It's Friday!! YAY! Who else wanted to do the happy dance when they remembered the lovely weekend starts tomorrow? Do you ladies have any exciting plans for this weekend? I had such an eventful last weekend, that I want to do nothing but be lazy and catch up on my favorite shows, like "Pretty Little Liars". 

Last weekend was crazy, yet super productive and fun! Saturday, I finally gave into my wild hair and purchased a new car that I am absolutely in love with! Then, for the fun stuff...Sunday we had an awesome photo shoot for Perfectly Priscilla Boutique's 2016 Spring Collection! We decided to do a fun lemonade stand themed set up. We had an array of pink lemonade and lemon stands and flowers and tons of cute decor to make it really pop! We absolutely fell in love with how the setting and the pictures all turned out! I decided for today's fun Friday blog to be dedicated to giving you ladies an inside look at what our Sunday photo shoot was like!

Here is a video sneak peek:

Well, we hope you enjoyed getting a little inside look at our Shoot! We had an absolute blast! Let us know what you think in the comments below!

P.S.- I am ordering some new eyeshadow that I have heard ALL of the youtubers rave about...I cannot wait for it to come in, so that I can give you ladies my own honest review of whether or not this product is as fabulous as they say it is. So, stay tuned for more on that hopefully next week!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. Remember, take some time for yourself! Whether it's sitting outside and taking in a peaceful view, reading your favorite book, or going out to dinner or a movie! Do something that requires you to take time for yourself! Like the quote I saw the other day on Instagram, "Life is short, order the dessert, buy that dress, and don't stress the little things."

See you ladies next week!

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