How to Dress for Autumn

Autumn is officially here! As the season changes, leaves start to fall, the air gets colder, the sun sets earlier, and we start making some much-needed adjustments to our wardrobes. This means jackets, scarves, gloves, tights, and comfy-cozy sweaters galore! At Perfectly Priscilla, we absolutely love the fall season and all the amazing plus-size outfits that come with it. Dressing for fall can be easier said than done, but with the right tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to a whole new wardrobe. Keep reading to learn how to dress for autumn.

Wondering How to Dress for the Fall?

If you’re a curvy woman who’s wondering how to dress for the fall, look no further. We’ve laid out the hottest colors of the season as well as the best styles, accessories, and layering tips for plus-size ladies.

Fall Fashion Colors for 2018

Who doesn’t look forward to wearing the deep, warm colors of autumn? This year, the color experts at Pantone have laid out 12 incredible shades for Fall 2018 fashion colors that work for all types of clothing. Get to know each of the hues here.

Red Pear

A dark, velvety red reminiscent of maroon, crimson, and brick. Pantone describes the shade as “deliciously deep red, whose luscious depth entices.”

Valiant Poppy

A bright and vibrant hue of classic cherry red with a retro feel. Pantone describes the color as a “brave and outgoing red shade effusive in its allure.”

Nebulas Blue

A medium, electric blue color that’s perfectly neutral with a modern twist. Pantone describes it as “reminiscent of twilight, a thoughtful, starry-eyed blue.”

Ceylon Yellow

A darker, mustard version of the yellows from spring and summer. Pantone describes this shade as a “savory and spicy yellow [that] adds an exotic touch.”

Martini Olive

A cool, muted military green with notes of brown and gray. The hue is described as a “smooth, sophisticated and urbane green.”

Russet Orange

A brighter, more lively version of the classic fall shade of orange. The color is described as a “forest floor orange [that] speaks to earthen warmth.”

Ultra Violet

A confident and bold purple with dark blue undertones. As Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2018, it is described as an “inventive and imaginative” shade that “lights the way for what is yet to come.”

Crocus Petal

A muted pastel purple that’s most commonly seen during the spring. This fall lavender is described as “a cultivated and refined hue [that] adds a light and airy spring-like feeling demand.”

Mellow Rose

The subtle, dusty version of “millennial pink” with a hint of mauve. This color is described as “a beloved traditional English shade [that] adds unexpected intrigue.”


A retro version of greenish-yellow neon that’s perfect for autumn. Pantone describes this shade as “animated and effervescent, a pungent yellow-green [that] becomes the center of attention.”

Quetzal Green

A dark teal shade that compliments every body type and skin tone. This alluring color is described as “a deep, elegant blue-green hue suggestive of rich plumage.”

Pink Peacock

An enticing twist on timeless hot pink and fuschia. Pantone describes this hue as “a bright and bold dramatic pink for a more experimental approach.”

You might find that some of these trendy colors are easier to rock than others. Olive ankle boots, a teal tunic, and electric blue jeggings? No problem. But what about the rest? While you might not be used to wearing effervescent yellow, hot pink, or lavender shades during the colder months of the year, test the waters by playing around with some pops of color in your wardrobe. You just might find that you love the brighter shades this fall. Try wearing a couple of bright colors together or accenting basic hues with eye-catching shades. Start incorporating each of these stellar colors into your wardrobe this season and confidently make a statement.

The Best Patterns for Autumn

Now that you’ve got the colors down, you might be thinking about what patterns you should be wearing this fall. Get to know our favorite autumn patterns and prints below.


If you think your floral pieces need to be retired every autumn, think again! Florals are totally appropriate to wear for autumn and can really make a plus-size outfit stand out. We’re talking maxi dresses in deep red or olive, mid-length shifts in shades of poppy or this season’s blue, trendy tunics in dark blue-green or ruffled pinky-mauve, embroidered trench coats, flattering cardigans, and flower-print tights. This autumn, floral print can be worn in vibrant, bold shades or subtle prints for a more discreet look. Pair your favorite dress or other floral pieces with boots, and you’ll be good to go!


As a fall fashion staple, plaid is a print that may never fade away. Plaid clothing can be worn as a head-to-toe statement look or in singular pieces to compliment solid shades. Also, plaid doesn't need to be worn in predictable colors like red, green, or black. If you’re looking to add some variety to your collection of plaid flannel shirts you’ve had forever, think about a preppy mini dress, a casual baseball tee with dark red printed sleeves, a neutral tunic, a classic midi dress with jumbo plaid print, a cute pea coat, a trendy rain jacket, a statement scarf, or a versatile cardigan with shades of this season’s hottest blue and lavender. Try pairing a plaid top with dark blue jeans or a plaid skirt with a solid shirt tucked in.


Due to their flattering versatility and timeless appeal, stripes are one of our favorite prints for fall. Wondering how to dress for autumn in stripes? The possibilities are endless! A vertical-striped multi-color jumpsuit gives off a modern, confident look while a red horizontal-striped jumpsuit works if your vibe is more casual. You might also love a striped top in this season’s mustard yellow, wide-leg pants for professional wear, a poppy red maxi dress, or a striped knit scarf.

Animal Print

We’re happy to report that animal print is approved for plus-size fall 2018 fashion. The sassy pattern can be worn in flattering dresses or subtle pieces that complement an overall neutral look. Try a cheetah-print top with black leggings, a flattering leopard-print dress, a leopard pendant necklace, animal-print jeggings, or maybe a jacket, scarf, or handbag in your favorite jungle print. Start with some neutral layered basics, and finish off the look with a statement animal-print coat, tights, or hat.


If you’re a curvy woman with feminine style, you probably love lace. Luckily, it’s one of the hottest patterns for clothing this fall and can be worn to add an essence of girliness to any ensemble. Our favorite lace pieces from Perfectly Priscilla include a long teal cardigan with bell sleeves, a burgundy tunic with lace sleeves, a mid-length mustard yellow dress, a flirty gray top, and a sleeveless lilac tunic. Lace offers a rustic, vintage look that can be worn day or night.

Trending Styles for Autumn

A major part of figuring out how to dress for autumn is nailing the trendiest styles. Some of our favorite plus-size looks for fall 2018 are on-the-go glam, athleisure, cozy casual, and the classic layered look.

On-the-Go Glam

This autumn, flashy, glittery, shimmery, and shiny pieces are all the rage, but that doesn’t mean you need to be heading to a formal event to sport this look. You could just be wearing a cute outfit to a football game. Fall glam can be incorporated into outfits for work, running errands, or a midweek date night. Add a hint of sparkle to your jeans and a t-shirt look, solid maxi dress, or any other on-the-go ensemble. Think satin, sequins, and all things patent shimmer. Subtle glam accents we love include a shimmery beaded necklace, rose gold sneakers, and eye-catching gold and teal earrings. This fall look is just the right amount of fancy and casual that it can be worn day or night for any occasion.


For busy and active plus-size ladies, athleisure is a go-to for fall fashion. Running tights, tracksuits, yoga pants, sweatpants, hoodies, and sneakers are all on the approved list for casual wear this autumn. Some of our flattering athleisure favorites from Perfectly Priscilla’s fall plus-size collection include capri leggings, ankle-length stretchy pants, graphic sports tees, and bold sneakers.


If your idea of fall fashion is bundling up in your favorite cold-weather clothing, embrace a cozy and casual look. Jeans, jeggings, cotton tees, and pullover sweaters are all acceptable for this look! Keep your casual attire on-trend this season with a slouchy ribbed sweater, a wear-anywhere cotton top, an oversized mustard sweater, statement burgundy or seasonal printed leggings, olive jeggings, and light mauve sneakers from Perfectly Priscilla.

Classic Layered

Autumn fashion is all about layering. As the temperature drops, you’ll be wanting to grab some extra articles of warmth to layer onto your outfit. This means layering basic tees and turtlenecks with pullovers, cardigans, jackets, hoodies, and coats for your outer layer. Perfectly Priscilla has all the best layering pieces. Check out our tank tops, short and long-sleeve solid shirts, graphic tees, tunics, and cardigans for endless layering options.

How to Accessorize this Fall

No fall look is complete without the right accessories. Once you’ve nailed your favorite plus-size look for autumn 2018, add the finishing touches with jewelry, belts, purses, backpacks, tights, headbands, sunglasses, scarves, hats, and gloves. Some of the best accessories from Perfectly Priscilla this season are the teal laser-cut earrings, green and brown tassel earrings, gold pendant necklace, and long beaded necklace in this season’s limelight shade.

Are You Feeling Confident About How to Dress for Autumn?

If you’re like us, you might feel like summer flew by and autumn snuck up on you. But don’t worry! You have plenty of time to assess your wardrobe, make room for new pieces, and stock up on the latest plus-size fall clothing. Get your hands on some of Perfectly Priscilla’s trendy tops for fall, stunning autumn dresses, and seasonal plus-size tunics all designed to compliment a curvy figure.

The fall season is all about vibrant, unexpected hues, playing around with patterns and textures, and layering different fabrics. Don’t be afraid to mix and match with floral, plaid, stripes, animal print, and lace. You can also have fun with combining elements of your favorite fall styles. Take some on-the-go glam and mix it up with cozy-casual and layers of athleisure. Be yourself and confidently wear what you want this season.

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