7 Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Plus Size

At Perfectly Priscilla, Halloween night is one of our favorite parts of the autumn season. Dressing up for the fall holiday is all about exercising your creativity and originality while having lots of fun. Maybe you have a Halloween party marked on your calendar, maybe you’re dressing up for a costume contest at your office, maybe you’re taking your kids out trick-or-treating, or maybe you’re staying in and handing out candy to the children in your neighborhood. Whatever the case, it’s time to start planning the perfect costume.

7 DIY Halloween Costumes for Full-Figured Women

October 31st is all about surrendering to your imagination and finding a costume or outfit that stands out. Not sure where to start? No worries. If you’re a woman with a full body shape and curves in need of a little inspiration, we’ve got your back. The following seven plus-size Halloween costume ideas are fun, creative, and easy to put together.

Plus-Size Halloween Costume Idea: Skeleton

A skeleton is one of the most simple and easy plus-size Halloween costume ideas out there, and it’s perfect for those who wear a lot of black on a regular basis. A skeleton costume is spooky, edgy, and super easy to throw together. Start with fitted skeleton shirt, pair it with some basic black leggings from Perfectly Priscilla, pull some knee-high skeleton socks over the leggings, and top it off with a black tulle skirt. Alternatively, iron-on skeleton stickers can be adhered to black leggings and a black top or one of our black maxi dresses. If you’ve got time and are feeling extra crafty, you can also take a pair of black jeans and use acrylic paint to create a bone design. Finish the look with skeleton makeup or face paint. Sexy, dark, and effortless. What’s not to love?

Plus-Size Halloween Costume Idea: Bumblebee

Plus sized Bumblebee costume

A bumblebee is one of our favorite homemade plus-size Halloween costumes. You can dress up on your own or recruit your husband and kids to join you as a family of bees. Start with a black tank top over solid black leggings and add a black and yellow tutu, costume bumblebee wings, and an antenna headband. Finish with a pair of laser-cut black sneakers from Perfectly Priscilla. If you’re heading to an outdoor Halloween party or taking your kids trick-or-treating, make sure you plan ahead with a matching sweater from Perfectly Priscilla’s line of plus-size fall sweaters. Another option for this plus-size bumblebee costume is to get a bee costume dress to wear over the black tank and leggings. Do you want the costume to be cute, kid-friendly, playful, or sexy? You might choose to be the queen bee with a DIY crown headband and dress the rest of your family up as part of your beehive. Make it your own!

Plus-Size Halloween Costume Idea: Zombie Bride

Another of our favorite homemade Halloween ideas for a plus-size women’s costume is a zombie bride. It’s the perfect balance between feminine and scary which is really what the best Halloween costumes are made of. To create this zombie bride costume, start with a white lace dress like the flattering plus-size midi from Perfectly Priscilla. Check out our trendy fall dresses for the full collection. Pair with a costume bridal veil, garter, and bouquet of fake flowers. Opt for some white lace sneaker flats so you’re comfortable all night. To finish the costume, apply some zombie makeup, temporary scar tattoos, and some fake costume blood. For zombie brides, we love the look of heavy black eyeliner and eyeshadow creating deep-set shadows around your eyes. For added character (and a layer of warmth) wear a black lace top over the dress. See if your boyfriend or husband will commit to wearing a DIY zombie costume with you and go as a zombie bride and groom!

Plus-Size Halloween Costume Idea: Bat

A bat is one of the most effortless and fun plus-size Halloween costumes. It’s easy to throw together, and you can take the costume a couple of different directions. For a sexy bat look, start with a form-fitting black dress with dramatic sleeves. (The sleeves will emphasize your bat wings when the outfit is complete.) Wear with a pair of black tights, black heeled booties, costume bat wings, and a bat headband. You can also easily make your own bat wings and bat ears using simple black fabric and a plastic headband. For a more cozy and casual take on the plus-size bat costume, swap the fitted dress for a black maxi or jumpsuit from Perfectly Priscilla. Take your comfort a step further and go with black leggings and a simple black top. For shoes, opt for some comfy black sneakers or over-the-knee boots if you’re wearing leggings.

Plus-Size Halloween Costume Idea: Flapper

At Perfectly Priscilla, we love the idea of traveling back to the 1920s and dressing up as a flapper. The Roaring Twenties were all about fashion, parties, and letting loose. Think Gatsby, prohibition, and swing dancing. In the twenties, flappers were women who wore short dresses, pinned their hair into bobs, listened to jazz music, and shamelessly flaunted their stuff. For a homemade plus-size flapper costume, start with a short lace dress or skirt like the open-shoulder black lace dress from Perfectly Priscilla or our mauve midi dress. You can get some fringe to attach to the dress to make it really look like it came from the flapper era. Next, find some black tights or leggings, a flapper headpiece, some over-the-elbow gloves, a feather boa, maybe a costume cigarette holder, and lots of flashy jewelry. Some of our favorite flapper-inspired jewelry from Perfectly Priscilla are the gold and teal fringe earrings, gray beaded necklace, simple pearl string, and gold fringe necklace. You can also stock up on some costume pearls and layer them on like a true flapper girl! For the finishing touches on this costume, go with some cute booties, pinned up hair, and dramatic makeup with red lipstick.

Plus-Halloween Costume Idea: Ladybug

Plus sized ladybug costume

A ladybug costume is a comfy, cozy, and cute option that your kids and trick-or-treaters will love. And—bonus—it’s super easy to throw together. Start with black leggings or tights and a fitted black top. If your black top doesn’t have long sleeves, go for some long black costume gloves. Next, find a short or mid-length red dress. The plus-size red romper from Perfectly Priscilla will also work great. Then find some iron-on black dots and attach them to your dress or romper. Another option for a simple plus-size ladybug costume is to pick up a ladybug dress instead of ironing the dots on yourself. Finish with some costume ladybug wings and an antenna headband. If you’re feeling crafty, you can easily make a DIY ladybug antenna using just black pipe cleaner and styrofoam balls. For shoes, we love the idea of casual red lace-up sneakers or black over-the-knee boots for a sexier look.

Plus-Size Halloween Costume Idea: Pink Lady from Grease

If you’re like us, you can’t get enough of the movie Grease and all the fun 1950s costume inspiration. While there are a few versions of Sandy’s character that make a great costume, our favorite Halloween costume idea for plus-size gals is a sassy Pink Lady. We’re talking black pants, heeled shoes, sunglasses, and that iconic shiny pink jacket. For this DIY plus size costume, start with a pair of black pants. Jeans, jeggings, or leggings will all work, but try to go for a cropped cut to really nail the 1950s style. Next, find a simple form-fitting black top or shirt to go under the jacket. Perfectly Priscilla has plenty of plus-size fall tunics to choose from. A black and white striped shirt will also work. Finally, get a pink satin jacket, black sunglasses or costume cat-eye glasses, a black neck scarf, and some simple black shoes or kitten heels. For hair, go for a high ponytail or tight curls. Grab a lollipop or some pink bubble gum to chew on to really play the part. The best part about dressing up as a Pink Lady is that you can easily make it a group costume. Rally a few of your best girlfriends and dress up like Rizzo, Marty, Frenchy, and Dolores.

Finding the Perfect Plus-Size Halloween Costume

When it comes to deciding on a Halloween costume, sometimes all you need to get going is a little inspiration. Locking down the perfect plus-size Halloween costume doesn’t need to be expensive, time-consuming, or difficult. As you can see, all you need to get started with most of these plus-size costume ideas is a pair of basic black leggings and a comfortable black shirt. You might even be able to pull some items from your existing fall wardrobe. Perfectly Priscilla has tons of plus-size fall tops to choose from this season. From there, accessories and makeup really go a long way.

Curvy women don’t need to sit it out on Halloween night. There are so many plus-size costumes out there ranging from sexy, cute, funny, scary, to all of the above. Play around with these seven homemade plus-size costume ideas and make them your own perfect costume. You might have fun putting together a couples’ costume with your husband or boyfriend or dressing the whole family up.

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