How to Style Long Coats This Winter

A winter wardrobe is not complete without a couple of long coats, especially if you live in an area where lots of snow and icy temperatures are standard. Cozy outerwear is essential for cold climates, and long winter coats are on-trend this season. Long jackets can vary in length, but each style will have a hem well below your waist. Long winter coats offer a dramatic, sharp, and classy cold-weather vibe, but knowing how to style them is crucial to nailing the look. Are you wondering how to style a long coat? Perfectly Priscilla has you covered. Keep reading to find out how to style long coats this winter.

The Best Ways to Style Long Winter Coats

Depending on where you reside, walking around during the chilly wintertime can be extremely uncomfortable without proper outerwear. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice fashion in order to stay warm. Long winter coats are available in endless styles. From mid-thigh to ankle-length, you can get a long cold-weather jacket in virtually any material, color, and print.

Planning an outfit during the winter can be challenging enough without the added task of figuring out what type of coat to wear. At Perfectly Priscilla, we love the look of long statement outerwear during the coldest part of the year. So how do you style a long winter coat? We’ve outlined the best ways to style long wool coats, trench coats, rain jackets, and puffer jackets here.

How to Style a Long Wool Coat

Long wool coats are one of our favorite outerwear pieces for winter, and believe it or not, they are relatively easy to style. You can wear one to work for a sophisticated and professional look. Of course, wool coats can also be worn with evening and formal wear as they look great over party dresses, skirts, and slacks with pumps. Additionally, a long wool jacket can be worn over a casual outfit complete with distressed jeans, layered knits, and your favorite sneakers. For an in-between style, think about wearing a mini dress or skirt under your long wool coat with some statement winter accessories. Depending on your personal style, you may prefer a fitted cut or a trendy oversized coat. Wool jackets are available in button-up, belted, zip-up, double-breasted, wrap, topcoat, and skirted options. To get the most use out of your long wool coat this winter, opt for a neutral color like camel, black, gray, brown, or navy.

How to Style a Trench Coat

When it comes to winter outerwear, trench coats are timeless. Because they never really go out of style, a good trench coat will be an investment that lasts for several years. Similar to long wool jackets, a versatile trench coat shade will be easiest to style. The go-to color for trench coats is several varieties of tan and nude, but you may also consider going for black or navy. Most trench coats come in a waterproof canvas material, so they’re a great option for rainy days and look super cute with rubber rain boots. Some of them even come with hoods! At Perfectly Priscilla, we love the look of a trench coat for day-to-day workwear. This long winter coat pairs well with pressed slacks, a button-up blouse, and pumps or flats. We also adore a cocktail dress and heels under a trenchcoat for a night out. You can mix and match with laidback and professional touches and wear a trench over dark jeans and a simple long-sleeve t-shirt or turtleneck sweater. Complete any of these looks with a statement purse, rain boots or ankle booties, and your favorite winter accessory––we think leather gloves pair perfectly! Trench coats are a classic winter wardrobe essential that we believe every plus-size woman should own.

How to Style a Long Rain Jacket

If you live somewhere that gets frequent rain during the winter, a long rain jacket is the way to go. Raincoats come in tons of different materials including heavier thermal options, classic rubber, and lightweight waterproof shells. While basic shades are never a bad choice, you may want to select a bold color for your long raincoat as there are so many stellar options to choose from. We love retro bright yellow as well as red, green, hot pink, and fun patterns for long rain jackets. Clear raincoats are on-trend this season and can be worn as a waterproof statement piece. But how should you style a long rain jacket this winter? Raincoats work well over athleisure-wear and casual outfits. Try a long, cozy tunic over leggings with rubber boots or a zip-up hoodie, jeans, and your favorite slip-on sneakers. You can also pair a long rain jacket with just about any business casual outfit including slacks with pumps, a dress with booties, or a sweater dress and over-the-knee boots. Rainy days can be a total bummer, but they don’t have to ruin your outfit! A long rain jacket will keep you dry and looking your best this winter.

How to Style a Long Puffer Jacket

A long puffer jacket might just be the coziest thing you could possibly wear during the winter––it’s basically like walking around in a sleeping bag! Not only are down jackets a winter wardrobe essential for icy-cold weather, but they also make a bold fashion statement. They offer both a sporty vibe and a contemporary aesthetic which you should keep in mind when styling a long puffer jacket this winter. On the sportier side, we love how a long down coat looks over athleisure-wear. If your puffer jacket is a brighter shade like red, royal blue, or kelly green, opt for black athleisure-wear and finish the ensemble with comfortable sneakers and a knit beanie. You can also sport a long puffer coat with a trendy 9:00 to 5:00 outfit. Try a high-waisted skirt, solid tights, a simple top, and ankle booties. The coldest days require the warmest coats, no matter the occasion. Luckily, you can also rock this sporty winter coat over formal wear this winter. Slip your long puffer jacket over a date-night outfit for instant warmth during a night on the town. Throw on your sexiest pair of heels and a bold lip color, and you’ll stay warm and be good to go!

Styling Tips for Long Coats

By now, you should have a pretty good idea of how to style long coats this winter. But before you leave, we’ve compiled our best plus-size styling tips for long coats to give you a little more inspiration. If you’re the proud owner of each type of long winter coat, you’ve got endless styling options to work with this season.

Embrace a neutral-colored coat

If you’re just dipping your toes into the world of long winter coats for women, buy a neutral color first. Whether you’re going for wool, trench, rain, or puffer, a neutral hue will provide you with the most styling options. Coat colors that match virtually everything include tan, off-white, black, gray, navy, and taupe.

Try one on for size

When it comes to plus-size outerwear, we believe in prioritizing comfort and selecting a style that fits your figure. You won’t get much use out of even the most fashionable winter jacket if it doesn’t fit properly. Luckily, you can prevent discomfort by trying on a few long winter coats this season. The perfect long jacket will end up being your go-to clothing item this winter. You’ll likely be wearing it multiple times a week, so it’s a good idea to make sure you find a coat that’s best for you. Before investing in a winter coat, you should definitely try on a few cuts and styles. Long winter jackets can be fitted, oversized, knee-length, or ankle-length.

You’ll also have to consider if you look best in a button-up, double-breasted, zip-up, tie-waist, or another type of coat. A round belly or thicker waistline can be concealed with an ankle-length winter coat. A coat with a thick collar can make wider hips appear more balanced. To make sure a coat fits properly, do the “hug test.” Hug your arms around your body, trying to touch your opposite shoulders. Try reaching your arms up into the air as well. If the fabric feels extra tight or cuts into your armpits, elbows, or shoulders, you’ll likely want to go for a size up. Trying on as many as possible will help you make the best decision.

Think about the weather

What type of winter weather will you be facing where you live? Do you expect constant rainfall, significant snow, or dry air with freezing temps? For significantly cold winter weather, a full-length coat is your best bet. It goes without saying, but rain jackets are the way to go for wet winter climates. Wool is one of the warmest and most durable materials for coats. If you plan on wearing your long jacket frequently this year, wool is an excellent option. Do you ride the train, bus, another form of public transportation to work? If so, you’ll want to choose a coat that will keep you warm while walking to your stop and standing outside each day. Goose down is also extremely warm, so a long puffer jacket will be your best friend if you live somewhere that gets to below zero.

Consider the overall vibe of your outfit

While each style is relatively versatile, getting to know which winter jackets work best with different outfits will give you a leg up on nailing your look. Are you going for a casual, sporty, professional, or glammed-up look? Consider the overall vibe of your outfit each day and select a winter coat based on that. Rain jackets and puffer coats generally work better with sporty and casual looks while long wool coats and trench jackets are perfect for more sophisticated and fancy outfits.

Compliment your coat with accessories

When styling long coats this winter, playing around with winter accessories is an easy way to add a personal touch. Not only that, winter accessories are a necessity for keeping your ears, neck, and fingers warm when you head outside. Cold-weather gear will also help you style your long coat for each occasion. Are you heading out for a brisk walk, going to work, shopping with friends, running errands, attending a football game, or going to a holiday party? The right accessories can dress a winter coat up or down so you look polished and ready for any occasion.

Stock up on a few cozy hats this winter. At Perfectly Priscilla, we adore knit beanies and pom hats. A soft, warm scarf is also a winter fashion must-have. When the temperature drops, you’ll be glad to have a scarf to pair with your long coat so that your face and neck don’t freeze. And don’t forget gloves! Keeping your hands warm is critical to surviving the cold during the winter. Luckily, you can have warm fingers and make a fashion statement at the same time! Choose fleece, cotton, or leather gloves in fingerless or full-coverage styles. Winter accessories are also a perfect opportunity to add pops of color to your look.

Unless you live a tropical or desert climate, chances are you’ll need some type of jacket to get you through the winter. Long coats are on-trend for outerwear this year. They can be worn over any outfit and compliment women of any age and size. For more plus-size winter fashion inspiration, check out Perfectly Priscilla on Instagram and Pinterest!

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