Going Sleeveless This Summer

Going Sleeveless This Summer

Hot weather means cool outfits, and this summer, we're going sleeveless. From casual tank tops to daring spaghetti straps, sleeveless tops are versatile, comfortable options that you'll want to fill your wardrobe with for the season. Not sure how to style sleeveless tops in plus sizes or any other size, or searching for some inspiration for going sleeveless this summer? Check out the tips below and get ready to create fabulous sleeveless outfits for warmer weather!

How to Style Sleeveless Tops

Stay stylish and comfortable with a few tips for wearing sleeveless tops this summer. Whether you carry over plus-size spring trends with patterns or try something new for any size or shape, sleeveless tops are a versatile must-have for your warm-weather wardrobe.

Try to incorporate balance into your outfit where you can, especially with a sleeveless top. If your shirt is flowy or a statement piece, pair it with fitted or neutral bottoms. Have a bit of fun with your shorts or skirts if your sleeveless top is solid-colored or plain. Remember to tuck in your sleeveless top if your shorts feature a detailed waist, like a tie, belt or paperbag style. If you do have embellished bottoms, choose a more fitted top or one that's easy to tuck in.

Balancing an outfit is perfect for a fashionista of any shape and size, so get a variety of tops and bottoms to mix and match this season! If you're going sleeveless this summer, start with your tops, then consider what to pair with them. Get some inspiration with the variety of sleeveless tops you have to choose from.

Tank Tops

Tank tops offer a broader strap while maintaining that stunning sleeveless look. They can be casual, perfect for running errands or hitting the gym, or feature some accents that give your tank tops a formal or fun twist. When you create outfits with plus-size tank tops or tank tops of all sizes, try some of these looks:

Still enjoying the spring weather? Layer plus-size spring tank tops with lightweight cardigans to take off and transition from cooler weather to warm later in the day. You can also pair your sleeveless tops with long pants to bring balance, comfort and warmth to a cool-weather outfit.

Don't forget the footwear, either! Sandals are versatile options that can go from casual to formal, just like your tank tops. If you're on the go all day, choose stylish sneakers instead for maximum comfort. And dress up with strappy heels that are the perfect pairing for your formal summer tank tops. You can then play with accessories to add your personality to your outfit or dress up particular tank tops that complement a formal look. If your tank top is more casual, accessorize with fun and functional sunglasses for the summer.

Thin Straps

Thin Straps

In for some hotter weather or looking for styles you can dress up for the summer? Try thin-strap tops that combine the security of a sleeve with the open vibe of a completely sleeveless top. You'll find a variety of styles beyond a simple thin-strap top if you're looking to enhance your summer outfits with a bit of personality. Find spaghetti-strap tops like these that are perfect for summer:

Carry the thin lines of a spaghetti-strap top into your footwear. Sandals and heels will go well with thin-strap tops, but if you need a bit more comfort, choose a comfortable pair of flats that help you stay on the move.

Embellished Straps

Want a bit more from your sleeveless tops? Go for embellished straps! Flowy ruffled sleeves give a boho look to your outfit while still keeping you cool, and fun ruffles add volume to your shoulders, which can help balance your silhouette. Pair the embellishments with fitted or neutral bottoms and make your top the statement of your outfit with options like these:

Embellished straps in a sleeveless top will help draw more attention to your shoulders, bust or arms, depending on where and what the detail is. You can skip accessories in these outfits if you want to show off your shoulders, or use statement shoes or earrings to help bring some balance.

High Neckline

High Neckline

You can still rock a modest look with a sleeveless top. Opt for a tank top or other sleeveless style that features a stylish high neckline to stay covered, yet cool. Sleeveless tops with high necklines can range from dramatic to simple, so get inspired and try these looks:

Many high-neckline sleeveless tops are perfect for a professional outfit to keep you comfortable in the office all summer long. Pair your sleeveless top with pants and a cardigan to get a chic and work-appropriate style.

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