If the floral pattern features warm tones, bring those out with a blazer or jacket in a similar shade.

No matter the pattern or color, if your jumpsuit features spaghetti straps or other thin sleeves, pair a shirt underneath it. Choose a plain button-up for work or a turtleneck for late fall.

Other Tips for Curvy Fall Outfit Ideas

As you mix and match your summer wardrobe with new fall pieces, you have other possibilities to consider. When you create your autumn outfits, you can:

  • Use your summer beach bag: A simple beach tote without summer motifs can transition into the fall. Bags in warm tones or other neutrals can elevate an autumn outfit and give your look some function.
  • Tone down colors: A lot of your summer clothes may feature fun and bright colors. You can still wear these in autumn, but try to tone them down with some neutrals or muted shades. Let the bright summer piece work as a statement of your outfit and layer muted hues over it.
  • Go for fall makeup looks: If you wear makeup, you can use it to help transition summer clothes to fall. Use autumn colors we've mentioned above or darken makeup looks to match the vibe of the season.
  • Add a belt: Whether you have an hourglass figure or just like emphasizing your waist, adding a belt could help you show off your figure. Wear a black, brown or other neutral belt to tone down an outfit or wear a statement piece that features a snakeskin pattern or another fall favorite. Belts work great over tunics, longline cardigans or your summer dresses.
  • Wear other accessories: Autumn is an excellent time to play with statement pieces. Dainty necklaces and other jewelry don't always stand out among knit sweaters and layers, so choose bold jewelry and accessories that can play with heavier fabrics and eye-catching prints.
  • Limit the layers: As you add some warmer staples to your closet to transition your summer wardrobe to fall, be careful how you layer. Stick to three or fewer layers, and you'll look put-together all season long.

Remember to make yourself cozy without going overboard on materials, colors or layers. Fall is such a fun season for fashion, so feel free to explore your options and get creative with what you have in autumn by combining it with your summer favorites.

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