Headbands and Hair Scarves and Scrunchies, Oh My!

Headbands and Hair Scarves and Scrunchies, Oh My!

Remember the days of adding colorful headbands, hair scarves and scrunchies to your looks? Good news — these accessories are back in style! Your options are limitless when it comes to the styles and types of hair accessories you can jazz up your look with — and the ways you can wear them are equally endless.

If you've never worn these headpieces before, it may seem intimidating, but there's no need to worry. We'll give you some tips for styling your accessories with your hair and your outfit, so you can get in on the latest trends. 

What Types of Headbands Are There?

You've seen headbands before, but you may not realize just how many options you have when it comes to this accessory. First, you have to consider the material:

  • Fabric: A fabric headband typically comes in a loop that you can wear around your forehead or from the back of your head to the crown to keep your hair in place. They're often elastic to stretch easily over your head and style however you like.
  • Plastic: This option is more structured than a fabric headband. It's sturdier and can have teeth-like rows to stay in place. These styles don't go around the entire head but, instead, rest at the top.

Those materials come in a variety of colors, prints and materials, so you can get what suits your tastes. You'll also find different styles of headbands in either plastic or fabric, such as:

  • Sleek headbands: These styles are low-key and functional, though they add a cute touch to your outfit. They don't stand out as much unless they come in bright colors and fun prints.
  • Padded headbands: Add dramatic volume with a padded headband. This option is thicker than a sleek headband, thanks to padding between the base of the headband and the fabric. The resulting look is an eye-catching accessory that adds a chic touch. Padded headbands have made an appearance on royalty, making it popular in the fashion world where they are sometimes called "hatbands" because of their volume.
  • Knotted headbands: Get the volume of a padded headband without as much drama in a knotted headband. The fabric of the headband is, well, in a knot to add some interest and texture. In an elastic fabric headband, the knot often serves to create the loop of the headband. On a plastic style, the knot in the fabric is decorative but just as cute.
  • Bow headbands: Bows of varying sizes adorn these accessories. They add a cute accent to the usual headband for a youthful style. The bow can either be an additional accent or made with the fabric tied into a bow.
  • Knitted headbands: If you like a cozy sweater, warm up your look even more with a knitted headband. These serve more for function but can also add style, wrapping around your head to keep your ears warm during the winter.

Don't be afraid to add all sorts of styles to your accessory collection to vary your look from day to day. You may also find that some styles and materials stay better in your hair throughout the day than others.

What Types of Hair Scarves Are There?

What Types of Hair Scarves Are There

Cover up a bad hair day or add some flair to your look with a hair scarf. A hair scarf often adds a more eye-catching, dramatic accessory to your outfit depending on how you wear it, but don't be afraid to play around with some of these styles:

  • Bandanna: Yes, you can wear that classic paisley fabric as a hair scarf! Bandannas are more casual than other hair scarf styles, but if you want to experiment with the look, this is a great place to start.
  • Square: Create simple wraps with a square hair scarf that easily folds without excess fabric to worry about. When women add a square hair scarf to their look, they usually fold it in half on the diagonal to create a triangle and work with it from there, but feel free to get creative.
  • Rectangle: Long styles are easy to roll and fold into headband-like looks. They drape elegantly or tie into impressive bows and come in anything from wider rectangle styles to narrow options that are a bit more subtle.
  • Hybrids: Some hair accessories combine a headband or scrunchie with the flowing style of a scarf. Hybrid styles may be easier to put on and style if you aren't familiar with how to wear a hair scarf.

These styles come in a rainbow of solid colors, but you'll also find stunning prints, patterns and materials that'll all add something different to your look.

What Types of Scrunchies Are There?

What Material Is Best for Scrunchies and Other Accessories

A scrunchie is simply elastic with a tube of fabric scrunched around it in a circle. The result is a hair tie with extra volume and style. Scrunchies mainly differ based on the size, the amount of fabric used in a style and the length of the elastic band inside it. There are also different styles for these fun hair ties, so consider these sizes and looks:

  • Small and subtle
  • Medium and classic
  • Large and bold
  • Scarf scrunchies with hanging fabric
  • Rabbit ear scrunchies that look tied and sometimes have wire to hold the ears' shapes
  • Bow scrunchies 

Are Scrunchies Better for Your Hair?

Compared to traditional elastic hair ties, scrunchies are often better for your hair. Certain fabrics work well in certain hair types, and with the right choice, scrunchies:

  • Don't pull your hair as much.
  • Won't cause as many headaches
  • Won't pull your hair when you take them out.
  • Don't create kinks and creases in your hair.

If you're tired of pulling out elastic hair ties that also pull out half of your hair, try a scrunchie instead, and see if it makes styling your hair back more comfortable.

Are Hair Scrunchies Still in Style?

You may remember collecting scrunchies in the 80s and 90s, but these accessories are back and more popular than ever. Big, dramatic styles add more of a vintage touch, while subtle styles are more grown-up and modern. Get in on this trend and revisit hair accessories of decades past with your favorite scrunchie styles.

What Material Is Best for Scrunchies and Other Accessories?

All sorts of fabrics make appearances in hair scrunchies, headbands and hair scarves. Some of the most common materials are:

  • Silk and satin: If you know the benefits of a silk pillowcase, it won't surprise you that there are silk and satin headpieces. Smooth hair accessories aren't going to mess with your hair as much as other fabrics, but they may slide out of straight or silky hair more easily.
  • Velvet: Get a luxe feel that can grip your hair a bit better with velvet scrunchies and hair accessories. You'll most likely find velvet scrunchies and headbands, but you can get the look of a draping hair scarf with those options. Some velvet appears more fun and youthful than others, but the color of the material also influences the overall style. Go for deep jewel tones to maintain the luxurious look of velvet.
  • Cotton: This common material is durable and cleans easily. You'll find cotton scrunchies in all sorts of prints and colors. Cotton can help reduce static in your hair, which is especially useful in hair scarf options.
  • Chiffon: A lightweight material, chiffon is also sheer and elegant. Scrunchies and headbands in this material are often textured and a solid color. Choose chiffon for something simple and refined.
  • Floral: Add some whimsy to your look with flowers, and we aren't just talking about the print. Floral headbands infuse nature and style with faux flowers for a charming look. The look is certainly more dramatic than others, but it's a fun way to add texture to your accessory.

Play around with these materials in your headbands, hair scarves and scrunchies to find what works best for your style and hair to get a look you can wear all day and into the night.

How to Wear Hair Accessories

When it comes to rocking these headpieces, you have to think about what clothes you're wearing and also how you want to wear your hair. Whether you rock a short look or have long locks, these hair accessories will add even more personality to your style. 

How to Wear a Hair Scarf

Get looks from casual to glam when you know how to wear a hair scarf. This accessory is the most versatile out of the bunch and a must-have for any headpiece collection. To wear a hair scarf, you could:

  • Tie a bandanna around a messy bun.
  • Tie a long hair scarf around a ponytail for extra length.
  • Make a bow around a low ponytail for a sweet touch.
  • Fold a bandanna in half diagonally, wear it over your hair and tie it in the back.
  • Braid a scarf into long hair for a pop of color.
  • Create a fabric headband around an updo or short hair and knot it in the front.
  • Wear your hair down and tie a hair scarf in the back like a fabric headband.
  • Go old Hollywood style and create a hair wrap tied under your chin to hold your hair down in the wind.

Get creative with your hair scarf to create new and unique styles. Roll it up for a padded headband effect or fold it neatly for something sleeker. Remember that hair pins and bobby pins are your friends here, especially if you're having trouble keeping the accessory in place or you'll be on the move all day.

How to Wear Knotted Headbands

Wearing a knotted headband is pretty simple. You can either push and hold back your hair for practical use or nestle it on the crown of your head for style. Try wearing a knotted headband in different ways to:

  • Show off your bangs: Tuck a headband on the crown of your head without disturbing your bangs, if you have them, for a cute and feminine style. Choose a knotted headband with the accent off towards the side to add a bit of asymmetry to your hairstyle.
  • Hold back your hair: Slicked-back styles have become more popular recently. Achieve the look in a less dramatic but still contemporary way with a headband. This works best if you don't have bangs and instead only have long sections of hair that frame your face to push back.
  • Keep your part: Sleeking your hair back smooths over your part, but if you want to let it stand out for a cute or preppy style, adjust the headband on your head without pushing anything back.

When you wear a knotted headband or other styles, tuck them behind your ears and adjust your hair how you like. When you know how to wear knotted headbands, you'll see that you can place them on your head for a pop of color or work them into your hair to keep everything in place.

How to Style a Silk Headband or Scarf

Silk is luxurious and adds an elegant touch to your hairstyles and outfit. You can wear accessories with this material the same way you would hair scarves or knotted headbands, so it's all about how you style a silk headband with your outfit.

Depending on the color and pattern you have in your silk headband or scarf, you can pair it with:

  • A jumpsuit for vintage inspiration.
  • An A-line dress for a glam look.
  • A neutral outfit to let the scarf stand out.

Your outfit, the pattern on the scarf and how you wear it will all influence the overall style of your look, so play around to see what works best together.

How to Style Preppy Headbands

If preppy is your style, you're in luck. Headbands can often have a preppy feel to them, but if you style them with the perfect outfit, your look is sure to stun. Wear a headband as you'd like and pair it with classy outfits, such as:

How to Style Preppy Headbands

Match the print of your headband to what's in your outfit or choose an accent color for a more subtle yet preppy look. A small bow headband or knotted headband adds a cute twist to the preppy look, while sleek styles keep it chic and preppy.

How to Wear Padded Headbands

A padded headband is going to stand out and give the eye-catching volume of a hat without as much coverage. Padded headbands can be a refined statement despite their size if you know how to wear them. Choose a look that's just as elegant as the accessory and try these styles:

  • An embellished headband adds glitz to the glam, especially when you match it to your earrings or other accessories.
  • A black padded headband is sleek, refined and versatile enough to go with almost any stylish outfit.
  • A ruffled headband adds a bit of romantic charm to a padded headband and some texture to help it stand out even more.

The bigger the padding on your headband, the more dramatic your look will be, but feel free to start small until you know how to wear padded headbands and get used to the accessory.

Get Hair Accessories With Perfectly Priscilla

Get Hair Accessories With Perfectly Priscilla

With all those styles to try, you'll want to add to your collection of headbands, hair scarves and scrunchies as soon as possible. From preppy to boho, glam to girly, these hair accents give it all, and at Perfectly Priscilla, we've got accessories and outfits to suit any style you're after.

Browse our accessories from headbands to scarves at Perfectly Priscilla to find a perfect accent for your wardrobe. If you've already got some favorite hair accessories, check out our dresses, tops and bottoms to create some new fabulous outfits.

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