Galentine's Day Ideas

The last thing you need on a Valentine’s Day with no beau is an evening out watching other humans fall in love. The other last thing you need is to spend your Valentine’s Day alone. Why not gather your other solo girlfriends and spend it together? Even if you have a partner to celebrate with this Valentine’s day, show the women you can always trust some love on February 14th.

At Home with Your Friends

Are you the kind of person who hates when the group chat says, “Let’s all do something together later” and everyone agrees but nobody plans anything? If so, here’s your time to shine! Take the lead by hosting a Galentine’s day party at your home. You make the rules, so you know the date works with your schedule, and you know the plans won’t fall through because you’re in charge. Here are some fun Galentine’s day ideas that your friends won’t be able to resist. No flakers for this occasion!

Host a Tea Party

Remember when a tea party with your prettiest dolls made you happy? Now instead of pretty dolls you have gorgeous bffs, so throw a Galentine’s Day Tea Party for and with them! Debut that cute plus size dress you’ve been waiting to wear. Provide a plethora of tea flavors so you can have a tea taste test. You can even pick out an adorable and affordable tea set from your local thrift store.

Have each bestie bring a homemade tea snack to the most charming (or least grungy) abode for an afternoon of lady-ness. Not sure what foods belong at a tea party?

Here are some ideas you could delegate each friend to bring:

  • Mini muffins and scones—This is a job for the best baker in your group. Really any baked good is welcome at a tea party as long as it’s shrunk down to match the delicate aesthetics.
  • Finger sandwiches—Your friends who love crafts will love to be assigned this delectable snack. Ask them to paint white bread with different combinations of assorted nut butters and a variety of jelly flavors. Add the final touches by trimming the crust off the edges and slicing diagonally to form tres chic triangles. If they are feeling extra artsy, suggest cutting the sandwiches into hearts to symbolize your love for friendship, or into broken hearts depending on how cynical you are feeling about the Valentine’s day.
  • Cookie assortments— This one is for your friend that is super busy or just not familiar in the kitchen. Ask them to bring a box of cookies which can easily be picked up at any grocery store.
  • Fruit and veggie platter—Your most health-conscious friend is in charge of this one. Berries, apples, pears, peaches, carrots and cucumbers are must-haves at tea parties. These platters can also be easily purchased but if your friend is super dedicated to the theme, they can arrange their own platter for a fancier impression.

Not in the mood to mess with food? Find a charming cafe in your area that serves a good tea and take your party there.

All-Things-Chocolate Galentine’s Bake-Off

Who needs a man to get them chocolate? Not you! You and your besties are strong and sassy women fully capable of getting chocolaty deliciousness into your own bellies all by yourselves. Grab your “Joy of Cooking,” download your favorite chocolate recipes from the web, and have a girl squad bake-a-pa-looza! Bake your own brownies and chocolate chip cookies from scratch. If you haven’t tried the recipe on the back of the chocolate chip bag, you are seriously missing out. How about a chocolate lava cake or some chocolate truffles?

After your tasty treats are out of the oven have a blind taste test and queen the best bakers. You could even postpone this get together until after Valentine’s day when all the chocolates and roses are on the clearance shelves.

Movie Night

Who doesn’t love a movie night, especially the kind that reminds you of the power of friendship between women? Stock up on rosé, hot tea and cocoa, gourmet popcorn, and bring out the cozy blankies. Settle in for a movie marathon full of giggles and maybe even some tears. As the end scene credits roll, you will be hugging it out with the women who make your life feel like a feel-good indie film and always inspire you to be a better version of yourself.

Feed Your Soul with Your Soul Sisters

One of the best feelings in life is having a full heart on top of a full stomach. These dining out ideas will have even your toughest foodie friend smiling. Just make sure to check if the restaurants do reservations or visit on an off night to avoid the long wait times.

Experience a Japanese Steak House

What’s better than a handsome young chef who wants to show off his chops and cook you dinner? You with your gal pals cheering him on, then feasting on steak and scallops. That’s what’s better.

Japanese steak houses are dinner and a show in one. You will see knives flying through the air, eggs tossed about, and flames hit the ceiling. Basically, you’ll feel like you are right in the action of Chopped but in this version, everyone’s a winner!

Treat Yourselves to Italian

Nibbling a tiny meal in a polite ladylike manner is for the schmucks out with a date they’re trying to impress. Dig into pounds of pasta and cheese at a traditional family-run Italian restaurant with friends who won’t judge. In fact, they will probably appreciate and match your ferociousness for food.

Go Out On the Town with Your Gals

Maybe food isn’t your passion, or maybe you love food so much that these special dining ideas are your every weekend ritual. If either of these are the case, try out one of these unique Galentine’s day ideas that take place out on the town.

Comedy Club

Laugh the night away at a lively comedy club. You could go all out by scoring tickets to a big name comedian or take the frugal route by scoping out lesser known clubs. Small clubs may not have glitz, but more often than not, they have very charming character. Around this time of year, it is a guarantee that jokes will be made pointing out the silliness portrayed by lovebirds. You may be single, but at least you’re still sane. You’ll gain tons of material for inside jokes between your besties, making this activity one you’ll be referencing for years.

Supergroup Makeover Takeover

Invade Sephora, Ulta or the cosmetic counters at your favorite department store and get makeovers! Gush and high-five over how beautiful you all are. Make sure that each participant buys a product, though. Those women behind the counters are your Sisters too, and deserve your support. Especially after making you all look so gorgeous.

Afterwards, don’t let the makeup artist’s hard work go to waste. Immortalize your fabulous faces by getting dressy and having a photo shoot in the park. These pics will look great on your phone’s lock screen or on Instagram. You can caption it “Getting glam with the gals! #HappyGalentinesDay!”.

Volunteer at an animal shelter

Sad you have no one to cuddle this Valentine’s Day? You know who’s sadder than you? The lonely animals in animal rescue and adoption centers, that’s who. Grab all your girls and take them to visit your local pet shelter. Snuggle with the kittens, hang out with and groom the adult cats, walk the dogs or throw a couple of balls around with them. You will feel so, so much better and so will they.

Good Karma Bonus: Your new friends need a soft, warm place to nap while they wait for their furever home. if you have some old, worn-out towels or blankets, donate them!

Dueling Pianos Bar

Enjoying music is such an amazing way to spend time with friends but there’s a big dilemma—where do you go with friends to enjoy it? Music at the clubs gets old quick, and concert tickets can get really expensive. Not to mention, it’s hard to get all your girls to agree on the same band or even the same genre. However, have you ever considered a dueling piano bar?

In case you’ve never heard of them, a dueling pianos bar is a place where two super talented musicians take turns simultaneously playing and singing songs suggested by the audience. They are essentially a live band jukebox. No matter how your tastes in music differ, everyone will get to hear the tunes they love. It’s cheaper than concert tickets since most places don’t charge a cover. Just remember to bring cash so you can tip the players for bringing your requested song to life.

A quick search for “dueling pianos in (enter name of the biggest city near you)” should yield you the information you need to plan this outing. These bars are entertaining, yet so underrated. You can keep them a secret between you and your besties so that you’ll always snag front row seats to the show.

Group Mani/Pedi

Nothing makes a girl feel better than a fresh manicure and pedicure. Well actually, a glass of wine can make a girl feel pretty great too. Why don’t you plan a date do both with your best friends? Get your gals to your favorite nail salon, pick out each other’s colors and get pampered while channeling the Girl Power salon scenes from “Legally Blonde.” Afterwards, show off using the bend-and-snap technique at your favorite wine bar. Be silly enough to coordinate your wine with your lacquer color.

Thank Goodness for Galentine’s Day

Get ready to jumpstart your Galentine’s day planning with these ideas and ensure your girls know how much they mean to you. Whether you choose to stay at home, stray out into the food scene, or experience something new in your city, one thing is for sure: you’ll have a great time doing it with your gals. Don’t let the manmade holiday designed to sell chocolates and teddy bears to couples bring you down this February. Have a happy Galentine’s Day!

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