How to Style a Duster

How to Style a Duster

Dusters have become wildly popular in the fashion industry, and it's no surprise why — they complement an array of tops, bottoms and dresses while adding variety to nearly any outfit. Another benefit of dusters is that they can accommodate a range of sizes. Due to their flexible, loose-fitting style, they allow plenty of wiggle room to achieve the fit you desire. Whether you're deciding how to wear a duster plus size, regular or petite, you can easily find something to flatter your body type.

If you own a duster yourself or are considering purchasing one, you may be searching for different ways to style it or trying to determine what outfits it would go best with. Fortunately, we're here to teach you how to style a duster cardigan, coat or jacket with any outfit. Keep reading for some great tips and recommendations for styling your duster!

What Is a Duster?

If you're unfamiliar with this term, a duster is a long, loose-fitting womens coat that comes in various styles, colors, prints and materials. It's typically worn over a dress or top with pants or shorts. Dusters somewhat resemble trench coats — however, they tend to be slightly longer in length, reaching further below the knees than trench coats do.

Dusters are available in multiple styles and fabrics. While a thick wool, leather or cashmere duster is more suitable for fall and winter, lightweight materials such as silk, linen and cotton can be worn during spring and summer. 

They can also be worn in various settings, as they can help you achieve a casual or professional look. You can wear a duster for a party, an evening out with friends or even in the office depending on your workplace. You can choose an appropriate duster style to accommodate any of these settings.

With an extensive selection of styles to choose from, there are many opportunities to create a trendy, eye-catching outfit with your duster. In the next few sections, let's look at some of the ways to style dusters with different outfits.

How to Wear a Duster With a Dress or Skirt

Certain types of skirts and dresses pair beautifully with dusters, making a stunning outfit. Here are four tips to keep in mind when wearing a duster over a dress or skirt:

  1. Wear a fitted dress. We recommend pairing your duster with a bodycon dress or pencil skirt. An A-line skirt or dress may add too much volume to your outfit and compete with your duster. 
  2. Be mindful of dress length. We suggest wearing a dress or skirt that doesn't extend past your duster. Instead of a maxi skirt or dress that could draw attention away from your duster, you might consider wearing one that doesn't go too far past your knees.
  3. Consider the occasion. When opting for a more casual outfit, try pairing your dress with a comfortable duster made of knit or cotton material. A pair of sandals can accompany this look as well. For a more formal outfit, try a silk or embellished duster. Complete this look with a pair of high heels.
  4. Complement patterns. If you're wearing a printed dress or skirt, we recommend pairing it with a solid color duster to avoid clashing patterns. If you're wearing a solid color dress or skirt, you can pair it with a printed duster or one of a contrasting color to enhance your outfit.

Styling a Duster With Tops and Bottoms

If you're looking to create the perfect outfit by mixing and matching tops and bottoms to wear with your duster, here are four outfit ideas to provide you with some inspiration:

1. Top and Jeans

A duster, some heels and tasteful jewelry can dress up a simple pair of jeans. For a casual outfit that's trendy and elegant at the same time, pair a neutral button-down shirt or blouse with a pair of cuffed skinny jeans. A turtleneck is another option that could pair nicely with this look. Layer this outfit with a black or gray duster cardigan or a silk duster and complete your look with a pair of flats, platform heels or wedges. 

2. T-Shirt and Leggings

For an outfit that's both comfortable and stylish, spruce up a casual T-shirt and leggings outfit with a duster cardigan or one of a light-knit fabric. Wear a solid-color, printed or graphic tee that accents your unique taste and style. A casual pair of shoes such as combat boots, flats or sneakers will help complete this look.

A duster, some heels and tasteful jewelry can dress up a simple pair of jeans.

3. Blouse and Dress Pants

Looking for a more professional outfit to wear to the office? Try pairing a solid color blouse with some black dress pants, then top it off with a polyester or wool duster. A duster in a neutral color such as gray or black will likely be more sophisticated and businesslike — it's better to save printed and embellished dusters for when you're away from the workplace, as these could come across as less professional. Complete your outfit with a pair of black pumps or flats. 

4. Tank Top and Jean Shorts

If you're trying to decide how to wear a duster in summer, combine it with a pair of jean shorts and a tank top to create a stylish and comfortable outfit. To dress suitably for warm weather, you might consider a more lightweight duster material such as linen or cotton. Complete this outfit with a trendy pair of sandals or sneakers.

Add Some Accessories

Finally, complete your outfit with some stunning accessories that match beautifully with your duster. If you need some inspiration for how to accessorize, here are a few ideas you might consider:

  • Blanket or infinity scarf
  • Layered or statement necklace
  • Statement earrings or hoops
  • Beaded or charm bracelet
  • Black or brown belt
  • Beanie or wide brim hat

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