Fun Winter Activities And How To Dress

The winter months are full of fun activities to enjoy – there are so many things to do, places to go and people to see. Many of us are excited to spend time with family members and friends we only get to see once a year, and holiday traditions help us spend our time together joyfully. For many of us, just being able to bundle up a little and snuggle with our sweeties, kids or pets is a joy after making it through another long, hot summer. So, pass the hot cocoa and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! In this article, we’ll explore helpful tips on how to dress for fun winter activities.

Attending Holiday Parties & Festive Gatherings: Coordinating Casual & Upscale Looks

Attending holiday affairs are a great way to enjoy the winter months and celebrate the season with friends and loved ones – people are happy to see each other and catch up, do a little baking or caroling together, or hit the dance floor at corporate Christmas parties other festive gatherings. Choosing what to wear to a holiday party usually is determined by what kind of party you will be attending and the place that it will be held.

For gatherings where you’ll be baking cookies or wrapping presents with your friends, you may want to consider wearing a cute graphic t-shirt or a cozy sweater paired with faux leather booties or flats for a pulled-together yet stylish look. A snazzy pair of printed or plaid plus size leggings is the perfect accent for a whimsical weekend ensemble, especially worn with a solid tunic or chunky cable-knit sweater. So whether you’re striving for a laid-back or sporty look, it’s easy to get comfy and look cute this season with this winter season’s on-trend styles in outerwear and casual plus-sized women’s clothing, including tops, bottoms and accessories.

After the sun goes down, holiday dinner parties or galas featuring live entertainment provide you with an opportunity to go all-out with your evening wear. When considering plus size dress options, solid colors (especially classic red or black) are fabulous color choices when you’re looking to deliver the “wow” factor upon entering a room. Choose from dresses with oversize bell sleeves and sleeveless dresses with empire waists, or consider an elegant solid-color sleeveless dress that mixes fabric textures and materials. Highlight your evening attire with a luxe faux-fur wrap to keep you looking stylish and glam until you hit the dance floor. Complete your night time look with sparkly items – from a coveted pair of patent-leather heels to a dazzling diamond brooch, don’t be afraid to pull out all the stops when dressing for elegant holiday events.

Office Parties: How To Style Your Ensemble

While some businesses host formal parties located at upscale, off-premise venues, other companies opt to cater food in-house so that everyone can celebrate together. One of the highlights of a fancy off-site Christmas event is the opportunity to dress in your finest attire. Whether you’re keeping it simple for your annual office party or a swanky gala affair, there are plenty of exciting options to choose from when it comes to plus-sized women’s clothing.

Achieve a casual chic look by wearing monochromatic cardigans or vests over frilly or flouncy blouses and a pair with black leggings for your office party. You might prefer wearing an oversized sweater in holiday colors (think red & green!) along with jeggings in neutral colors, and accessorize with a sassy pair of over-the-knee boots to tie the ensemble together. When it comes to footwear, open-toed and slingback styles are fashionable options for those who live in warmer climates. For the rest of us, consider slipping on a pair of chunky-heeled boots, wedges or ballet flats to coordinate with your office ensemble.

As always, neutrals are great for the office and allow you to achieve a polished yet professional appearance. You can accent your outfit with dangly earrings and neutral bracelets too – this season, animal print and tortoise-shell patterned jewelry is on trend and makes a great accessory option.

Snowy Destinations: Looking Cute On (& Off) The Slopes

There’s nothing more fun and exhilarating than the feeling of fresh air while hitting the slopes over winter vacation. The sun, the snow, and the speed of your skis flying down the hill are worth the wait (and the expense) of vacationing at a ski resort, for sure. For those less athletically inclined and would prefer to stay indoors and off the mountain, hanging around the lodge and looking cute by the fireplace can be just as fun! Either way, when it’s time to head out to dinner or go to a local spot to enjoy the nightlife, choose easily-coordinating separates in black, neutrals and a few brightly-colored accent pieces for a vacation wardrobe that’s sleek and easily interchangeable.

Furry headband hats paired with animal prints or form-fitting vests over warm ski sweaters are must-have ski gear to stay warm in the cold temperatures. Dark jeans and shearling mid-calf boots are always in style at the ski lodge, too. If you’re vacationing in the Rockies, gemstones and leather bracelets and pendants accent your après ski outfit perfectly. No matter what your vaca agenda, it’s easy to assemble chic ensembles for your snowy weekend get-away!

Romantic Holiday Date-Nights: Dress To Impress

Maybe it’s the candles or the fireplaces, or all the twinkling lights and a little time off of work, but the holidays are definitely a romantic time of the year! Just having time to do things together during the holidays makes you feel closer to your sweetie: some couples will want to get outdoors, while others will get dressed to the nines and go to a restaurant where they can stare into each other’s eyes like they did the first week they met.

If you head outdoors to the ice rink or for a sleigh ride, practical is the operational word. Dress warmly in smart layers, and wear shoes or boots that keep your feet warm and dry in the cold weather activities you’re likely participating in. Whether skating or sleigh-riding, keep your locks looking sleek with a snazzy headband or a stylish hat, and don’t forget to don a quality pair of leather gloves to keep your hands nice and toasty. The better prepared you are for the cold temps, the longer you’ll be able to spend time doing your favorite outdoor activities with your loved one.

If dining at a romantic restaurant is on tap for you and your date, consider a vampy, curve-hugging dress to add some sizzle to your evening. Complete the look with knee-high leather boots and an animal print scarf to keep you warm and looking fierce. For an edgier evening look, consider a moto jacket, silver hoops and a pendant necklace. If you don’t have the cold to contend with, wear an off-the-shoulder or strapless dress, or consider an animal print dress with a plunging neckline and slit skirt that shows off your legs along with some metallic colored pumps. If it’s a little more casual, a black leather jacket over a sweater dress will keep plenty of romance in the air. No matter what, a sexy shade of red lipstick and nails are sure to get your date’s heart racing!

Festive Cocktail Parties: What To Wear

The nice thing about the holidays is that people want to hang out and get together – and they have the perfect excuse to do just that! You will likely have more than one opportunity to go to a cocktail party, be it at work, or on your street, or with members of a group to which you belong. Cocktail parties provide a great opportunity to socialize & wear flirty dresses that accentuate your feminine side. Conjure your inner diva and choose a color that showcases your natural beauty – whether you look radiant in red or mysterious in midnight blue, wear whatever tickles your fancy during the holiday season. The golden rule applies here, too: when in doubt, wear black! A cute LBD will go a long way during the Christmas season, as you can change it up just with a few key accessories. Sexy boots and sassy shoes will also transform your outfit in an instant & make you feel like the life of the party, too, so have fun with your footwear – we suggest decorative hosiery featuring lace and patterned designs to amp up your look.

Children's Winter Concert: Classic Outfit Options

Holiday concerts give you an opportunity to dress up for your children and show them how proud you are of the work they’ve have done. A solid- colored sweater dress with an elegant cardigan and some leather mules or tasteful booties in a neutral tone is a stylish way to look your best as you greet other members of the community after the performance. Relaxed plaids or accent plaids are a good option, too, if you prefer to stick with a classic trend that never goes out of style.

Hosting For The Holidays: Looking Cute, Feeling Comfortable

We pass our neighbors all year long, but during the holidays, it’s a great time to invite them over for some cookies or share some appetizers and enjoy a few drinks together. Casual wear such as sweaters, jeans and comfortable boots or mules are perfect for entertaining at home.

If you want to be the perfect host, dressing up a bit can be nice, too. Knee-high boots and colorful printed tops or sweaters mixed with solids and jeans or black jeggings/leggings will make you feel more festive as you host your friends and family members.

Shopping At The Mall: Practical & Pretty

During the holidays, there is often an endless amount of shopping to accomplish, especially for families with small children – and even in the age of online shopping, many people still prefer to buy their kids toys and gifts at their local mall or outlet center. However, it’s important to dress for holiday shopping – between the hours of walking and waiting on line, you’ll want to invest in some comfortable footwear and layer your outfit accordingly. If you can get a parking space close enough (or if the weather is nice), you can leave your coat in the car and wear a solid color vest with plenty of pockets for convenience. Wear sturdy, yet fashionable shoes that are easy to remove and put back on if you’re going to be trying on clothing. A pair of jeggings/leggings or skirt that’s easy to change in & out of in the dressing room will make your day go more smoothly, too.

If you want to be really casual and don’t have to try on any clothes, jump into some comfy sneakers and grab a cute holiday T-shirt out of the drawer along with a stylish hoodie to keep you warm as you travel from the mall to other stores, restaurants and back home. Choose colors that flatter your skin tone because you’ll likely be going by plenty of mirrors – might as well catch a glimpse of the most beautiful you that you can be!

New Year's Celebrations: A Touch Of Elegance

New Year’s Eve parties always seem to offer up an opportunity to dress up and have fun with loved ones, especially those that take place on New Year’s Eve. If you are going to see the ball drop in Times Square, it’s wise to layer to the max to avoid getting too cold (or catching a cold)! Whatever you do to celebrate, remember to wear footwear that will enable you to go outside and watch the fireworks if they are on the agenda for the evening – from house parties to roof top viewing, you don’t want to get stuck inside in your pumps.

Black or red dresses are always in fashion – choose this timeless favorite for a look that’s effortlessly chic. Wear form-fitting dresses with leather motorcycle jackets to look sleek and cool at the party and stay warm all at the same time. If there will be dancing, be sure to wear shoes that will let you show off your groove. Knee high boots that stay in place will work with jeggings/leggings and a form-fitting printed blouse. Layer your look with a decorative wrap, fringed poncho or cute cardigan and you can stay warm between dances.

A sequined tank top and silky paisley print bell bottoms might be a festive option worth considering, especially if you can find just the right jewel tones to flatter your complexion. You can snuggle into a luxurious pashmina or waist-length, form fitting poncho to highlight your outfit and keep cozy. To be honest, what you wear to a New Year’s Eve party really depends on how much you like to dance and where you’ll be spending your time.

A New Year’s Day party is likely to involve eating, sitting by the fire and watching football games. A pretty print blouse and coordinating sweater worn over soft jeans or black stretch pants will keep you comfy and looking festive. This kind of party also gives you another opportunity to wear sexy over-the-knee boots with jeggings/leggings or skinny jeans. Most people can’t wear them to work, so slip those fun boots on whenever you have the opportunity!

Fashion Overview: Winter Redux

Your winter dresses, pants, boots, sweaters, vests and jackets will help you enjoy the winterseason’s cold weather and holiday activity to the max - coordinating your clothes as you purchase each piece will give you the ability to look great all season long with much less effort. That said, there is always room for a cute cocktail dress or form-fitting date night dress that is only good for those special occasions. If you’re practical, choose a few wardrobe staple dresses that make you feel pretty and confident, but also let you move and dance with ease. If you want to be in the spotlight, opt for bold trends such as flowing bell sleeves or a slit hemline and go for it with everything you’ve got. But most of all, choose clothes that bring you joy all season long!

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