Floral Top Outfit Ideas

A floral pattern is fun and bold, but pairing it with another pattern can look silly and simply wearing it with jeans and sneakers can look boring. It is a good idea to know how to style a plus size floral top as patterns look great on a plus size woman’s curves. So often, plus size ladies shy away from patterns, fearing it will make them look bigger than they are. But a large pattern, which florals more often than not are, can be incredibly flattering. Florals give a perfect chance to show off a plus size figure to its best while steering clear of boring black. As always, make sure whatever plus size top you do choose is made from a material that skims your curves and does not cling to any lumps and bumps. Instead, find a well cut shape and wear your floral top in style with these floral top outfit ideas.

Outfit Idea #1: How To Wear a Floral Top For Drinks With The Girls

Drinks with the girls almost demands a feminine look, so a floral top is the perfect and easiest place to start. The first step to this is finding a shape that fits you. If you are an apple or rectangular shape and don’t have a defined waist, try to find a top that pinches in slightly and flares out at the bottom. A wraparound style blouse is always perfect for this, especially when made out of a chiffon material. If you already have a waist, you lucky thing, try finding a fitted t-shirt shape, or even a wraparound style blouse too. Next, pair with some pants that bring out a color in your top.

More often than not, a floral top will have some form of green in it, so khaki colored pants can be a great option. Skinny jeans are also always a sleek choice when hitting up bars and restaurants. To ensure that the overall feel of the outfit remains feminine, which is only right when meeting up with your BFFs, opt for some comfortable heeled sandals. Finally, some on-trend rose gold jewelry is a color combination that works well with khaki, and is flattering on all skin tones. Choose chunkier styles if your personality style allows, and finer options if you like your outfit do more of the talking. Meeting up with your girlfriends is also a brilliant opportunity to throw your favorite luxe handbag over your arm and into the nook of your elbow. All you have to do from here is listen to the constant stream of compliments you will get from the other side of the cocktail table!

Outfit Idea #2: How To Wear a Floral Top For Lunch At The Country Club

Country clubs are always a tricky place to know what to wear. That smart yet casual look that these establishments call for are hard to nail, but not impossible. A floral top is an excellent place to start for such an ensemble and is a stylish way for plus size ladies to look chic. The key to this look is to ensure that the layers you choose remain as fitted as possible. Anything floaty, while pretty on the hanger, will swamp your figure and look unflattering. It will also look inelegant, which is the exact opposite of what you want for lunch at your local club! Instead, choose a light colored patterned material if you have a smaller top to your bottom, and a darker themed pattern if your bottom half is your better asset. In both cases, ensure that the material stays well clear of clinging to you and making you conscious of every lump and bump.

In a similar vein, match your top to either a dark colored blazer if you want your legs to do the talking, or a light color if you like the top part of your body. Blush colored blazers are popular at the moment and are slightly less harsh than a white one. For your lower body, eschew the obvious country club choice of a smart skirt, and instead look fresh and modern in a great pair of cigarette style pants that will still adhere to a country club’s dress code. Ensure that these pants fall well both off the hanger and on your body, and finish just above the ankle. From there, you can add a pair of smart heels - strappy ones look fantastic when trying to achieve a smart casual look, but a simple pair of polished courts are also always suitable. This is quite a high octane, vampish look, so keep your jewelry to a minimum and you will be the epitome of one classy lady. 

Outfit Idea #3: How To Wear a Floral Top For Traveling

Florals can be the easy way to a relaxed look that is still elegant and comfortable. This is key when traveling - especially when going through airports with never ending security or on a long road trip. One of the most comfortable looks that will tick all the boxes necessary while traveling is to pair a floral top with a maxi skirt, which is arguably the most comfortable item in any woman’s wardrobe. However, for a plus size lady, it is important to maintain some type of form to this look to ensure that the outfit does not become shapeless and billowy. To do this, simply find a floral top that tucks in nicely to the top of a maxi skirt. This also requires the maxi skirt to have a suitable waistband, but if not, try putting a funky belt around where the top and skirt meet.

Finally, make use of the length of the skirt and wear some flats. Sandals or flip flops are often the most suitable to wear with maxi skirts and their inherently bohemian shape. However, if you like to have a closed toe shoe, a ballet flat can also look chic. Remember a big scarf, which is perfect for any air conditioned departure, lounges, or drafty seats. Pop it into a tote bag that holds all your travel essentials and you’re good to go!

Outfit Idea #4: How To Wear a Floral Top For A Day Out Shopping

Shopping outfits need to be two things: comfortable and practical. To be practical it needs to be easy to take on and off so you can try on other fabulous clothes. You also need a hold all handbag that can handle your burgeoning purchases as well as wallets and other essentials These can take many shapes - but totes or, better still, a messenger bag are great. Totes can fit easily into your elbow nook, while a messenger bag will leave your hands free to get touchy feely on the clothing rails.

Once you know what bag you are taking, pick a top that matches the feel of the purse. If it is sleek, then choose a floral print that has a stark, almost geometric look to it whereas a messenger bag looks better paired with floral prints and shapes that have a more hippie feel to them. For your bottom half, find a pair of form fitting pants. If you choose jeans, try to wear ones with lycra or at least some give in them. It can get irritating trying to pour yourself in and out of denim repeatedly when in the changing room. For shoes, wear flats that you can walk in for a long time. Plain colored sneakers can give florals a modern athleisure look, whereas flat knee high boots with trousers tucked in are always stylish.

Outfit Idea #5: How To Wear a Floral Top For A Client Meeting

Women often shy away from florals in the office, deeming them not corporate enough to conduct business in. However, when matched with the right items of clothing, they can definitely be worn for a client meeting or client presentation. To ensure that the overall look is smart enough, it is best to find a top that has an elegant silhouette. This means leaving t- shirts at home and looking for tops with a wraparound shape or even a button down.

Although not essential, tops of these shapes are even better in silk or chiffon. From here, match your floral top with your best cut suit. To do this, make sure your suit is plain and not pinstripe. It is also helpful if one of the main colors of your top is a similar tone or shade to your jacket and pant pairing. It will pull the overall look together to help you look smarter. To top off the outfit, put the smartest pair of shoes you have on your feet. Finally, ensure that your purse has clean lines and a lean shape. Your client meeting is sadly not the place to take your brown suede tassel bag. Follow these plus size outfit tips and you will be set to look confident and corporate whilst standing out from your peers in their boring corporate garb!

Outfit Idea #6: How To Wear a Floral Top As A Wedding Guest

Just because all eyes should be on the bride on a wedding day doesn’t mean that all the guests have to be wallflowers! It is easy to wear a floral top as a wedding guest and look wonderfully stylish. Florals and weddings go together perfectly and are a perfect combination. Firstly, decide which half you want to draw attention to. If you like your bottom half, choose a top that has a darker background for its pattern. If you like your top half better, choose a top that has a lighter or brighter feel to it. Either way, pick a maxi skirt in a block color that highlights one of the colors from your floral top. This will ensure that you look pulled together and polished on your friend’s big day.

For shoes, make sure you wear a smart yet comfortable pair, with a wedge heel if you can. Weddings are often hosted at some point on grass - any stilettos will sink and be nearly impossible to walk in. In terms of accessories, clutch purses are always elegant for a day of nuptials. Choose either another block color that complements both your skirt and top, or, if you are feeling daring, try finding a clutch that comes in a contrasting print. The key to pulling off this difficult look is have at least one color the same that runs throughout both the pattern on your top, your skirt and your purse. Lastly, put a few fake flowers in your hair, or don a fascinator in the color of your skirt and you will look fabulous.

Remember though, all these outfits will look tacky if you do not believe in you and your beautiful body! Any insecurity or awkwardness will stand out a mile away and ruin what is otherwise a cute plus size outfit. To help overcome any body issues and, instead, be confident in your own skin, try to wear a smile wherever you go and know that plus size figures are fabulous too. With a fantastic bosom or curvy hips, a chic floral print will make you look nothing but womanly. Hiding your curves will only make you look bigger, as well as send out the message that you don’t want to be seen. In reality, you should absolutely celebrate the envious figure you have! 


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