How to Buy a Swimsuit for Your Body Type

Bathing Suit Shopping Advice

Swim season is here, and you're ready to soak up the sun! You also want a comfortable bathing suit, whether you plan to lounge by the water or head out for aquatic adventures. The fit of your swimsuit can make or break your fun in the sun, so it's essential to know how to shop for a bathing suit.

If you're stressing out for summer, wondering what size bathing suit you should buy, we're here to help. Check out our bathing suit shopping guide to learn how to shop for a bathing suit and how to buy bathing suits online.

How Should Bathing Suits Fit?

Swimsuits should be comfortable, but you obviously don't want them to be too loose. The goal of well-fitting swimwear is to put it on and not have to fiddle with it throughout your day at the beach or poolside. So, how should bathing suits fit? Check out these specifics to know what you should look for in a swimsuit:

  • The material in your swimwear should be flexible and stretchy, so it's still comfortable when it gets wet.
  • Ties make your swimwear adjustable, so be sure they're secure, especially if you're an active swimmer.
  • A one-piece swimsuit shouldn't be too tight, but it should be snug to your body to flaunt your figure.
  • Your top should give your bust enough support, no matter its size.
  • Swimsuit bottoms shouldn't be saggy, but they shouldn't dig into your skin, either.

Your figure can impact how your swimwear fits and what type of suit you should buy. Of course, you should wear whatever you want to the beach or the pool! But if you aren't sure what swimsuit suits you, get inspiration with suggestions based on your figure. Find your shape below to learn how to buy a swimsuit for your body type:

Busty Figures

If you're gifted up top, a bathing suit top that ties behind the neck might be uncomfortable. Choose a style with straps — the wider, the better. Most styles with straps that rest on your shoulders will be suitable, but you can get halter styles that are stylish and comfortable for your figure, too. No matter what strap style you prefer, you may want to consider an underwire-lined top for extra support.

For one-piece swimsuits that suit your figure, try something with a higher back rather than a low-cut or strappy style. A higher back and good straps mean better support from your swimsuit.

Smaller Busts

Smaller Busts

With a smaller bust, you've got plenty of options for a swimsuit top. Straps that tie give you the versatility to adjust the fit of your bathing suit, but if you're an active swimmer, you may prefer solid straps and clasps at the back of your top. Underwire-lined tops are also suitable for smaller busts if you want to balance your body shape.

Try tops that feature strappy details at the front to balance your figure, and choose tops with a bit of padding to give your bust a boost if you want one. You can get the illusion of a bigger bust with tops that feature ruffles or bows, as well.

Petite Frames

Elongate your figure with the bold, daring and retro look of a high-cut leg in your swimsuit bottoms. This look isn't for everyone, but rocking it makes your legs look longer and draws attention to your hips if you'd like to flaunt them. If that seems like a bit too much for you, you have more options.

A low back in a one-piece swimsuit gives the illusion of a height boost if that's what you want from your bathing suit. Choose fun vertical stripes for even more of an elongating effect.

Rectangular Figures

Two-piece swimsuits are great for people with rectangular figures. Having a separate top and bottom in your bathing suit balances your figure and gives you more of an hourglass look. That'll be especially noticeable if you choose a skirt-style bottom or a set with ruffles and other details.

Prefer one-piece bathing suits? Choose something with a belt or tie feature around your waist to give the illusion of that hourglass balance — or get creative with colors and patterns in your one-piece to bring attention in at your waist.

Hourglass Figures

Emphasize the classic shape of your body with a high-waisted, two-piece swimsuit. This style is more than a trendy option — it also brings attention to the proportions of your hips and shoulders. Darker colors and structured fabrics in your bottoms give you tummy control if you want that from your swimwear. Try to match the features throughout your swimsuit, adding ruching or ruffles to your hips and shoulders at the same time to maintain your hourglass shape.

Pear-Shaped Bodies

Pear-Shaped Bodies

Draw attention up to your shoulders with fun details in your swimsuit top, like ruffles, sleeves or fun patterns. For your bottoms, keep it simple, choosing black or another solid color that complements the color or pattern in your top.

If you want to draw attention up and away from your hips or thighs, choose swim shorts or skirts for your bottoms. They'll give you more security and comfort than bikini bottoms, and they're great for active swimmers who want some adventure on the water.

How to Buy Bathing Suits Online

It may seem intimidating to order a swimsuit online, but it doesn't have to be! You've probably bought clothes online before, and buying swimwear online isn't that much different. You just want to be careful with your selection and know what you're looking for in your swimwear. Here are some tips for buying bathing suits online:

  • Measure yourself: Many online stores provide general size guidelines for their clothing, including swimsuits. Typically, you'll measure the fullest part of your bust, the narrowest part of your waist and the area between your waist and your thighs. Try to match your measurements to what the store suggests in the size chart, and you'll figure out what size bathing suit you should buy.
  • Match the model: Try to find an image of the swimsuit you want on a model that has a similar figure to yours. Check what size they wear and see how you'd match up based on the sizing information.
  • Read the details: While it's easy for the look of a cute swimsuit or fun pattern to lure you in, be sure to check the details. Are the bottoms cheeky when you want full coverage? Does the top feature underwire when you prefer something less structured? Read the details of the bathing suit and check the pictures before you place your order.
  • Consider other clothes: If you've ordered clothes from an online store, consider how they fit. Were they true to size? Did you need to size up or down? That can give you an indication of how the store's swimsuits will fit you.
  • Know the return policy: Check the online return policy of stores carefully since some may not accept returns on swimsuits. 

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