Galentine's Day to Valentine's Day: Style Tips for February 14

Galentine's Day to Valentine's Day: Style Tips for February 14

Love is in the air, and it's time to decide what to wear for Valentine's Day! Whether you want a chic date night outfit for Valentine's Day or a cute idea for what to wear for Galentine's Day, we've got you covered.

From subtle nods to the season to all-out celebrations of love, you've got plenty of options. Check out the Valentine's Day outfit inspiration below to discover the perfect looks and style tips for February 14.

Valentine's Day Outfit Inspiration

The season of love calls for a variety of styles, colors and patterns. You may want your outfit to look romantic and alluring, feminine and cute or anything in between. Before you find clothes that call your name, you need to think about what makes a look perfect for this romantic holiday. To find the right outfit, consider getting your Valentine's Day outfit inspiration from:

1. Valentine's Day Colors

Pull inspiration from the decorations of the season. Around Valentine's Day, red and pink are the way to go. Deeper shades of red are alluring for date night, while pink adds a pop of fun to Galentine's Day outfits. Accent these with white and cream neutrals to soften the look or black for some edge and elegance.

If you aren't one to wear red or pink, try shades of purple for a stunning feminine look that still suits the season or pastels in any color for a soft, romantic touch. 

2. Valentine's Day Prints and Patterns

This time of year, it's no surprise February calls for hearts. Go with an all-over pattern or a graphic tee style with one heart for something less bold. For even more subtle looks, try these stunning patterns:

  • Florals that evoke the romantic gift of a bouquet.
  • Plaid that suits the winter weather.
  • Stripes for something fun and eye-catching.
  • Animal print pieces or accents that give your outfit a trendy, wild and alluring touch.

Some styles even combine the patterns for a fun touch that creates a fabulous statement piece to add to your Valentine's Day look. Whether you go with one pattern or a couple, search for options that combine prints and colors of the season for lovely plus-size Valentine's outfits.

3. Romantic Materials and Accents

Romantic Materials and Accents

Fun colors and prints add something exciting to your romantic looks, but you can create even more eye-catching attire with certain materials. Add some texture to your Valentine's Day outfit with these fabrics and accents:

  • Lace is delicate and romantic, and it adds a bit of texture to an outfit.
  • Velvet adds a softer touch but still makes an irresistible outfit.
  • Ruffles add a cute and feminine element to alluring or soft looks.
  • Gold metallic accents are a warm, luxurious touch that suits the season.
  • Rose gold combines a trendy accent with a warm, rosy color.

Bring these elements to your February look with statement pieces, jewelry and other accessories for the ultimate Valentine's Day outfit.

4. Styles to Wear on Valentine's Day

Fun and flirty or cute and casual looks are perfect for February, especially on Valentine's Day and Galentine's Day. You can go contemporary, vintage or keep your look simple. Wear what makes you comfortable or get a bit adventurous. Your options are truly limitless when it comes to plus-size Valentine's outfits, especially when you try these styles:

  • Understated: A neutral outfit with a subtle accent color hints at the season. You don't need to wear hearts to show you're celebrating the holiday in a low-key look, but you can add more subtle patterns if you want to have flirty or cute — yet understated — attire.
  • Bold: You love this romantic holiday and want to show the world. Combine prints and materials throughout your outfit and add heart-themed accessories for an eye-catching Valentine's Day outfit. Wear a monochrome outfit in pink or red to emphasize your love for the holiday with bold style.
  • Vintage-inspired: Plenty of decades have cute looks that suit this romantic holiday. An A-line 50s-inspired dress gives structure and class to your look, while a 70s-feeling jumpsuit gives you trendy elegance. Or pick a look from your favorite decade's style and get it in colors and patterns for Valentine's Day to add your personal touch.
  • Contemporary: Sleek lines and metallic accents call out to you from your wardrobe. Modern looks are just as romantic as vintage ones, so choose your favorite silhouettes and necklines from today's trends in romantic colors for this holiday.

Shop for new tops and dresses for some Valentine's Day outfit inspiration. Don't be afraid to add color and patterns throughout other parts of your outfit, especially if you want an all-out kind of look. Remember that a flirty Valentine's Day outfit doesn't need a plunging neckline to be alluring — but you could go that route if you want to. Bright colors, eye-catching patterns, and beautiful silhouettes are all flirty and intriguing for date night.

What Do You Wear on a Cold Valentine's Day?

While all the love has us feeling warm and fuzzy, remember that it might be cold during February — even snowy, depending on where you live. Start with Valentine's Day outfit ideas, but dress for the weather by:

  • Layering a casual outfit with a cozy cardigan.
  • Topping off a date night outfit with a stylish jacket.
  • Adding sleek tights to skirts and dresses.
  • Wearing shoes that are cute but warm and easy to walk in.

Just because you have to cover up in the cold doesn't mean you can't look sexy and stylish for Valentine's Day or a night out with your girls. Choose weather-proof pieces in any of the colors, patterns or materials we mentioned to get a functional and fab look for the season of romance. For a warm date night outfit, try:

  • A turtleneck, a skirt and over the knee boots.
  • A heart-print sweater, vest, skinny jeans and boots.
  • Velvet pants, a long sleeve top and booties with a heel.

For a totally outdoor date, bundle up with a cute sweater, skinny jeans, tall boots, a scarf, a hat, and a cozy coat. You'll look cute but stay warm as you enjoy the outdoors with your Valentine in your fab date night outfit.

What to Wear for Galentine's Day

What to Wear for Galentine's Day

Celebrate the love you and your friends share for each other on Galentine's Day and get the perfect outfit for the occasion. Whatever you're doing for Galentine's Day, there's a perfect outfit out there. Check out these plus-size Galentine's Day outfits that'll have you looking fab for a get-together with the girls:

Out for Brunch

Nothing says Galentine's Day like sharing great food and drinks with your girls. Add a Valentine's twist to the usual brunch outfit with options like:

  • Dress it up: A casual dress is a perfect thing to throw on for brunch. A striped dress with a heart detail is cute and on-the-nose, and colorful stripes make a fun but chic option. Pair a casual dress with wedges to dress things up a bit.
  • Jump into a jumpsuit: Get a little classy when you rock a jumpsuit. Everyone will swoon over a burgundy jumpsuit that marries vintage flair with contemporary style. Add heels and statement earrings for even more elegance.
  • Wear the pants: Comfortable and chic, pants let you mix and match with plenty of tops to customize your look. Try wide-leg striped pants with a black top that has lace-like crochet detail and chunky heels. If you need to winterize the look, wear a fitted, solid color top that accents one of the stripes in your bottoms and ankle boots.
  • Skirt around: A skirt also lets you mix and match your favorite styles and adds anything from a chic to cute touch to your Galentine's outfit. Pair a burgundy skirt that has a scalloped hem with a black off the shoulder top tucked in. Accessorize with animal print heels and big sunglasses for an ultra-chic feel.

Combine casual and cute for the best brunch looks. You want to be comfortable enough to focus on having fun and enjoying your meal, but you also want to look fun and fab for a selfie with your girls at the table.

Casual Night In

Hang out with your girls at home watching a movie or indulging in some self-care, but whatever you do, do it in comfort and style. Even when you go casual, add some Valentine's flair to your attire with an outfit like such as:

  • A sweater with a sweet message or Valentine's pattern.
  • Leggings, bonus points if they're in a romantic shade like red or burgundy.
  • Sneakers, either simple and white or statement with Valentine-appropriate accents.

You don't have to accessorize this look, but if you want to add a special touch, go with earrings or a headband. Accessories up top will let the graphic on your top stand out.

Fun Night Out

Go drinking and dancing or see a comedy show. A night on the town calls for a fun Galentine's Day outfit that adds some glam to the evening. Get the right look with a dress that matches your personality and embodies the romantic feel, like:

  • A sweet floral print dress
  • A romantic burgundy dress with dramatic sleeves
  • A textured red dress with ruffles
  • An animal print wrap dress

Make these dresses your own for an evening out with your favorite boots, booties or heels. Add bold accessories that show off your personality or keep them simple if you plan to dance the night away with your closest friends. Stay warm with a chic cardigan or other alluring outerwear, but keep it neutral to let your dress be the statement.

What to Wear for Valentine's Day

As date night approaches, you need some Valentine's Day outfit ideas! Search through your closet or get something new and special for you and your beau's night out or in. Here are some of our favorite plus-size Valentine's outfits you should wear based on your plans: 

Laid-Back Evening

Hanging out at home together or going to catch a movie? For casual Valentine's Day outfit ideas on your relaxed date night, go cute and girly with your outfit. You can't go wrong with a look like this:

  • An off the shoulder top for something a bit revealing but still comfortable.
  • Sleek skinny jeans, jeggings or black leggings.
  • Boots or flats, depending on the weather.

Even if you're simply enjoying each other's company, you can still feel cute with an outfit that celebrates the holiday.

Night on the Town

Night on the Town

You're going out to catch a show, visit a museum or hop around town together. Go trendy and glam with this look:

  • A jumpsuit with lace detail in a romantic color and a tie at the waist.
  • Hoop earrings for a trendy statement.
  • Wedges if you're doing a lot of walking.

Even if the weather's cold, you can keep this look hot with a moto jacket. Cream faux leather balances edge with romance, adding a soft look in a trendy style.

Classy Dinner for Two

For a high-end feel to your outfit, keep it black and basic. Go out for a nice dinner and make your romantic evening even more luxurious with a stunning outfit. When it comes to a classy, basic look, you can never go wrong with a little black dress. There are plenty of styles out there, so pick one that feels right for you:

  • A simple black dress
  • A wrap dress with a V neckline
  • A wrap dress with ruffles
  • A dress with bell sleeves

A little black dress is so versatile when it comes to everything else you wear. Base your footwear and other accessories on the weather, but add in Valentine's Day inspo. If it's cold or even snowy, black over-the-knee boots keep your look sleek, and you can layer your look with outerwear that has the colors, patterns and materials that suit the holiday.

Find the Perfect Valentine's Day Outfit With Perfectly Priscilla

Find the Perfect Valentine's Day Outfit With Perfectly Priscilla

No matter who you celebrate with in February, get the perfect outfit for your outing or night in. Get comfy, go alluring — whatever your style, find whatever you need at Perfectly Priscilla. With our collection of trendy styles in sizes 10 to 26, you can be sure you'll find the perfect Valentine's outfit.

Browse our dresses, tops and bottoms to make your flirty, fun or alluring Valentine's Day outfit. And don't forget our fab shoes, accessories and outerwear to complete your Valentine's Day outfit ideas! Celebrate the season of love with us at Perfectly Priscilla.

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