How to Feel Confident in Your Clothes

How to Feel Confident in Your Clothes

When you feel your best, the rest of the world can see your authentic self glowing from the inside out. But if you’re trying a new aesthetic or going through a transformative time in your life, you may experience moments of doubt and insecurity that make you feel less than your best.

The secret to working any outfit is showing up with confidence and poise. This means forgetting about past judgments, leaving others' opinions for them to worry about and reclaiming your power as a strong and authentic woman.

From this moment forward, the way you feel in your clothes is the only thing that matters. Confidence is universal, regardless of your age, size or shape. It’s time to step out into the world feeling like your best self, and this article will show you how to feel more confident in your clothes.

Why It's Important to Feel Confident in Your Clothes

When you feel good about yourself, your entire mindset changes. Feeling confident changes the way you view the world and how the world sees you. You feel more positive and energetic, which makes you stand taller and move with purpose.

Your clothes have more influence than you may know. In one study, wearing more formal clothing to work can help improve cognitive function and abstract thinking. Dressing for success is indeed a real thing — so why not use this superpower to your advantage every day? 

When you feel empowered, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals and conquering any task that comes your way.

Dress For Your Body Type 

Learning how to feel confident in your clothes starts with embracing your body type and creating a wardrobe that accents your best assets. Forget about trends. Forget what everyone else is wearing. Trying to fit every new trend on every body type is impossible because every body is different. 

Your shape, curves, angles, height and features are unique to you. So you should wear clothes that complement your body type. This means researching which cuts and patterns look best according to the proportions of your chest, hips, butt and legs, and then building your wardrobe around what you like to wear the most.

Attempting to wear clothes that don’t fit your shape is like trying to force a square peg into a round hole. In the end, you’ll feel frustrated and discouraged. But when you start dressing for your body type, your confidence will soar.

Wear Clothes That Compliment Your Favorite Features

Wear Clothes That Compliment Your Favorite Features

Every woman has at least one feature that they love about themselves. What are yours? Do you love your long legs or shapely chest? Does your eye color stand out the most or your rich skin tone? Whatever your favorite asset is, wear more clothes that will compliment that feature.

For long legs, try detailed linen trousers or flared pants. For curvy hips, dress up with romantic styles. If you want your eye color to pop, wear blouses with colors that will make them sparkle.

The bottom line — don’t worry about what society says is beautiful. YOU decide how you feel, and beauty standards change every decade. So embrace your favorite features and dress to feel your best.

Embrace the Opportunity to Show People the Real You

It’s the 21st century. We’re past putting on fronts and trying to fit in. It’s the era of standing out by being the most authentic version of yourself. Your clothing is a representation of who you really are and it shows the world how you see yourself. If you feel uncomfortable with what you’re wearing, it will show through your mannerisms and body language. Painful heels and ill-fitting clothing aren’t worth the discomfort.

Instead, wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable. Find the styles and aesthetics that fit your energy and personality and wear them proudly into the world. Life is too short to care about what other people think. Embrace the opportunity to show the world who you really are, and your confidence will never fall short again.

Forget Sizes, Focus on How You Feel

For too long our feelings surrounding shopping have been dictated by what size we are or aren’t. The comparison between sizes has played too much of a role in how we feel about ourselves, with serious consequences — the least of which is an overwhelmingly low level of confidence in women who deserve to feel beautiful and seen for more than the number on their clothing tag.

Confidence can’t be measured by size or numbers. It’s a feeling, a state of being that you dictate. So the next time you go shopping, don’t pay attention to what size clothing you fit into. Focus on how you feel when wearing it.

You’ve been buying clothes long enough to know when something makes you feel good. The goal is to find that feeling whenever you make a purchase. Put your own comfort and feelings first, and forget about what the tag says.

Don't Be Afraid to Take Risks

Once you feel more comfortable and confident in your clothes, you can take it one step further and start taking fashion risks. When you reach the point of not caring what other people think of your wardrobe, you can up your confidence level by stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things.

Remember that it's good to step out of your comfort zone once in a while, just a little bit at a time. There are so many styles and aesthetics to play with, don’t limit yourself to just one idea of fashion.

And if there are any faux pas during the process, don’t let it stop you from experimenting with your sense of style. The bottom line is that if you think it looks great, then you should throw caution to the wind and wear it. After all, confidence is the best accessory to any outfit. 

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